Why THE 405 is Not Racing in Street Outlaws Fastest In America! Especially once you get past the 60-foot, you give it all the power you can. Always will be. Murder Nova Die-Cast. Murder Nova Die-Cast. 187 Customs Pin Stripes T-Shirt! Kamikaze gets a Blower and More Big Changes for Street Outlaws!!! Shawn (Murder Nova) has seemingly left Midwest Street Cars. Is there a full description on what is happening here? counter.count. Chief’s response: we’re family. We’re building another SEMA car this year, so we actually have about three weeks to get that deal finished up. New Engine and Teardown to Show … The company's filing status is listed as In Existence and its File Number is 3512767623. For fans of the Discovery Channel show Street Outlaws! Power management is a big deal. Don’t leaveeeee it’s my faulllttt.https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=HmAsUQEFYGI. Required fields are marked *. And if this is Shawn's dream job, it only makes since for him to get this business kick-started while his name is still in the spotlight. Tech Tip Tuesday! We turned it up a little bit last night and spun the tires in two of the qualifiers, and it didn’t happen yet. We recommend you use the Reddit Redesign (New Reddit) to view /r/StreetOutlaws on desktop. We feel like we can go faster. Many fans are wondering why you aren’t running in the No Prep Kings series. Incredible CHEVY II NOVA RANCH in Tulsa Oklahoma!! Just because they’re doing their own thing don’t mean they gotta be enemies. All of Shawn’s cars, tools, even tv’s are gone from the shop. Each race is so far away, and I have to do what’s best for me and my family. At least they are still on good terms. Jeff Lutz From Street Outlaws 405 is Getting His Own Show!!! Recently you decided to branch out on your own, and open your own shop, 187 Customs. Seems simple. At 50psi1.032.694.02185FuelTech USAPrecision Turbo & Engine, Posted by Murder Nova on Friday, October 11, 2019. What made you decide to give it a try? IMG_8974. On a fun note, your car has recently been added to the mobile game Door Slammers 2, and you’re featured on the cover of a brand new Street Outlaws video game. Press J to jump to the feed. 187 Customs, is also one of the topics as Shawn Ellington posts a turbo charger which is to be for 2020 however since there is not much more info about it, the topic is open to speculation so let’s hear what Sim has to say about it in the video bellow. But they were all bullshitting and hanging out and there didnt appear to be any animosity that weekend, Only his actual divorce might have helped push this along if there's any fear that his ex would get a piece of MWSC, This thread has been locked by the moderators of r/StreetOutlaws, More posts from the StreetOutlaws community. Justin Shearer: Shawn has always been passionate about old cars/trucks, from diy restoration all the way up to the big budget builds he gets excited about the whole process. Competing in the Midwest Pro Mod class, cool temperatures and plenty of sunshine meant personal bests for Ellington. What went into the decision not to participate? But other than that, I can’t afford to travel all around the country. Fireball Camaro is On a Whole New Level!! Did you ever envision something like that happening. There’s really not a reason other than travel. How to measure your LS for … The principal is Shawn Ellington from Mustang . Part 2. 76K likes. My son plays video games all the time, I play video games all the time. You go out there, and if you’ve got the balls to run it, you run it. Chief is doing the No Prep Kings deal. Chief called it a trial separation on Tha Track Hustler’s (Facebook) podcast last night. Basically, right now, we’re kind of going separate ways. 187 Customs Metallic Gold Hoodie 2020 187 Customs Metallic Gold Hoodie 2020 $43.95 187 Customs BLUE Hat *FLAT BILL* 187 Customs BLUE Hat *FLAT BILL* $34.95 MURDER NOVA -RED- CLASSIC FLEX FIT *FLAT* BILL MURDER NOVA -RED- CLASSIC FLEX FIT … It Didn’t Look Like Much, but this 4-Door Nova Surprised Everyone!. And whenever you come to a race like this, and the track is good, the air is good, we can set personal best records. Normally when I go to a big event, we don’t get to do any watching, we don’t get a chance to go to the line very often. And it’s almost like, you see your face on the cover of a video game, and you’re like, “Wow, we made it.” And all the stuff that I’ve done, it’s crazy that something like a video game would stand out more to myself. You’ve competed in every form of drag racing – street, no prep, prep, radials. My only question that's been on my mind for a LONG time is where is Kentucky? You’re currently filming season 13 of Street Outlaws. Check this, Street Outlaws star Big Chief Wrecks The Crow !!! 187 Customs is the home of Murder Nova from the hit TV show, Street Outlaws! Yes, he shows us a picture of the Crow but there is not too much info that comes with the picture, and while yes the vehicle does look like it has been in a wreck, it might be just a regular maintenance tear down, where Big Chief and his crew have taken tons of stuff off the car in order to upgrade some of them and just check the others for wear and tear. I don’t know, it’s pretty crazy to think that. I’m trying to open my own shop, I’m trying to spend time with my family, and that would keep me away from my family a lot. Don’t take this out of context, but his love for drag racing was sort of a hyper focused by-product or fixing up old cars and his competitive nature. On the street, you gotta finesse it the whole way. Ofcourse its a lot more complicated than that when you mix in friendship, business and 10 different personalities (and 6-7 of those are just mine lol ) but in a nutshell we gotta follow our hearts, and spending less time together is just one of the negative by-products of our separate forward progression. Chief wants to make a living making shit go fast. We’ve been having some problems with the car not going straight, which is part of the problem I had that last pass, which is why I had to lift. I support No Prep Kings, and I like No Prep Kings, and I’m probably gonna go to the final race in Ennis in two weeks. © Copyrights 2010 NoPrep.com All Rights Reserved He just enjoys working on cars. Found in the comments of his most recent Facebook post. I still wake up every morning and wonder why somebody’s gonna be standing at my trailer wanting an autograph from me. Whereas my love for old cars is mostly just a nostalgic cool factor based by-product of my love for drag racing. There’s no rules out there, you can do whatever you want. 1663753603. I’m sticking around here, mainly waiting for the streets, testing the car, and it gets complicated. This is your second Midwest Pro Mod Series event this year. Chief clears the air about the MWSC/187 Customs deal. I come here, the atmosphere’s lax, we can hang out, we can watch racing. So I come here to work on my program. The company has 1 principal on record. He has apparently left to team up with Phantom. First of all, let us clear things up because Sim is not exactly sure that the Crow has been wrecked and you will find out more about it from him personally after watching the video. Oklahoma City. I'll admit I originally thought it was due to Chiefs Divorce proceedings. Well, unfortunately, it’s not going great for me. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Shawn wants to make a living building one-off vehicles. It’s probably been 2 years now, They were always talking about how Shawn was doing full pull a parts on the Murdernova. Found in the comments of his most recent Facebook post. Street Outlaws star Shawn Ellington brought his famous Murder Nova to Tulsa Raceway Park this weekend for the annual fall Throwdown in T-Town event. 4.02 at 185 right off the trailer testing here for the Mid-West Pro Mod Series at Tulsa Raceway Park! How did that come about? So it was just time for me to start my own thing, and do what makes me happy. Plus I’m sure Shawn will make a lot more money restoring old cars than he would racing in NPK. Murder Nova 2020 T-Shirt! Justin Shearer: Shawn has always been passionate about old cars/trucks, from diy restoration all the way up to the big budget builds he gets excited about the whole process. And while he barely missed qualifying for the main show, it was still a successful weekend, including massive crowds at his pit all weekend long. I’ve always been passionate about motorsports, and i’ve known from a young age that i wanted to drag race for a living (door cars, pro modified, funny car etc). I’ve always been passionate about motorsports, and i’ve known from a young age that i … Prior to Saturday’s eliminations, I caught up with Ellington for an exclusive interview with No Prep Racing. What is the biggest difference in going from the street to the track?

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