For comic value, cast Psychic Pursuit on your Land Raider to create the best sniper in the imperium. A heavy armour equipped with an auxiliary Missile Launcher system. The Rogue Traders.

This can actually be a quite useful secondary detachment as all four assassins are a decent pointsink for an army that lacks such a thing, and are all very powerful in their own right. Also, they have the Lightning Reflexes rule, which is a 4++, because GW is bad at rules, resulting in them being very good at dodging a flamethrower, but completely unable to dodge, e.g., a Vindicare Exitus round. Functionally a tougher, shootier Rhino, it boasts +2 Wounds, +1 WS, a Heavy Flamer and the option to take a second, a nasty Dozer Blade and, most importantly, 6 Firing Ports. If you stop a key Warp Time, Jinx, Quicken, Doom, etc. so unfortunately you cannot spam a dozen Knosso Pronds to run around the field causing havoc. Must generate from Telepathy and knows the Aura of Oppression psychic power. Lacking psychic oomph? Meta with a lot of character auras? You are wrong. Just take as many inquisitors with rad grenades as possible and stick each one in a unit of allied skitarii, -2t on the charge, kit them out with some nice melee stuff, take a good doctrine, and run around killing people with your very hard hitting vanguards, and killing the characters in duels. If you really do want to go for it on turn 1 due to a deployment scenario that is favorable for it, put her in a transport if possible, disembark and then haul butt forward for that extra distance which may just get you where you need to be. Crusaders display their devotion to the Emperor as honour guards or executioners, and such is the zeal of the Crusaders that it makes them ideal recruits for the Inquisition. Stacks up 10 times. Since most auras are about 6", you'll be forcing them to choose between the safety of their characters/units, or buffing their units. For example, consider the following. At T3, 3 wounds, a 3+ armour save and no invulernable save, she is not going to be that hard to take down in combat or with shooting. Very useful for some builds. Fearless ignores this natch, but for any non-fearless units the price of losing combat by even a pitiful 1 wound just got extremely high. Before rising to the rank of Inquisitor, you served as a Crusader, the holy warrior of the Adeptus Ministorum. Inquisitor Greyfax is a decent addition to any Imperial army, especially if you are likely to be facing a psychic heavy force, but I feel that she is a little too expensive for what she brings to the table. a Land Speeder Storm, as scout is (we think) not a Faction keyword, there is a much less clear argument to be made around Primaris. Meltas and Plasma are a good option, as most armies lack ways of putting more then one in a squad without making the cost skyrocket. Inquisitor Greyfax is a decent character that provides some nice anti-psyker abilities in an army and has a potentially great psychic power that can shut down the mobility of the enemy army. With the new updates, throw a 10 point psyker into each squad, and give them divination.

As another alternative if you want to kill Daemons fast take a Psyker Inquisitor with Termie Armour, Psycannon, Brain Mines, Daemon Hammer and Grimoire. With 3++ and power swords these guys will almost always win combat with [MEQ]s, making them incredibly useful against most armies. by Reecius As a result of the unique FOC and Inquisitorial Detachment rules, this section will focus more on how you can be a more effective ally to a main detachment than how well the other factions can act as your allies.

He has gained the warlord trait of a reroll per battle round - not a bad bonus. Exceptional topics will be stickied. On the battlefield they relentlessly march through fire, like the legendary Juggernauts of the old Terran myths. Yep, everyone in the detachment gains hatred. Pretty impressive strength, but stupid AP value. There are two sensible ways to run inquisition now: As of the WD update, Supreme-Command detachments with 3 psykers are no longer legal due to the one inquisitor maximum per detachment clause. Never have to worry about games not finishing, lol. Yeah exactly lol. You can also put 3-6 more in your main implant and inoculator. Aura of Opression- A warp charge 1 malediction that targets a single non-vehicle enemy unit within 12″. If she gets in range to blast one with her Condemnor it stings! They are the slowest of the three agent archetypes, trading mobility for protection and firepower. The Inquisition has a long history of being a low tier, unloved (by GW) army of Warhammer 40K. A unit of 8 With an Eviscerator Priest with plasma and 3 Power armor plasma acolytes can provide a very strong unit. Having all those books, rules, and units can be daunting. There are two reasons he wins: first, that the Culexus debuff doesn't stack with itself, and second, that they can't actually Deny the Witch, only debuff casting. For each projectile with Physical Damage, two additional projectiles are created in a 10° cone but skill damage is halved. I consider this enchant to easily be one of the best in the game, especially for ranged Crusaders. The Culexus giving a -2 to cast and her+1 to deny means that even against psychic powerhouses like Thousand Sons or Eldar you will have excellent odds of stopping key powers which by itself can tilt a game in your favor.

Combine with your monkey and this will allow you to delete multiple light. For even more barrels of monkey fun, deploy Servo Skulls to block cheeky enemy infiltrators (White Scars), take Cypher and infiltrate your own ninja monkeys deep into enemy lines so they can absolutely smear monkey shit everywhere; 5 Jokaero will guarantee Cypher has a 5+ invuln, but 4 is better, with a 1/6 chance of Rending, 1/6 of 5++, and 2/3 chance of both; 5 is 100% chance of just 5++.

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