Just pull the steel lever to dump out the contents for easy disposal. They are fantastic garden tools for that reason alone. Lawn Mower - A lawn mower is also a bad idea. Acorns can be eaten by squirrels, pigeons, deer, raccoons, and even some types of birds. Is it worth it? But each season, a single oak tree can drop thousands of acorns, littering your yard and ruining your grass. One trick that we read about was to use a rake or leaf blower to clean any leaves or pine needles from the area before you start.


As for brands, some of the brands we like include Garden Weasel and Nut Wizard. It really does work, and you can suck up a lot of acorns! Overall, this route is expensive, but it can save you money down the road if you need the additional attachments.

Easy! It's a great way to pick up acorns if you have spare time. Picks up … You can use it for all kinds of projects around your house, from sweeping gravel off your grass, moving sand, dirt, snow, you name it. The broom is great if you have large piles of acorns. In addition to leaves, some owners have reported that it works great on smaller objects such as acorns too! Just lower the brush height using the adjustment knob and you can pick up objects closer to the ground. This is something you are going to have to experiment with.

All rights reserved. Once the hopper fills up, empty the collected acorns, and you're ready to go again! It's also dangerous if one shoots out the chute and hits something or someone!

If you just let the acorns sit on your lawn (as most people do), they will hurt your grass, pose a choking hazard to small children, and may turn into projectiles if your mower hits one. The Gardenite 63 inch Adjustable Garden Leaf Rake, How To Clean Dog Poop From Grass-The Proper Way. 10601 Theresa Drive, Jacksonville, FL 32246.

You roll the picker upper around your yard and it picks up acorns and other nuts and puts them in a large basket.

If the model of lawn sweeper features a height adjustment knob, then you can lower the height of the brushes and start to pick up more than just leaves. Whether small or large, acorns can become an eyesore in yards, driveways, sidewalks, and patios. If you have a question we haven't answered, then please drop us a line.

I know first hand that cleaning up acorns from your yard can be a long, time consuming task. How to String Trim Grass Around a Chain Link Fence. It can feel like a full-time job if you have the wrong tools. So what's the downside?

It doesn't include the actual motor used to drive the broom. The basket, ejector fingers, and brackets have all been re-engineered for a better Bag-A-Nut, and a better Large Acorn yield. What? So, a lot of you have raked up the acorns from your yard and scooped them into some kind of container to get rid of them. Unfortunately, cleaning up acorns is a pain. Upgraded Gear is supported by its readers. Just pull two of the wires apart and pour the collected nuts into a bucket. This is one of the best ideas I have seen in my 40+ years of yard work. Acorns left on the ground can also pose a threat to pets and children because they are choking hazards and possess toxic tannins. US Only). Period. In fact, many people use shop vacuums to pick up all types of nuts off their lawn! What Doesn't Work Well to Pick Up Acorns. It's so efficient that it can theoretically pick up 50 gallons of acorns in just a few hours! has been successfully added to your Just make sure you have a hose attachment long enough. Well, it's fantastic at sweeping acorns (and just about anything else) into a pile. Here are some of the features that I really like about it. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1 . A power broom is just what the name says. © 2020. It holds a lot of leaves and a crazy amount of nuts. Easy-to-use and lightweight. But unless you're a teenager and have all the energy and time in the world, there are much more efficient ways to clean the nuts off your yard. To create this article, we spent hours researching product data and user reviews for different acorn picker uppers. See more about assembly, care & use, shipping and warranty information on our Support Page.International inquiries: contact Brent Frantz at brent@baganut.com. You might also be able to hook it up to a golf cart if you have enough power. Like the Garden Weasel, the Turbine Industries Rolling … You can even sit down and do this. or

What in the world is a paddle broom? How Long Can I Keep Grass Seed and Does It Ever Expire? Well, the most popular method to clean up acorns in your yard is …

Need help deciding between the LARGE and the SMALL Acorn Harvester?

This is our top pick for the best yard vacuum for acorns. Vacuuming up your acorns from your lawn is a great way to save on the joints. Here is a video of the picker upper in use along with other products from Baganut. The Bag-A-Nut company has been around for years and is family-owned and operated. If you have a LOT of acorns, then yes. Usually, the impellers in these machines are plastic and are easily ruined by the hard shells of a nut. But is the premium price worth it?

As the cage rolls over an acorn, the wires separate, and the acorn pops inside. Brilliant. Easy to store when adjusted down to 7 inches. The Garden Weasel is easy to use and very effective at cleaning up small nuts on the grass. Last but not least is a shop vacuum. The Agri-Fab 45-0218 is made in the USA and comes with a 3-year warranty. Well, today I am going to give you some other options to raking up acorns. Powered by ThemeRuby, Our website uses cookies to improve your experience. Well, there are my best ways to clean up acorns. Additional features include flat-free tires, an easy empty hopper bag, and a 4.5:1 gear ratio making it easy to push across your lawn. Finally, put on some headphones, listen to the game, and pull it across your yard! Effort Have you got the time and energy to clear a large space with a manual rake; Budget There is a huge difference in prices of equipment, from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars If you have a serious acorn problem, then the Bag-A-Nut roller is the best acorn picker-upper for your needs. . Just pull two of the wires apart and pour the collected nuts into a bucket. Here are some of the best nut gathering tools to quickly and easily pick up acorns from your yard. It's an ingenious idea and a great solution to an acorn problem. The next type of acorn picker-upper is a lawn sweeper. It's easy to use and very effective at cleaning up small nuts on the grass.

Wait. But to keep your lawn healthy, it's important to deal with the mess. As a lot of you know first hand, you really need a rake that is not flimsy at the end. The first is the price. Yard size Consider buying a powered machine instead of hand rakes or scoops if you have a large space, a hand acorn rake is ideal for a smaller area. (Valid Cont. Well, the most popular method to clean up acorns in your yard is by raking. So you'll need a couple of passes on a patch of grass before it's acorn free.

You can find different widths of sweepers, but 26-inches is the most common. Bag-A-Nut, LLC. A shop vac can suck up many types of objects, and with the right sized nozzle, it can even suck up acorns and small nuts on your lawn. Leaf Vacuum - Using a leaf vacuum on a blower to suck up acorns is also not a good idea. Although acorns provide food for squirrels, birds and deer, sometimes even they can’t keep up with the amount of acorns in your yard. The Agri-Fab 26" lawn sweeper is a great leaf collector and it also works well at picking up acorns, according to several reviews. That is one way to pick up acorns from your yard. Imagine a shaft that connects to a roller which has evenly spaced rubber fins over its surface.

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