Students without a value in the Birth Date field would generate an error, fixed. Added a filter for limited to just Males or Females. is now set to the Rubric Score of the selected Narrative Mark instead of 0. Previous Article: Gradebook - Scores by Assignment, Next Article: Gradebook Backup and Restore. New table for Data Validation Definitions (DVD) for future use. Fixed. Added new Weekly Instruction Minutes (IMC) table. Added new Rollover Option fields to define "Under what age" students should continue being rolled forward (ROL.UWA) and to allow users to Copy Custom SQL Modules (ROL.CCS). Added fields to the Attendance History Codes table for: Temporarily Not Enrolled (AHC.NE), and Independent Study (AHC.IS). Added an Endorsement Opt-out (EOO) flag to the Students (STU) table for future use with Graduation Endorsements. SSB is a new table to store backups of the SSS table created by Also, for districts using Loop, groups can now be Assignment Comments could not be edited, fixed. The ability to click on a student's photo and display it larger in a new window has also been added. Increased size of Reason (RS) field in the Activities (ACT) table for use in Texas. If a student had a Low Assignment that was higher than the highest assignment in the gradebook, an error was being generated, fixed. Not for general use. Used to track student enrollment outside of your district, Stores courses taken outside the normal grade range that could be in a student’s Course History and should be counted as a regular course, Used by reports and Forms – School wide options which ADD to Variables. Added table to DstModel to allow caching of standards by AdminCS and DST. Added an Include for Extracurricular Activity Eligibility (EE) field to the Courses (CRS) table for UIL Eligibility in Texas. Updated Course Career Pathways table for use in Aeries Web. Stores Career Pathways History for each student. Teacher Portal Gradebook Page 3 The 2014-15 Gradebook replaces Silverlight and is built around HTML 5. Loop teacher walkthrough Please contact for more information about pricing and implementation steps for this system. Added 8 new fields to the Student Course Requests table (SSS) from the Summer School Requests (SSR) table. In Aeries for Access, the following Aeries Query can be used: TOTAL PWS AID BY AID. It is used to store a copy of incoming CST data before it's imported. Contains details of Intervention Actions taken. Added Ineligibility Effective Date (DI) and Eligibility Reevaluation Date (RD) fields to the Extracurricular Activities (ECA) table for use in Texas on the new UIL Eligibility page.

Supplemental Attendance now has the ability to "Check-Out" students by typing or scanning their student number or ID. These fields are for use in Texas. New OAuth table (OAT) for use with Aeries Web.

Updated Attendance Leave Reason codes (ATT.RS) with inactive tags so they no longer display in dropdown lists. It defaults to 4 digits, but can be changed to 1, 2, 3, or 4. The permissions defined for Counselor-style accounts were not being honored by the last version of ABI, fixed. Standards Based Valid Marks (SBV) - added fields for Default Gradebook Scale Scores in Web to be used by teachers when loading the Gradebook Grades into Standards Based Grade Reporting. Added field to the Summer School Course Requests table for Reject Tag (SSR.RT). Contains Portal Account Options for use with Google Classrooms. Added 49 fields for use with CAASPP 2015. Added new fields to the Class Calendar Date (CCD) table, In Person (IP), Remote Synchronous (RS) and Remote Asynchronous (RA), to indicate Instructional Delivery Methods. Added Population Served (PSV), Class Type (CTY), and Monthly Minutes (MMN) to the Master Schedule (MST), Scheduling Master (SMS), and Scheduling Backup (SMB) tables for future use. •   Records Transfer - Transcripts can now be This resulted in errors when the events were attempted to be displayed.

Added Cascade Update and Cascade Delete on relationship between CTE and IDN. When the option to hide STU.CU values from parents was enabled, it was still displaying in the Email List, fixed. Added three more sets of fields: CD6-CD9, DE6-DE9, and CL6-CL9 to the District Analysis Levels (DAL) table. Turning on this option will enable a "Multi Data Profile" link on the Resources --> Reports page. State Test Settings (STS.CD) codes - modified descriptions for: "Noise Buffers [NEA_NoiseBuf]", "Passages [TDS_TTS_Stim]", "Items (ELA) [TDS_TTS_Item]", and "Stimuli and Items (Math) [TDS_TTS_Stim&TDS_TTS_Item]". It is very important for Aeries System Administrators to configure the proper SQL security permissions now so that no issues are encountered when these tables start to be used. Incoming Courses can be matched to local Added a field to the Intervention Stakeholders table for Email Address (EM). The system now supports linking PE Teachers with courses that are flagged using the "PE Indicator" field: CRS.PE. Added Not Taught field to the Standards Based Valid Marks table.

New Active Scheduling Wait List (AWL) table. Also, increasing the size of CCE, CCM, CCS, CCH, CCL, CCW, CCO fields from 3 to 4 characters. This change was necessary to size the reports to be like they were with the old font of "Time New Roman.". The User Code fields will now display the custom caption defined for these fields in Aeries. This table will be used by the new Gradebook in development. Redesigning the Document Confirmation Log (DCL) table.

Added Facility Name (FNM), Placement Start Date (SD), Confidential Placement (CP), Address (AD), and City (CY) to the Foster Student Placements (FSP) table. Added Medication given At Home (HM) field to the Medications table. Gradebook Reports were still having issues printing page breaks in IE 7. The Print Gradebook Student Scores report now has an option to "Show Completion Checks Instead of Scores" that will hide the actual score a student received on an assignment and print only a Check or nothing for a student to indicate if the assignment was completed and scored. Also, when using the Incoming Requests page to send Increased the "CPA" (California Partnership Academy) field to 5 characters. Added the capability to delete students from certain accounts. New table for Service Learning Log - only. Increased ID field to fit new "ReadiStep" import. Added fields to the College Entrance Requirement table for UC Credits Planned (CER.UP) and CSU Credits Planned (CER.CP). This will resolve certain errors when attempting to send multiple emails simultaneously. Stores Prior Interventions for each Referral for Intervention. UGN: User and Group Names: Aeries Web security table to store information about Users and Groups. New Adult Education Data (AED) table for use with the new Adult Education page. It is used to store a copy of incoming CHI data before it's imported. The process for restoring a gradebook now asks the user to select a gradebook to restore from when restoring to a new gradebook instead of automatically defaulting to the first one. Also increased the Basis (BS) and Document Number (DN) fields for future use. 504 Accommodation Plans table now includes fields for Responsible Role, Frequency, and Accommodation Code. Aeries Web Only. Type the code description. This feature is only available to AeriesCS and districts. Increased the description fields (DE and DE1) in the Cross Reference (XRF) table to allow longer text (varchar(max)). Click on the Save icon when completed. The GBK.SD field has been increased to 20 characters to match the STN table which was changed previously.

Assignments of individual students can now be flagged with a new "Status" value. This new report for elementary standards-based gradebooks displays all of a teacher's students and all of their standard gradebooks on a single report. Note: This can be used if you already have pulled a list of students for a gradebook and want to refresh a specific student's information.

As the scores are entered the percentage of the grade is calculated. Increased size Student Scheduling Schedules Backup Reject Tag to 2 characters (SSB.RT). Added a new Special Education ID Number field to the Special Education table (CSE.SEI). Added new Scheduling Run Results (SRR) table for use with the new Find Best Period process on the SMS Board in Aeries Web.

Field was only available for Texas and deemed unnecessary. Increased Language Fluency from 1 character to 4 characters.

New Cal Grant GPA field for use with new Cal Grant GPA page. Absence Codes table now includes fields for Temporarily Not-Enrolled and Independent Study. Standards Based Grades - The Load Grades Also, these options can now be checked/unchecked independently. Additional Assignment Status codes have been added to the Gradebook for: "Absent - No Make Up" and "Absent - Able to Make Up". Added new Section (SE) field to the Attendance Notes (ATN) table for use with Flex Scheduling. Profiles using record filtering were not working in all situations, fixed. Contains postsecondary survey results from students 6-12 months after their High School Completion, Defines the Payment Schedules available for Billing. VO2Max is no longer calculated for Mile Run times greater than 13 minutes. Added scale scores for the 2014-2015 CELDT Test Results. History of Grades given to a student, including those from other schools – Transcript Data, Contains history of details of Hearing Tests, Contains records of Healthy Start Program Services Rendered, Contains history of details of Height and Weight of Student. Contains information about all the lockers in the school, Utilized through Teacher Portal to report the daily lunch count to the office, Stores the URLs for the Online Resource Center. Terms" and available "Summer School Courses" in the current, © Aeries Software 1995-2020. New Legal Student Information (LSI) table for future use. Added fields to allow Multifactor Authentication - Admin users may now enable multifactor authentication for admins, teachers, or office staff. The following page will display for the selected student. in the term headings. There is now a new option to allow teachers to view the Elementary Transcripts of their students. Changed STN.CA to be 20 characters. Added Bilingual Program Type (BP) and ESL Program Type (EP) fields to the Attendance Reporting Summary (ARS) table for use in Texas. Additional High School Statuses of "Passed (Override)", "Waiver", "Pending Approval", and "Requirement Met" are now highlighted. Logs the Letter Type, Student, Date and User who created Letters. Added Received Industry Certificate (RC) to the Secondary Student Data (SSD) table for future use. Redesigned the Primary Key of the Attendance History Summary (AHS) table to include a new Home School (HS) column. This integrates with the new Supplemental Attendance system in Aeries. Once this information is defined for each Summer School This is a records transfer holding table. Changed STN.TI to indicate that it should be varchar(6000). After this setting is defined for a school, student adds and drops from a class will display to the teacher for the specified number of days.

There was a prior limit of adding 200 email addresses at a single time, this limit has been increased to 500. Note - these fields prevented the record from being saved in when data exceeded the defined number of characters, fixed! Added an Old ID# field to the Students table. Added new Gifted/Talented (GT) and Average Daily Attendance (ADA) fields to the Attendance Reporting Summary (ARS) table for use in Texas. When a group was given permissions to Delete certain records like medical information, the Delete function was not working for SQL districts using Perm-ID Based tables, fixed.
Added the following fields to Instructional Settings History (CSH): ECSE Serv Location (FP), and District of Service (DS). New Table for Gradebook Standard Scores. Tables affected include: SSA, SSC, SSR, and SST. Added new CSE.TR8 value for use with Special Education Data. Define sections of an exam, exam section can be tied to test part, Aeries Web Only.

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