Sounds promising, will need to follow up. If your interested I can talk more for sure.

The 350z is no slouch, but over time you’ll become more and more used to the OEM power output and be hungry for more. There’s no denying it – a set of aftermarket headers will make your engine bay look great and are likely to bring some top end power gains. So there you have it! Know Your Mods: MBRP Performance Exhaust [VIDEO], From Your Garage to the Paddock: What You Need to Know About Motul, Tesla Model 3 Comprehensive Wheel Fitment Guide, Customer Spotlight: @GotChuckz, AKA Purple Reign, Spotlight: Making the First Moves on This F30, Slaying The Dragon on KW V3 Coilovers – Sgt Rigas’ Hyundai Genesis Coupe, Winner Winner: Two Modification Experts Two 1st Place Trophies, COTM: Nelson Rios Super Clean E92 BMW 335i, ARK Performance GRIP Exhaust System for the Nissan 350Z, Injen Air Intake for the 2003-06 Nissan 350Z, Injen Air Intake for he 2007-08 Nissan 350Z, Aftermarket installations is a specialty of ours, American Exotic: DeTomaso Pantera gets Forgestar F14 Super Deep Concave Wheels, FA20 Intake Guide: Induction Options for Scion FR-S & Subaru BRZ [ZN6/ZC6]. Ive got the akebono brakes steel braded lines full suspension intake full exhaust tune short throw shifter and stage 1 clutch and light weight flywheel and wheels and tires handles like its on rails. The OEM exhaust system on your 350z is designed to keep your neighbours happy and meet emissions standards. Now, I say that because they look the best on the 350Z as far as the entire side profile of the car. You can post now and register later. There are many pros and cons when comparing lowering springs vs coilovers, however the main take away is that by lowering your car, it sits flatter through the corners, meaning less body roll and, to a point more grip. Typically ceramic pads are very quiet, and dust is usually better than the OEM composite pads. Aftermarket control arms are generally lighter than stock and made with stronger materials, meaning they’re stiffer, further reducing any unwanted flex. Opting for a turbo kit (forced induction) is going to provide better bang for buck. With grease-able polyurethane bushings, squeaky noise will be non-existent. Our staff aren't "sales people" - we call them "Mod Experts" for good reason. Where DOT 3 and 4 can mix together a little, DOT 5 really does need all of the previous fluid out of your braking system.

The stock brakes are plenty perfect for stopping power, but if you are considering taking your 350Z to the track, then a brake upgrade is a definite must! They are quite strong engines David. Of course, the sky is the limit, and there are some huge brake kits out there for the Nissan 350z. Those refer to the rate at which the stiffness  is increased over the stock sway bar stiffness rating.

Nissan 350z remap power gains only come when other changes to the car have been made – such as an exhaust, intake, injectors, camshaft or other engine mods. Our experienced Installation Team has years of car-building experience to make quick work of your install. Sway bars reduce the amount of body roll to the car (in conjunction with the upgraded springs/shocks) so that you get the most into-the-ground, neutral feel in a corner. Water boils at a lower temperature than brake fluid, meaning even street driving can cause it to boil, leaving you with the feeling of brakes that fade very easily. It kind of isn’t as necessary to upgrade as you might think, but if you do plan on bettering your car’s turning attitudes and handling characteristics, it’s a great idea. p.s. Control arms connect the suspension of your 350z to the chassis. legal and is intended for off-road use only (and by off-road, I mean the race track). The iconic Nissan 350z (Z33) came from the factory with the perfect formula; rear wheel drive, front engined and a generous sized engine. I’ve ridden in and driven his car all over the place and the comfort of full-soft dampening really shows. In this guide we’ll review the best 350z mods for you to consider, broken down by the handling, performance and exterior mods. Different people have different tastes and it’s totally normal. Fines for not doing so are usually steep.

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