Winter setup from original owner and Bus Life Adventure founder Brock Butterfield. I do like the idea of a finished one though... What is the overall length?? Drive safe, ride safe, and best of luck to you. Just a side note, last year while looking for wild ponies north of Corrola, NC we saw David Anderson, bungalo beach house. I live in a bus just this size that is a tiny house! These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Many thanks friend! How in the world are you going to sleep 4 big guys in that bus at the same time???? I know this build will be pricey, but in the end I think it will be worth it. of my materials used to build have been repurposed from other stuff – like the roll top desk that is the centerpiece of my kitchen. This 4x4 short school bus was bought originally from the founder of Bus Life Adventure and was used in the filming of the documentary "Life In The Bus Lane" and was driven from Utah to Alaska and all over the Western US and Canada. I’ll also be living with three other guys during the winter months to film six web episodes of us living in 76 sq. There are tons of floor plans available online for these widespread rigs. These customized 4X4 school buses comfortably and easily transport groups over rough terrain, in all weather conditions. Nice looking rig overall. Allan is passionate about providing accurate, unbiased and interesting reviews through his website. I have to agree. Whether you operate in the Snowy Mountains, the Kimberleys, Kakadu, Fraser Island, the Red Centre, Cape York, the Savannah Way or the Flinders Ranges, we have the perfect vehicle solution for you. Most of them have what looks like an insane over hang behind those rear axles—it is possible–I haven’t seen the build video—that this is what he refered to when he said he took out seats and re-worked the rear end—there may have been about the same amount of overhang but with the bus cab on top as there is now. This vehicle is totally unsafe. Allan Whiting was trained by Volvo Trucks in the 1970s as a military vehicle demonstration driver and for many years was a qualified 4WD instructor. )/travelling with (10,000+ miles) this bus alone with my 3.5lb dog and WOW what a year! City Bus Conversion. He is respected as one of Australia’s foremost 4×4 reviewer. With one driver you can take a large or small ft. and chasing snow storms. The problem is that without a CDL and passenger endorsement we can't let you actually drive any of the buses that require a CDL to drive. After many nights of research I found the bus I was looking for. My inner redneck says to keep looking for a better condition bus than what I have seen so far. This guy did one of the best I’ve seen. The orgignal owner was a cabinet maker when younger and had custom built all the cabinets and interior. ESCAPE Built the New IKEA Tiny House, It’s a Boho XL THOW! Great job, Mr. Butterfield! js.src = "//"; I have also seen people move them by hand and not with a great amount of effort. I just think automobiles/trucks from down south seem almost preserved compared to the rust buckets I find up here for sale. How well does the bus hold in the wood stove heat? Because, drivers of mining company equipment aren’t exactly noted for their loving care of machinery! All that weight has to be taking weight off the front end and affecting the steering. A couple dollars go a long way and we also worked with our sponsors to help provide great rewards for those that can back the project. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. What Is Boondocking & Why You Should Try It, Don't Make This Costly Mistake At RV Gas Stations, This Easy Mod Will Fill Your RV Water Tank Faster, RV Tire Storage: How To Really Protect Your Tires, Don't Let Winter Destroy Your RV Water System, Yosemite RV Resort, RVC Outdoor Destination, Don’t Let This Happen To You Using A Car GPS. This 4×4 School Bus Tiny House Conversion is a guest post by Brock Butterfield of Bus Life Adventure. The turbo diesel helps with climbing big hills when fully loaded. I have dreams of building a house on a full size bus and converting it to 4 wheel drive as well as 4 wheel steering, plus having a trailer hitch mounted just behind the rear axle the way most European commercial trucks have so that the trailer with the jeep and work shop tracks behind the bus around corners and also is stable in cross winds. reserves, lodges and tours. At Bus 4×4, we believe your campervan or motorhome should take you anywhere on and off-road, from the rugged outback to glittering beaches, without leaving comfort and luxury behind. What a great layout this has. Click here to visit the 4×4 Tour Bus website. Not everyone is looking for cute – some are looking for a safe place to stay while exploring the outdoors. ©Copyright 2020 Bus 4x4 Group. joining our Free Daily Tiny House Newsletter, Ford Transit Weekend Adventure Van With Storage, Family-friendly Van Conversion with Bunk Beds (For Sale). Major points for an indoor loo, he has obviously used an outdoor toilet in winter. Cold, cramped and no good way to dry out my snowboarding gear, I started thinking about how I could have a little more wiggle room without the cost of an expensive RV. As for the weight and balance it is tough to tell from the pictures. Bus 4×4 offers an AWD Conversion Kit to suit Australia’s beloved van/minibus, the Toyota Hiace to convert it into a Full Time AWD with High and Low Range 4×4. Enjoy it, guys. Steering, ride and handling felt no different from standard Toyota Coaster behaviour, despite the higher stance of the modified vehicle. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Because we always use industry standard parts and components, you’ll be able to enjoy hassle free maintenance and repair for the life of your van. If you transport groups anywhere, consider a 4X4 bus We can customise your campervan or motorhome with external modifications like body panels, slide-outs, bull bars, roof racks and pop-tops. Hey Nat, thanks for the reply. Nice interior and layout. and easily transport groups over rough terrain, in all weather conditions. That’s before all the body/chassis concerns from others more in the know on these issues than I, in our bid to build bespoke, to our spec vehicles and homes we MUST NOT forget safety and security for the users and the innocent by-standards in our design and final builds. As for the overhang being legal it has tail and turn signals on it so form that stand point it is all set. I love the license plate wall/heat shield, very cool. Items needing repair: It needs a new paint job in my opinion. Zone. Standard equipment on 4×4 buses and commercial vehicles can vary drastically based on your underlying chassis and engine configuration. IF there were extra steel added to the framing this could also make for a better weight set up for hauling two sleds. I would have gone for propane heat tho. Standard 4×4 conversions of buses are customised with specialised equipment and after-market accessories to increase vehicle safety, visibility, performance and function. I am curious about the safety factor of the wood burning stove in such a tight space that is finished off in wood. Commercial vehicles have many configurations and requirements, so we’ll need to get more details to accurately price your four wheel drive conversion. I would suggest taking it to a scale loaded. at ALL times regardless, I, for one, definitely admire his dedication. Bus 4×4 has been supplying 4×4 Mine Buses to reputed companies in the commercial drilling, mining and mineral exploration sites both in Australia and around the world. This guy really has it going!! I would love to see pictures!! Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. I look forward to seeing your films this fall. Super singles perform better in sand and mud and greater ease of changing tyres. RLS Enterprises, Inc. buys, refurbishes, customizes and sells school buses to be used by resorts, Regardless of the front suspension options available, all of our 4×4 Buses come with the following standard options: The final price of a standard 4×4 ambulance van conversion varies based on the year, motor, GVW, chassis, and options packages. Every share helps inspire people towards simple living, including yours. The 4x4 bus that we have in inventory was sold originally to a school in the Denver area that had weekly runs up into the mountains. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. These customized 4X4 school buses comfortably 40,000 USD. The buses and vehicles here in Fl rust just as easily as any other state. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. In the 4×4 Conversion Range, Bus 4×4 offers AWD Conversion Kits to suit Toyota Hiace Commuters and Toyota Coasters, from 10 seats to 18 seats, both for sale or hire. Bus 4×4 offers an AWD Conversion Kit to suit Australia’s most popular people mover, the Toyota Coaster. I love it. If it was ME building this–and we are looking to build a Toy Hauler for our motorcycle–I would have my son the actual engineer spec out the weights etc. With over 40 years of experience converting buses and other commercial vehicles, we source only industry standard parts that will meet the needs of even the most demanding applications. For a medium duty like a school bus the cost is what it is. Bus 4×4 Group is an Australian owned 4×4 conversion company and bus body builder based in Brisbane, Australia. Most of the walls are recycled pallet wood that I sanded and applied a clear coat to. Its only money and you cant take it with you, right?? }(document, "script", "aweber-wjs-kk5pqneaw")); Post was not sent - check your email addresses! For a medium duty like a school bus the cost is what it is. Best to you on your journey…. School Bus Conversion (Skoolie) The most common is the old yellow school bus conversion, as known as a skoolie. And of course sold, but my guess is way out of my price range anyway. Bruce is being sold due to the current owner needing more room for their fast moving one year old.

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