So, do not be afraid should this card come up as things are going to work out well for you rather than anything negative coming your way. Work hard and take time to improve yourself or learn new skills.

You are currently developing some of your many talents. You may find yourself achieving a level of mastery in your work or becoming a specialist or expert in your field.

You’ll be able to do it, but only if you’re willing to put in the work. The Eight of Pentacles in a reversed position means boredom in the workplace and lack of ambition. If it appears in the outcome or future position of a Tarot reading, the Eight of Pentacles can mean that you will become a teacher or mentor in the future. New job, self-employment, building business, trade, reputation, craftsmanship, quality, master, expertise, hard work, commitment, dedication, concentration, success, accomplishment, ambition, confidence, financial security, results, rewards, achieving goals, attention to detail, productivity, scholarship, qualifications.

What you may have previously done out of pure hobby and love, you now have the ability to cash in on. You have made a commitment to keep changing your life for the better. The Eight of Pentacles tarot is the card of education and apprenticeship, of skill and progress, of innovation and leadership.. In something like a relationship Tarot reading the Eight of Pentacles can mean that you will be preparing for the future. Try not to brag too much about how your way is better; you may be an expert, but that doesn’t mean you know everything.

However well you think you know your partner they can still surprise you, this is particularly true now.

This is a great card to find in a spread if you’re a student, as it means you will soon be putting all of the theory you have been learning into practice. Good things come to guys and gals that wait and, for now, waiting is all you can do. The path may be long, but the approach that you are taking at this moment in time is going to prove to be the correct one and that this is going to ultimately lead to you getting the kind of end results that you have been hoping for. In a financial context, the Eight of Pentacles reversed can indicate financial insecurity, overspending, getting into debt and falling victim to scams.

Often, the Eight of Pentacles represents teaching others how to do the things which come to you naturally. Or you may want to take your YouTube videos to a whole different level and officially enroll in film school.

You are getting to the point where you do not want to settle for a mediocre relationship – you know your worth, and your lovers will have to accommodate that. Now, you have to work on becoming the best version of yourself. The Tarot card shows a man fighting against enemies. In a love Tarot reading, if you are in a relationship, the Eight of Pentacles indicates that you are putting a lot of work, dedication and commitment in to your relationship. For example, you have always cooked well and decided to study for a professional chef. But before you get started on that one, be clear on your goals and everything else you want to accomplish.

This kind of person can lose sight of the forest for the trees, and may become fixed on things that don’t seem important to others around them. The isolation that comes with devoting yourself to a task or skill will take you to a whole new level in terms of your career and life goals.

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