I do know on one mission (possibly Apollo 11) the LM crews reported the cabin was uncomfortably cool for sleeping in but this was not noticeable when they were active. [46] Due to Lin Lie's skill with solving puzzles, the group eventually finds an imprisoned Ismenios within a Madriporrian temple and Ares is reunited with his son.

You can calculate Delta V on internet yourself.

An astronaut consumes approximately 0.8 kg (560 l) of oxygen per day. It would bring me no joy to learn that my country lied to me. Firstly, is this correct? Nonsense! Hearing them discussing how to get a realistic shot as the cabin lighting is restored to show they were actually shooting the shot from 6 or 7 feet away from the window as they removed the transparency film from the window along with the curved black material they used to fix unacceptable parallax egg shape error caused by the thickness of the window from top to its bottom while shooting from a distance on an angle. That’s only 90 seconds of full thrust equivalent. yes it has, thanks for the info+links and the swift reply. So that's the introduction out of the way, now on with the Universe! But want to observation on few basic things, The web site

Fascinating article, I love anything space-related and have always had a soft spot for the lunar module, since seeing Apollo 13 and how it was used as a lifeboat. Exhaust gases from the vehicle’s engines and jets could disturb this foil and occasionally rip it to tatters, damage which is clearly visible in some images.

How could any significant amount of heat be rejected from the system? I have a 300x telescope that I honestly believe would give resolutions equal to or better than the LRO pics at the stated distance from the lunar surface. The Lunar Module carried 8212 kg of propellant to land on the Moon while its Ascent Stage carried 2639 kg of propellant to take it back into lunar orbit. As his left foot touched the lunar surface, he declared the famous words, “That’s […], […] been another mission to low Earth orbit with its main goal to be testing of the Lunar Module. Have a look at the question by Michail posted on 28 July 2016 and my response on the same day, do these cover your question?

Agreed, but many situations are intrinsically complex. The moon rotates sound the earth every 29.5 earth days. It was the only option for this project as this would have been a much larger scale expedition than any Apollo mission but the whole project was cancelled before it went anywhere. The same question has been asked before so I am adapting my previous answers. He is an aficionado, expert, and collector of the most unusual instruments and methods of death dealing, as well as being well-versed in torture, interrogation, and combat tactics. by the way isp is “Specific impulse” which is a measurement unit about how effectively an engine burns the fuel .You can check it on wikipedia and find isp’s of different engines on nasa’s website.

Turning to the video, I think you are misinterpreting the dialogue. The latter option is completely feasible but needs a considerable amount of propellant carried to the Moon. Hoping that this would allow him to join his kind in Olympus, Ares was disappointed to hear his parents and the other gods disparage his "crude" and "dishonorable" nature. To save weight four legs were eventually used.

To suggest that either one of these fine people would have been party to a hoax is vile and repugnant. In July 1962 NASA requested LEM design concepts from the US aerospace industry, then at the height of its post-WW2 powers.

This called for the Moon mission to be launched into Earth orbit by two or more boosters. Looking more closely, every second the motor operates, a relatively small mass of gas is emitted at high speed out of the motor as the exhaust.

No matter what any skeptics said, I was a firm believer in the moon missions and could never see myself questioning the official history of it. Remember too that the crew were in the shielded Command Module not the LM as they passed through the van Allen Belts. So the Americans could at least put animals (humans too?) hope you don’t mind me taking advantage of the fact you seem to be addressing all questions no matter how absurd…, couple of ‘bones of contention’ which I didn’t see addressed yet. 3.7) -1] * 4.7 = t 2.7 t required”. If you read van Braun in the 1950’s he predicted three ships, and each of them much larger than Sat. I would like to take a moment to state that not everyone who believes it was a hoax is an idiot. There are footprints in the soft dust right beside the rocket. Any information would be gratefully received. With that said, enter the light and educate yourself. Even now, it's not always guaranteed that you'll see a unique gear piece. 1. I would offer the suggestion that before you offer it for publication elsewhere that you carefully review and check the text for factual and scientific and technical accuracy against numerous reliable sources.

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