I assume not, but would there be any difference between that TMJ load and an FMJ load? Normally, the hollow point bullet powder max is a little lower than for the ball load data. Suite 500, Troy, Michigan 48084 USA. Forum, Outdoor Hub, LLC (d/b/a Carbon Media Group), 3290 W. Big Beaver Rd. I load them as long as that will function in the Glock Mag.

As long as you don't load to +p velocities it should work fine. JavaScript is disabled. In .38 and .45 from the Ransom Rest, they gave dinner plate sized groups at 50 yards out of guns that will shoot 2" groups or less with Magnus bullets. Start with Blue Dot instead, way better choice to learn reloading 9MM. All the coated bullets I've purchased have been loaded with lead bullet data. Slower Powder than most others here, very dense powder, Very similar to CFE Pistol in performance, Similar to Power Pistol, but multitudes less muzzle flash, Similar to Accurate #7, a slower 9 MM pistol powder. Dirty overall, Not bad. The bullets I've PCed were a loaded a bit higher, but kept within sane levels. Here are some of the target loads we shot...Some of these loads are over book published load values and just because they worked for us, does not mean they will eb safe for you...do not load over manufacturer book maximums. Can anybody help me out? and for the od 1/16" bbl; 147gr xtp with either 4.2gr vv330, 0r 4.0gr wsf, oal again 1.142" both of these loads were very soft shooting for a 9mm. If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. You don't use the same OAL you use what the bullet manufacture says to use and that may not always work in a all guns. thanks You want to know what a good "fast powder" is?

I have a Lee and a Alliant manual I usually work with but I like to get as much info as I can, especially when trying something different. We prefer this powder over Titegroup, but still think its too dirty. I suspect the issue with the accuracy is due to the plating getting damaged on seating therefore liberal belling is necessary to achieve acceptable short line accuracy. Also not in my reloading manuals. I have other powder and have read that bullseye is a faster powder than needed in 9mm,but would like to use it if possible.

Does anyone have any load data for Missouri Bullet Company 147gr .356 FN brinell 18 coated lead bullets using bullseye. Have experimental loads waiting to shoot of Bullseye, Blue Dot, and Unique. They were super accurate and soft shooting too. Great projectile. Here is a whole bunch of "slower burning" powders loaded to 165+ Power Factor using 124 Grain Bullets. Just looking for load data. FMJ & JHP group much tighter. Most likely I'll be talking to you again. Thanks a bunch Fred. AR15.Com reserves the right to overwrite or replace any affiliate, commercial, or monetizable links, posted by users, with our own. Are all 147gr FMJ bullets the same size?

I am using Titegroup right now. If you plug the numbers in a recoil calculator and use a 185 grain lead .45 going 725 it nearly matches the recoil from a 115 grain 9mm going 1100 fps, assuming equal gun weights. You have to scroll to their 4th page of books, to find the 9 MM manual. Canister Sizes: View All Bullseye ® Recipes. This powder is also on the dirty side. I have other powder and have read that bullseye is a faster powder than needed in 9mm,but would like to use it if possible. I accuracy checked them before I tried to chrono. How do all these compare at ~130 Power Factor using 124 and 147 grain bullets. A forum community dedicated to all firearm owners and enthusiasts. Maybe I should have suppressed my 45 so I wouldn't have to make subsonic ammo. •

I cannot speak for 50 yards but the truncated cone 45acp bullets work with 4.5gn VV320. I would not use them for the long line. All of the loads are pretty accurate. Alliant's reloader's guide does not show a load for Bullseye and 147's. I have .355 and .356 SWC from PENN, and on order have 6 different jacketed Magnus bullets, 115, 124,125, and 147. Thanks for all the info so far guys. I have found data that says 3.2-3.6 grains bullseye, but it was not specific to the FMJ and they also did not include OAL. My favorite reloading supply in Amarillo is going out of business and he didn't have much stock left and I got a couple #s of powder,the bullets,and some other stuff at a real good price. [Last Edit: 9/24/2014 9:48:01 PM EST by mevertsen], [Last Edit: 9/25/2014 12:58:12 AM EST by AJE], [Last Edit: 9/25/2014 3:09:48 PM EST by AJE], [Last Edit: 9/25/2014 6:32:12 PM EST by Motor1], Lee Modern Reloading Second Edition: 147gr XTP, [Last Edit: 9/27/2014 12:46:07 PM EST by Dsking85], [Last Edit: 9/27/2014 7:32:43 PM EST by Dsking85]. This section shows you A LOT of information about 9 MM powders and how they compete against each other using the same brass, same bullet, same OAL, same primer, same gun, same day, same conditions..the only thing that is different is the powder. I'm sorry I can't quote the source of the data because I forgot where I got it from (the start load that is). Very dense, alot fits in case, Similar to 3N37 in performance, but larger stick, so less fits in case. Probably a bit too fast to work well.

I usually call the powder manufacturer too. Your IP: The load was 5.4 CFEPistol, CCI primers, mixed brass, X-Treme  115 plated. • I am looking for a loads for 9mm - 147gr FMJ using Bullseye Will be used in PPC9 - 5" My manuals (older) have no 147 loads Any help would be appreciated Thanks Hudson Shooter 28.12.11 Thanks to those that gave me some input. [ARCHIVED THREAD] - Anybody have a good 147gr FMJ 9mm over bullseye recipe? But I use Bullseye for 185 and also 230 in 45 acp. They are dead on. There is a 99% chance that this post was from my iPhone/iPad, no I am not a gay metrosexual either. Note some of the loads were far more accurate than average. Click on each Powder picture to see detailed explainations, video, load data, shot groupings and more! Ill let you know how they turn out.

I have other powder that is better suited,and other calibers that bullseye is recommended for,so using the bullets or the powder is not an issue. You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store. All Powders compared, general summary comparison. Does anyone have any load data for Missouri Bullet Company 147gr .356 FN brinell 18 coated lead bullets using bullseye.

A small error can result in a dramatic increase in pressure. A Forum dedicated to the sport of Bullseye shooting, Bullseye-L Forum :: Ammunition Discussion. Tried,and jacked my back bad,but was able to ease it down without damaging the scoot. A good load is what works for you.

A flake powder. This is a fast burning powder. Really soft shooting load and very accurate, very happy with this load. It is on the end of the spectrum of 9MM with Titegroup, N320, Cleanshot, Sport Pistol, and others. Here are some of the loads we tried with this powder.. For this reason is why we do not recommend this type of powder, or any faster powder for learning how to reload 9MM. I guess I really found a sweet spot since every load I chornographed today was under 10 standard deviation. thanks Just chronoed some loads through my 9mm. Click on each Powder picture to see detailed explainations, video, load data, shot groupings and more! I'm with you zane.. you can have a 38 super that shoots 1.6 with with soft loads. If all bullet manufacturers use different dimensions for the same weight bullet, how can you use the same OAL? Here’s the components used for the load featured in that article/story: Use load data at your own risk. I am going to try out some 147 Bayou Bullets with 3.2gr of titegroup. We made up a batch of 9mm training ammo using plated bullets. XTP in 9mm. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. This means that the brass can be loaded to +P pressures safely.

It cycles my STI, glock 17,19 my 6" RR m16 in FA, MP5 as well. We tested over 30 powders that can be used for 9MM. My last ride on my Pan head was in '80 when I fell off it while on the freeway. I … Sure it groups 1" or so out of a good gun but you can get 1.5" usually from a accurate lead load in .45acp.

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