According to Valerian in Watchers of the Throne, those were staggering losses and a reminder that Custodes were far from invincible as a defensive force. along with details of their defence of Terra including an overview of the palace itself, Rise of the Primarch: an overview of the Gathering Storm, a series of events that saw the Ultramarines Primarch Roboute Guilliman restored to glory and the Adeptus Custodes being sent to aid the Indomitus Crusade, A Host of Heroes: the composition of the Adeptus Custodes, and the manner in which they organise themselves for war – far more loosely than other Imperial organisations, but easily as effective, Uniforms and Heraldry: examples for 5 shield companies – the Shadowkeepers, the Aquilan Shield, the Dread Host, the Solar Watch and the Emissaries Imperatus, The Solar Fastness: while once the invasion of Terra was unthinkable, since the Great Rift things have changed. Small detachments of Custodians were tasked to. Very likely, in fact, the Legio Custodes probably knows more about the Legions than the Legions may think, while only a few Astartes have fought alongside Custodians, let alone against them. The Custodians are warriors unmatched in the galaxy, genetically-engineered by the Emperor himself. Too many. Unlike Space Marines, prospective Custodians are selected in infancy, long before they have any ability to prove themselves as Space Marine aspirants might be able to. It, thousand greenskins died and the Waaaggh! ensure the safety of the Emperor at all times. We were the ones in whom He confided. Custodians are unique as they have neither a Primarch nor do they use gene-seed to produce their genetic modifications. The book is not all about Custodians being uber-powerful killing machines, however, as it evokes how they spent the last ten millennia cultivating their skills as theologians (unlike atheists crowd leaders, which actually tickles the age-old fan idea that the Emperor might not have been a real atheist), historians and philosophers, so they can decipher the Emprah's plan for Mankind before everything was screwed by Horus. Black leather isn't used in any official color scheme either, but black leather with some grey lines to indicate some light battle damage or wear could work. Now it's up to you to decide whether it makes Custodians cooler and more subtle than before or insufferable Mary Sues, though if Colquan is indicative Custodes can still be absolute golden dickheads in the 41st millennium (Valerian's narration says that not all Custodians get on). Although Rogal Dorn had judged that the Custodes were spent as a fighting force, it can be assumed that the Custodes had recovered enough that, by the 32nd Millennium during the War of the Beast, a Shield Host numbering in the hundreds was on hand to intercept a strike group of Harlequins trying to get into the Imperial Precincts. Perhaps the most notable thing about the Adeptus Custodes is the radically different combat approach between them and the Adeptus Astartes: Custodians are not brothers (though more recent fluff seems to dispute this; in both Watchers of the Throne and The Regent's Shadow, Custodians frequently address each other as brother, and indeed even refer to themselves as such during inner monologs). Then GW's writers finally got off their butts and decided to make some real lore for the Emperor's bodyguards. But we were His companions, once. To this end, the cloth colors in the examples are included in parentheses. Generally their depictions have come in 3 flavours as weaker than Astartes, superior warriors but worse soldiers or flat-out superior to the Astartes, mostly because for the longest time the writers couldn't get their shit together on what to go with. that now extend beyond those of guarding the Emperor’s person. They'd be all for joining in. (A role that a Space Marine would never be expected to fulfill.) How effective Custodes are, especially in relation to Space Marines has varied. This section describes the Adeptus Custodes’ defence of the Sol System, The Tale of Ten Thousand: a timeline of major events in the Adeptus Custodes’ history, Background and details on each character and unit available to an Adeptus Custodes army. It may accidentally end in terminal damage. At the moment, the absence of Chapter Tactics-equivalents, alongside a generic version of this list in Kill Team, suggests the latter. There have only ever been a. thousand Custodians seen at any one time. You'll also see a World Eater was able to kill a Custodes by punching through his armour while being unarmed and unarmored (considering an Astartes cannot punch through power armour this is Goto levels of stupidity). Of course, we were taught to fight. The High Lords of Terra brought up the subject of abolishing this decree numerous times, but the issue was always stopped by deadlock until Roboute Guilliman returned and finally realized how stupid his decree was, asking the Custodes to head out into the galaxy rather than sitting at home, being glorified tourist traps (but not before getting daddy's permission first). Some events indicate this is an incorrect assumption from the Astartes, as Custodians fight as an organized force in the webway and on Prospero and a Custodes called Aquillon also fought in perfect lockstep with Argel-Tal showing they are capable of fighting alongside others. It is said that, barring rare circumstances, your bog-standard shield company will include no more than a single Shield-Captain, and maybe thirty to forty Custodians. These are the example Adeptus Custodes Groups mentioned in the 8E codex, alongside their color schemes. Valerian, one of the narrators of Watchers of the Throne, is a Shield-Captain, though it's noted that he's a somewhat unusual one, as he is more of a Philosopher than a warrior. Each Custodian is sublimely skilled, their talents and abilities to the Space Marines what those transhuman warriors are to unaugmented Imperial soldiery. From these new bases the, During the Great Crusade, the Custodes always kept a contingent with, speculative. An Adeptus Custodes force -- known as a Shield Company or Shield Host if it's big enough -- will have a given color to the auramite bits (the armor), the auramite trim and other embellishments on top of the armour, the leather, and the cloth bits and shoulderpad. It seems the 10,000 have not lost any technology, retaining all their units from 30k in 40k. A Custodes force can be something as generic as "Custodes that defend Terra" to something as specific as "Custodes that hunt Orks to prevent another repeat of The Beast." A little too memetic; in fact Lexicanum and the 40k Wikia had to lock their pages to stop the flood of Jojokes. As penance they stripped off their armor, guarding the Golden Throne wearing naught but their helmets. To them, it must seem as if we were created for destruction and nothing else. It is clear from their Blood Games that Custodians are trained in the arts of assassination -- both improvised and professional -- to counter possible assassination attempts on the Emperor. In Watchers of the Throne, the Custodes are still known as the Ten Thousand and Captain-General Trajann Valoris clearly states that their forces are only slightly below this number. Few Captain-Generals have taken this option over the centuries (not surprisingly, politics being messy as it is), but when they do they have had profound effect on Imperial politics -- see how Trajann Valoris being on the High Twelve was more than enough to quell a brewing coup d'etat against Roboute Gulliman. One example is given in the 8E codex, where a Custodes named Heraclast Vadrian finally realizes the AdMech being too stupid to maintain / fix the Golden Throne is going to fuck the Imperium over in a few centuries' time, so he gathered up some of His Dudes to go out and investigate a lost Forge World that might know how to fix the damned thing. The main difference is that the Custodians are less in, number than the Space Marines. Download . Hence most of the Custodians depicted in the book are rather nice guys to be around - by 40k standards of course - far from the "single-minded autists" stereotype which has recently become abusively prominent after Master of Mankind (bear in mind, the same author gave us Aquillon, who was an alright chap). This plot point was never touched on again but was shown to still be canon in 4th edition. It is noted that each of the Custodes has similar status to the others, but even then they form loose warrior bands called Sodalities -- for example, the sodality that Valerian roped in for the Battle of Vorlese was the Palaitologian Chamber. Added to the fact that the admittedly very old pictures of Custodians show them not even bothering to wear their armour any more indicates that they don't have very much to do these days. Dembski-Bowden was tasked with really defining the Custodes on a detailed level and the HH campaign books (being proper lore guides like Imperial Armour) take precedence over any codex or novel (excusing the aforementioned HH41). On a side note, it is not wise to ask a Custodes to take a photo op for bragging rights especially when he's in a battlefield busy using his Guardian Spear. While Space Marines are trained to support their battle-brothers in combat, each Custodian fights by himself, never intending to receive support from their fellow Custodians, though they can work together if needed. The Tribunate is composed of ten Custodians who formulate policy and advise the Captain-General, but unlike the Tribunes of old the members do not serve in combat, and must serve on the Tribunate for at least ten years. Imperial Guard? Type: PDF Date: November 2019 Size: 47.5MB Author: d-fbuser-248190106 This document was uploaded by user and they confirmed that they have the permission to share it. Custodes could team up with one another using their block rule to practically guarantee that whatever attacks did hit would be nullified, and there were no restrictions on it. Custodians also have a variety of gems, all of which are the same color across a given army. When they're portrayed as weaker than Astartes you get events where a Harlequin troupe (mainly the Shadowseer and Death Jester) were able to slay dozens deep in the Imperial Palace itself in a fight that included the Captain-General.

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