The comics depict what happened to alternate universe Blackhand, a backstory that could be different from the main universe Blackhand. Specifically, the ones that are allies were the ones (and their descendants) that the Horde set free from the harpies when Thrall first arrived to Kalimdor (Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos: Orc Campaign). There's strong implications that the 13th company make appearances in surrounding systems. Strongly dislike the constant retconning of Ollanius Pius. It was later explained that dragons or dragon-like creatures were mythological creatures in orcish folklore. Only 2 great companies present during the fall, no mention of Ragnar or Logan. Last update was at 2016/04/23 10:03:14, This message was edited 1 time. It has been theorized that Dar'Khan became a sort of elven lich following his first death. And yet according to the end of Wrath of Magnus, the Fang had nearly been emptied and most of the space wolves had gone to Cadia. This is supported by the fact that there is mention that the dragonqueen Alexstrasza was rescued in Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal, whereas that happened in Day of the Dragon. Wrynn was later used as the family name of the Stormwind royal line, being applied as Llane's surname, as well as that of his son and grandson. By the time of Warcraft III, they are shown as followers of the Holy Light, which is described as a philosophy that does not follow any particular theology, although a reference to a single all powerful god-like being creating the universe is mentioned in the manual and angels appear during resurrection spells. No adverts like this in the forums anymore. In Rise of the Horde, Medivh gives Gul'dan a vision on how to make the Dark Portal look, as was also said in Warcraft II manual, but this time he shows the Stair of Destiny as it is in The Burning Crusade.

That was what gave it emotional depth. It means the events at Cadia by the awesome book of Ragnar Blackmane might never have happened. When this looks like a genuine codex entry, you know. Are we talking about the Black Legion series that concerns the founding of the Black Legion? Gul'dan does not even know who or what the figures are.[5]. Then Fenris is threatened and the Great Companies are all recalled (again) and rush back to the Fenris system.

The history of defense, rebuilding and destruction surrounding these locations is unknown as they have never been mentioned again in later sources. 2016/04/23 07:41:04 Subject: The Retcons you like/dislike. The realm from which demons are summoned was originally referred to as Hell, Hades, and the underworld, as opposed to the Twisting Nether. Lor'themar, however, was unsure whether the traitor had truly been killed for good.

", Sylvanas Windrunner tells Prince Arthas to, "Give my regards to hell.". The concept of God likely originated from this legend. Not all the battles or locations have been referenced in later sources. It really looks like we were napping and only left 2 great companies behind, whose sole duty is to be a footnote of help below Celestine. As such, skirmishes and events surrounding said locations are up in the air.

Some orcish clans had names from something found only in Azeroth, but were supposed to have that name since they were on Draenor: In the Warcraft RTS games as well as artwork and cancelled games, Blackrock orcs who are often portrayed as the iconic orc clan, have the same green skin color as the other or clans. As far as Sixth Edition Fluff in concerned, the story cuts off right at the beginning of the 13th Black Crusade and leaves it's outcome in doubt.

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