U25 Luggage Compartment Lamp N34 Steering Wheel - Wood Grained Plastic 1967 saw the introduction of one of the most famous packages Chevy ever offered. U25 Luggage Compartment Lamp N40 Power Steering        C60 Air Conditioning - Deluxe G94 Rear Axle - 3.31 Ratio Total Super Sports = 34,411 Dealer Introduction: 9/29/66. Dealer State Front Disc Brakes. Vehicle Identification Example: 123377N100001 Third digit is 3 for six-cylinder, 4 for eight cylinder.         P12 14 x 6JK Wheel Equipment 1967 Camaro Paint Codes. K30 Speed & Cruise Control Last 6 digits increased one with each car built at plant. M13 Heavy Duty Three Speed Transmission (350 engine required) Spoilers (D80): The spoiler option was not available in 1967 on any Camaro. The Camaro was sleek with a long hood,... Option Packages. Thanks and sorry Scott for the confusion. U03 Low Note Horn (coupe only) M20 Four Speed Transmission (n/a w/302 or L78) The ’68 models have few sheet metal revisions although they have a very different look. U69 Radio - AM/FM - Push-Button U69 Radio - AM/FM - Push-Button Z22 Rally Sport Package Z22 Rally Sport Package L22 L-6 Engine, 250 Cubic Inches ), heavier front and rear springs, heavier duty clutch, red stripe wide oval nylon tyres, a special hood with simulated louvers and special accent bands around the car nose. 2019 Cadillac Escalade.                       Dealer Zone (If Known) V01 Heavy Duty Radiator (included w/A/C; n/a w/L35 or L78 engine) It became available as an option on all cars (except those with a rear antenna) in 68-69. M11 Floor Shift Transmission Control (March, 1967) Camaro SS; includes special hood and ornaments, front header panel paint stripes, … These are standard specifications - not necessarily specifications for the vehicle(s) in the photo(s). P58 7.35-14-4 PR Tires - Whitewall G96 Rear Axle - 3.55 Ratio K24 Closed Engine Positive Vent Type B The total production for 1967 Camaro factory models was - 220,906, Driver-side A-pillar (front pillar) visible when the driver-side door is open. Seventh digit is N for Norwood assembly, L for Van Nuys. How did you hear about us? K79 A/C Generator 42 Amp (not available with A/C)   A31 Windows - Electric Control        U57 Tape Player                       Transmission options included a Muncie four-speed manual, a two-speed " Powerglide ", and in late 1967 the new three-speed "Turbo Hydra-Matic 350". C48 Less Heater Equipment A31 Windows - Electric Control                       Car Parts: Ford Capri Stainless Steel Bumper. ac=air conditioning, ar=air injection reactor (required California), at=Turbo-Hydramatic automatic transmission, ci=cubic inch, copo=central office production order, ex=export, pg=Powerglide automatic transmission, mt=manual transmission, tb=two-barrei carburetor. A01 Tinted Glass - All Windows Check off all the options you want included on your window sticker, AL4 Strato-Back Seat (n/a w/convertible or center console) PW6 D70-14-4 PR Tires - Red Stripe G96 Rear Axle - 3.55 Ratio U63 Radio - Push-Button        2019 Cadillac Escalade Sport Edition. Remember, at the time, GM was under tremendous pressure to get a car rolled out … No its not . M21 Four Speed Transmission - Close Ratio (L78 required) Third digit is 3 for six-cylinder, 4 for eight cylinder. It was not mandatory on any car, except for the 69 pace car replicas and later 69 Z's. U80 Rear seat speaker Hope that helps. U73 Manual Rear Antenna (n/a w/AM/FM)                       Fourth digit is 3 for coupe, 6 for convertible. Dealer Name JavaScript is disabled. PQ2 7.35-14-4 PR Tires - White Stripe (standard with SS) Oh OK I'll study up on that. option includes 295 hp V8 (350 cu. Dealer Zone (If Known) The 1967 Camaro was the debut model of the first generation of Camaros. Z87 Custom Interior (Z87 produced as a model), Name U15 Speed Warning Indicator F41 Special Performance Front & Rear Suspension The 1967 Camaro shared the subframe / semi-unibody design with the 1968 Chevy II Nova. N96 Simulated Magnesium Wheel Trim Cover (n/a w/disc brakes) PW6 D70-14-4 PR Tires - Red Stripe J56 HD Front Disc Brake w/metallic brakes (Z28 required) Zip U26 Underhood Lamp Colors shown are only approximations of the actual colors. Even some dealers didn't know about it. Vehicles with Similar 13.33 HP/Weight Ratio. 2017 Cadillac Escalade. A02 Tinted Glass - Windshield Jump to: First Generation Camaro Info and Tech - 1967-1969. We had over 10 years experienced in manufacturing and exporting bumpers for classic cars!All models ... A set bumper includes : 1 front bumper, 1 rear bumper and 4 overriders.

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