Only buyers in search of brutally quick acceleration need consider spending more for a V8 engine. But despite the ground-pounding tires the BMW also seems more insulated and cushy than the Audi due to more selective tuning of what gets through to your senses and what does not. Only buyers in search of brutally quick acceleration need consider spending more for a V8 engine. Audi introduced its A7 "four-door coupe" the same year that Mercedes redesigned the CLS, and BMW followed a year later with the 2013 6-Series Gran Coupe. La hauteur représente la dimension verticale du produit. I don't know--ask the person who owns one. 2014 BMW 6-Series Gran Coupe pros and cons, according to Michael Karesh: the best reasons for buying (or not buying) the 2014 BMW 6-Series Gran Coupe. All rights reserved. In around-town driving it feels at least as strong as the gas V6s, and driven all-out is nearly as quick at legal speeds (figure six seconds to 60). Normalement, le fait d'avoir plus de cylindres signifie que la puissance est supérieure, cependant n'est qu'un des aspects qui déterminent la puissance finale du moteur. Cela est particulièrement important pour des personnes de grande taille. 2013-2014 BMW 640i Gran Coupe Review and Road Test - YouTube Truth in sheetmetal. La largeur représente la dimension horizontale du produit. Example: "Bad Brakes", "Toyota Recall", etc. It's hard to imagine anyone seeking the appearance of a traditional coupe finding this in the A7, as artful as it is.
Nous préférons des chassis courts car ils sont de manière générale plus faciles à manœuvrer.
Cela permet d'économiser du carburant et est plus écologique. Both cars are very attractive, but in very different ways. Un moteur d'essence offre plusieurs avantages par rapport aux moteurs diesel. All-wheel-drive adds $3,000, the Cold Weather Package (heated steering wheel and rear seats) adds $450, and the active stabilizer bars add a hefty $2,500, for a total of $89,775.

Some people want a trunk, and they'll find one with a surprisingly un-coupe-like 16.2-cubic-feet in the 6GC (made possible by the absence of a spare tire). If you've had a problem, please help us out and report it.

Check out our BMW 640 overview to see the most problematic years, worst problems and most recently reported complaints with the 640. The A7 has a much roomier, more comfortable rear seat. Plenty of power from the 315-horsepower inline six. The Audi feels like it is traveling about two-thirds of its actual speed--60 feels like 40--yet its cabin doesn't seem as thoroughly insulated as the BMW's. (Such a view is offered with this system on the A6 and A8 sedans.). Complex controls, but generally well-laid out and easy to use once your learn them. BMW's interpretation of a "four-door coupe" is easily the most literal. L'empattement est la distance entre les essieux avant et arrière du véhicule.

The cushion is well-shaped, but under-sized. Also short windows--more on this later.Some reviewers have declared the 6-Series Gran Coupe the most attractive current BMW. Plus even with all-wheel-drive the BMW's throttle can be used to adjust the attitude of its balanced chassis, for a more dynamic character than you'll experience in the moderately nose-heavy Audi. Don't believe the power ratings on the boosted V6s in the BMW 640i Gran Coupe or the A7 3.0T--both feel much stronger than their alleged 315 and 310 horsepower, respectively.

Le véhicule dispose d'un système de localisation qui utilise GPS et vous aide à récupérer votre voiture en cas de vol. Normalement, un moteur avec plus de valves améliore la performance du véhicule. Cela aide prévenir des accidents et est particulièrement utile dans les voitures avec angles morts grands, comme les camionnettes. Even the chassis bits that feel somewhat out of sorts (or just sleepy) in casual driving wake up and fall into line when called upon to take even lumpy curves at speed.Electronics enhance the suspension's inherent balance, control, and composure.

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