oh, I've had moms like that that friends raped. W. Worddd. Bilder sagen mehr als tausend Worte! Its so full of florigen its new growth has pistils grow faster then leaf. If you are an outdoor grower, look for light sources like patio lights or street lamps that might be affecting your grow. On removing these huge males I discovered this little Lady. Im having the same issue too. It is producing secondary leaf clusters on branches and growing great.

Heater keeps the temperature between 73F – 78F, a have a humidifier set at 45% and they are under an 18-6 lighting schedule with a 1000 watt grow light.

i was worried that maybe the three leaf fan leaves meant that the clones came from a mom that was cloned too many times, as in degradation. The cannabis seems to be happy and healthy but only has 3 leaves. But very interesting… All have the skunkiest smell I’ve ever came across with lots of cristalisation. Nuestra web requiere almacenar o recuperar información en tu navegador, principalmente en forma de 'cookies'. High CBD Freedom Dream. Been a while since Ive posted Strawberry cough.

The Cannabis Growing Season – Southern California. Make sure you plant gets enough light, water and fertilizer. Or is the lathitude to high (type Alaska), with 23 hrs midnight sun right now?

Lade hier deine Informationen hoch und hilf damit eventuell auch Anderen mit gesundheitlichen Problen! And the smell is fruity/grape, I have 4 autos of OG Kush, all 4 have been given the same conditions and one started out early as a 2-3 leafer and has stayed that way, flowering like crazy right now due to no blockage of light from leafs, that one is growing bigger also than others. All seeds are autoflowering. Vous avez de l'expérience avec les qualités médicales de Maple Leaf Indica?

I'm still operating and shipping orders in the midst of the pandemic. Unsere Besucher haben Maple Leaf Indica verkostet und ihre Eindrücke bezüglich Geschmack und Wirkung von Sensi Seeds' Maple Leaf Indica hochgeladen. The abuse was so bad that both of the animals died.

You must log in or register to reply here. Wir erinnern unsere Kunden mit Wohnsitz in Frankreich daran, dass Cannabissamen, die nicht im Katalog der Europäischen Gemeinschaft aufgeführt sind, ausschließlich zur genetischen Erhaltung und Sammlung bestimmt sind und in keinem Fall für den Anbau bestimmt sind. Dans 17 magasins / banques de graines nous avons trouvé 32 offres entre USD 8.35 pour 1 graine régulière et USD 1289.41 pour 200 graines régulières. Eine Bewertung verfassen. I hope this short blog helped a little. Le goût / la saveur de Maple Leaf Indica a été qualifié de équitablement Épicé (Hasch; un peu Herbes et aussi un petit peu Santal ou Bois de cèdre) ou Sucrée (un peu Sucre ou Miel et aussi un petit peu Chiclette, Fleurie ou Fruité) et de un petit peu Microbiologique (un peu Sol ou Musc et aussi un petit peu Cuir) ou Amer (Chimique ou Organique). Verlinke hier mit einem Klick passende Beiträge oder Grow-Reports zu Maple Leaf Indica aus verschiedenen, externen Grower-Communities und Kiffer-Foren. Get ready to … My AK47 is a Girl!! Füge hier deine Erfahrungen mit dieser Sorte hinzu: 5 feminisierte SamenAktuell im Angebot bei/imSeedsmanJetzt 57.33 % sparen!

Maple Leaf Indica von Sensi Seeds ist nur als reguläres Saatgut erhältlich, nicht als feminisierte Samen. I have no idea how this happened because I’ve never had nor planted any cannabis seed. Definitiv eine der besten reinen Afghanis die es noch gibt. GSC (60/40) Indica-dominant hybrid - Uplifting and Gentle Energy with these Creeper Buds, Evening Bowl Tokes With SKYDOG (80/20) Indica dominant - Solid Cushion Relaxation Nightcap, FANTASY ISLAND (60/40) Indica-dominant Hybrid Strain - Felt Cushioned, Friendly, and Creative Energies - Mini Bong Toke Vacation, Growth in Spartan Conditions.

However, most cases occur because of plants with photoperiod stress. Like I mentioned above, single blade leaves or a three leaf weed plant is primarily caused by a fluctuation with photoperiod lighting. Les utilisateurs de seedfinder ont testé Maple Leaf Indica et ont téléchargé des informations sur les goûts ou les effets de Maple Leaf Indica de Sensi Seeds. Head on over to Smoke.io.

The one with the narrow leaves I accidentally split down the middle a week before flowering. Viel Glück beim Kommentieren! Cliquez ici pour voir le Profil d'Plante complètement! All 4 of them. Should I be worried? In Form von Samen ist dies eine relativ neue Entwicklung. One was suffering from being squashed by 2 big males next to it. Some gardeners claim that plants that are forced to re-veg never quite get the yield of the original. (aber es kann eventuell ein bisschen dauern bis alle Daten geladen und verarbeitet wurden!). It is a seed from lambs breath and the plant itself looks awesome. I don’t understand why they are only producing 3 finger leaves. Blight, Botrytis, Bud Rot, No Matter What Its Called, I Call It Shit.

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