Document A. In other words, they obtained a “new-school” way of thinking.

Support the thesis with appropriate interpretations of a majority of the documents. For DBQ’s Always: The urban-rural culture wars of the 1920’s was due to myriad changes occurring in society, and partly in cause of a new generation, angered by the events of World War I, wanting to take a stand. The Road to War Exposure to different types of culture in the 1920s varied on where one lived. Attachments: Here is an example of a DBQ done well by my student Taryn: Taryn Gilded Age DBQ.pdf. But because he was a clean in character as he was strong and fine in body; be cause he put ‘ethics’ above any desire for wealth; because he was as modest as he was courageous; and because-as we now know, beyond any shadow of doubt—these are the things which we honor most in life. Mr. Darrow;Perfectly easy to believe that Jonah swallowed the whale?….

by believing that women should still be stay at home mothers and non-smokers. Students can either consider both possibilities and then choose to argue for the group that they believe experienced the most hardships, or the teacher can assign students to a specific group for a debate on the issue. These urban-rural culture wars of this time period represent the everlasting conflict between conservatives and liberals.

Mr. Darrow:I object to your statement. No such downturn had ever presented itself before, which compounded itself with the lack of economic understanding present at the time.

Question: You should write a thesis statement, intro paragraph and outline a proposed answer.

These standard advertised wares—toothpastes, socks, tires, cameras, and instantaneous hot water heaters—were his symbols and proofs of excellence; at first the signs, then the substitutes, for joy and passion and wisdom.

The continued revolutionary movement began For we proved that the “things of good report” are the same today as they were nineteen hundred years ago.

When, because of what we believe him to be, we gave Lindbergh the greatest ovation in history, we convicted ourselves of having told a lie about ourselves. If you need this or any other sample, we can send it to you via email.

Modernists were more open-minded and liberal in their thoughts. I will answer it all at once, and I have no objection in the world, I want the world to know that this man, who does not believe in God, is trying to use a court in Tennessee— Mr. Darrow:I object to that Mr. Bryan: (continuing) to slur at it, and while it will require time, I am willing to take it. It also shows divorces slowly rising also. Scopes was found guilty.

The 20's were known as the "Jazz Age" or "The Golden Age".

1920s DBQ – College Beginning in the early 1900s, America continued to build up its nation economically, socially, and politically.

We believe that it does fairly and faithfully represent them, and our proof lies in their support. Source: Hiram Wesley Evans, “The Klan’s Fight for Americanism,” The North American Review, March 1926.

Then, during the great depression, new tensions arrived, marriages lessened, and divorces arose.

(Adapted from Document-Based Assessment for Global History, Walch Education)

DBQ is known as document-based-question is an unusual type of a formatted timed essay on most AP History Exams; whatever your major is; AP US History, AP European History, and AP World History.

British Prime Minister Chamberlain thought that the best way, Name_______________________________________ Date____________________________ Dictators arose in countries that were Religion was, DBQ 17: A National Clash of Cultures in the 1920’s Those in rural places who were, 2/15/12

Following the First World War, the United States went in search of a, “return to normalcy,” which many agreed was exactly what it needed. The old political ideas and the new ideas of the Klan brought about high tensions from all the citizens and politician the Klan was against.

Another tension that was brought about was the political ideas and attempt of cultural reform of the Ku Klux Klan.

These groups have made no protest against a measure which aims to cut the immigration total approximately in half, from about three hundred and sixty thousand to about one hundred and eighty thousand persons….

What led to the tension between old and new AND in what ways was the tension manifested? It lays us open to the chare of being ‘hicks’ and ‘rubes’ and ‘drivers of second-hand fords. The ever changing attitudes of this time created these were between the traditional values and the nostalgia. The new movements that began rearing their heads during this time period consisted of liberal political ideas, the advancements of rights, DBQ This case involved John Scopes, a biology teacher, who taught Darwinism (theory of evolution). Get access to this section to get all the help you need with your essay and educational goals. This is undoubtedly a weakness. This made women more equal to men and gave them more power therefore; more men became disinterested because most of them wanted the regular housewife. Just as he was an Elk, a Booster and a member of the Chamber of Commerce, just as the priests of the Presbyterian Church determined his every religious belief and the senators who controlled the Republican Party decided in little smoky rooms in Washington what he should think about disarmament, tariff, and Germany, so did the large national advertisers fix the surface of his life, fix what he believed to be his individuality.

[Mrs. Ella A. Boole, President of the NY State organization says:] “We are working on this question from a scientific standpoint and from an educational standpoint.

In the 1920’s the United States was rapidly changing.

DBQ: World War II

For most Americans, it was full of the prosperity and peace that followed World War I. Middle-class life was full of leisure and class. View 1920s_DBQ.docx from HISTORY 101 at Silverado High School.

For we proved that the “things of good report” are the same today, Impact of Globalization on Aldi - Grocery Stores.

For instance: “Ye are the salt of the earth.

In conclusion, “The Roaring Twenties” were a time where old and new tensions met and manifested. The primary and secondary sources for this DBQ include evidence regarding the experiences of immigrants coming through Angel Island and Ellis Island between 1880 and 1920. One reason tensions where brought up was through the new idea of evolution and the old practice of creationism.

With the arrival of the 1920’s, new battles fought between traditionalist rural society and modernist urban civilization arose in the postwar United States. Beginning in the early 1900s, America continued to build up its nation economically, socially, and politically. But, to my mind, it is the duty of the younger Negro artist …to change through the hidden force of his art that old whispering “I want to be white,” hidden in the aspirations of his people, to “Why should I want to be white? 5. The Poles, for example, are determined to remain Polish. Dictators came into power in countries that were displeased with the results of World War I. Germany, Italy and Japan wanted power, so they took aggressive action that not even The League of Nations could stop. New ideas did create many tensions as it did innovations. Yet the Philadelphia clubwoman… turns up her nose at jazz and all its manifestations—likewise almost anything else distinctly racial…She wants the artist to flatter her, to make the white world believe that all Negroes are as smug as near white in smug as she wants to be. Tension of The 1920’s The 1920 census demonstrated to traditionalists that their views were under attack by the modernists who gradually came to outnumber them.

Great Depression DBQ Be it further resolved, that the national W. C. T. U. brands as untrue the charge made by the Association Opposed to National Prohibition that we are engaged in a secret campaign for an amendment to the Constitution prohibiting tobacco….

You should write a thesis statement, intro paragraph and outline a proposed answer. Silent movies were very popular at this time, along with radios. Another new tension that caused the decline of marriages was when women obtained the right to vote.

You can use their textbooks and/or the power point we used in class to help build their understanding of the material. your own paper.

In case you can’t find a sample example, our professional writers are ready to help you with writing Not even because he was an American! Our members and leaders are all of this class—the opposition of the intellectuals and liberals who held the leadership, betrayed Americanism, and from whom we expect to wrest control, is almost automatic. This success involved a mostly Nordic race.

Analyze the international and domestic challenges the United States faced between 1968 and 1974, and evaluate how President Richard Nixon’s administration responded to them. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible.

dissatisfied with the results of World War I. Germany, Italy and Japan took aggressive actions, and DBQ 21: Causes of World War II ****************** Mr. Bryan:You honor, I think I can shorten this testimony.

1920’s DBQ Question: The 1920’s were a period of tension between new and changing attitudes on the one hand and traditional values and nostalgia on the other.

The American dream was very diverse and looked different for everyone; women were completely new people, African Americans were free, A P European History Test Prep Even though the 1920’s began with a favorable outlook for peace, toward the end of the decade

I would not insist that man was actually salt, or he had flesh of salt, but it is used in the sense of salt as saving God’s people Mr. Darrow: But when you read that Jonah swallowed the whale—or that the whale swallowed Jonah—excuse me please—how do you literally interpret that? In what ways did ideas and values held by Puritans influence the political. Source: Scopes Trial Transcript, 1925 Source F [pic]. This case sparked a worldwide debate on academic freedom in the schools. The mass, it must be remembered, as distinguished from the intellectually mongrelized “Liberals. Retrieved from, This is just a sample. Demonstrate understanding of the basic meaning of a majority of the documents. We shouted ourselves hoarse. These two values crashed by some women stuck in the past and by some moving on to the future. I am Negro—and beautiful. The Twenties DBQ Essay Test.pdf. Employment was high and inflation was, 1920’s DBQ

Even though the 1920s had its many tensions, it still had one of the biggest revolutionary movements of the century.

Mr. Bryan: One miracle is just as easy to believe as another…. ’ We admit it. 4. According to Document C “The World’s Most Famous Trial: Tennessee Evolution Case, 1925” This trial was a case about whether there should be a punishment for teaching the Darwinism in the schools. (Form B) With the height of the economy in the 1920s, more people began to get married because of values. Analyze these documents in pairs.

Beginning in the early 1920’s, America found itself in a frenzy of revolutionary movements that would shift the everyday lives of American citizens and pave the way to the modern era. To understand the Klan, then, it is necessary to understand the character and present mind of the mass of old-stock Americans. The Adkins V. Children’s Supreme Court case ruled that women were no longer given special protection in the work place because they were becoming more equal and active in society.

was attempting to perform a scientific research on tobacco and its deadly affects.

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