New Breed Archery gives you the best archery equipment for hunting and competition archery. Subscriber Services. But in total New Breed fashion we could not just release the Eclipse with a different name we took the ETX35 to the next level of 35” ATA bows offered … PSE says the EVO NXT is the quietest bow the company has ever made, and the new ComfortGrip System gives shooters the choice between a low-torque riser grip or molded grip overlay for added comfort and more protection from the cold during late-season hunts. In today's archery market, it's important to have a product that gives you the best possible equipment for your hard-earned dollar. Check prices, read customer reviews or buy it at Everest. Check out the hottest new crossbows from ATA 2020! New Bows for 2020 ATA Show New Bows for 2020 Tony J. Peterson - January 09, 2020. PSE says it designed the EVO NXT series (also available in 31- and 35-inch versions) directly in response to customer feedback. © Copyright New Breed Archery, All Rights Reserved. Bow Review: Hoyt REDWRX Carbon RX-4 Alpha Bows Bow … The Carbon Air Stealth Mach 1 accommodates draw lengths from 25-30 ½ inches and is available in peak draw weights of 50, 60, 65 or 70 pounds. Shooters looking for a quiet hunting bow with a truly “dead-in-hand” feel will want to take a close look at the EVO NXT 33, featuring a laid-back limb design that cancels excess energy after the shot and dramatically reduced hand shock and vibration. PSE is also offering the Stinger MAX in two ready-to-shoot package and a special S3DA (Scholastic 3-D Archery) model with a hard limb stop created with young target shooters in mind. To find consistent success, you must be better than average in every respect. NEED HELP? In 2016 New Breed retired the design, only to have the bowhunting public beg to have it back. Since the introduction of a bow that was equally at home on the 3D tournament trail, in the deepest back country hunting grounds of the west, or 20 feet in the air of your favorite treestand, it was quick to set the industry standard for the 35” ATA “Do All” bow design. Featuring a compact, 30-inch axle-to-axle length, PSE says the Stinger MAX is perfect for treestand and ground-blind hunting. To get started, click the link below to visit and learn how to access your digital magazine. Field editor Bill Winke goes over steps you can take to improve the tuning on your bow. PCI Compliance. At New Breed, we feel we have done just that. Building one-on-one relationships with our customers is how we started, and we are excited to once again offer direct relationships for the ultimate bow experience! See More Trending Articles. It also has an IBO speed rating of 324-332 fps, a 32 1/8-inch axle-to-axle length, 6 1/8-inch brace height and adjustable letoff between 80 and 90 percent. The Carbon Air Stealth Mach 1 features newly redesigned carbon riser that is 100 percent made in the USA. "Petersen's Bowhunting" editor Christian Berg and Mathews design engineer Mark Hayes talk the smooth, quiet and fast shooting qualities of the new flagship Vertix bow from the Wisconsin bowmaker. So for 2019 New Breed archery is proud to introduce the ETX35 which sports a 35” Axle to Axle and a 6 7/8” Brace Height that is very similar to the features of the Eclipse. Don't give up on that seemingly untunable bow just yet. ... Get to know a little about New Breed Archery and find out what sets us apart from the competition. We’ll take a look at three new PSE hunting models here, and you can find details on PSE’s full lineup of 2020 bows on their website. Plus, the laid-back limbs and redesigned grip give shooters greater comfort and increased stability on target, resulting in better downrange accuracy via PSE’s proven Evolve Cam technology. You don't need to go broke to get yourself a new, high-performance archery rig. Customize your New Breed bow, then purchase online. These boots are "better safe than sorry" at its best. Crunching the numbers on North America's most important game species. For help customizing your bow, please call New Breed at 1-888-363-3545. |   In 2011, New Breed Archery introduced a market changing bow sporting a 35” Axle to Axle and a 7” brace height called the Eclipse. If you are looking for “The One” bow that can do it all, look no further - the ETX35 is the bow for you. and deadly downrange accuracy (3-inch group at 100 yards). Finish options include TrueTimber Strata (pictured), Mossy Oak Break-Up Country, Muddy Girl, black, charcoal, purple and white. Bionix Cam Systems are licensed under U.S. Patent #7,997,259. The Stinger MAX also features a 7-inch brace height, IBO speed rating of 304-312 fps and 3.8 pound mass weight. All Rights Reserved. For help customizing your bow, please call New Breed at 1-888-363-3545. PSE Archery has released details on its 2020 bow lineup, including 10 new compound models aimed squarely at bowhunters.

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