, Hopefully soon! The emotions that boil over on Akuru’s end as he looks back on how his thoughts, feelings, and affection remain to this day can look like a double entendre that appears as unbridled loathing on the surface, yet can also take on the form of a strong warmth he keeps in his heart for Yoshiko. [48] Volume 6 placed 24th and sold 52,198 copies over 2 weeks. Not at that age they’re not. Still, this anime's comedy side explores the absurdity and takes a different angle on everything that rarely matches with daily life scenarios. I’m actually kind of devastated that I didn’t see this finale coming. She is basically an idiot and does random dumb things that make her daily life and days filled with dumb, stupidities, madness, and whatnot.

Your email address will not be published. Watch out Akuru, “Aishiteru, A-kun!” might appear in your future diary soon! Here is everything we know about the anime's second installment.

Another important factor to consider is whether there are enough sources, content, and material available to make a brand new season. Even her mother gives up on her as she doesn't understand how her daughter's mind works.

Only one person is up to the task of keeping her insanity in check: childhood friend Akuru “A-kun” Akutsu. Read Aho Girl Manga Online From MangaHelpers: This 4-koma style manga features Yoshiko, a genuinely stupid girl (she can even manage to get all 0's on multiple choice tests.).

I really need to start reading the manga since I adored the anime. "Idiot Girl") is a Japanese four-panel slice-of-life comedy manga series written and illustrated by Hiroyuki. Kyūkyoku Tetsugaku" (踊れ!きゅーきょく哲学) and it is performed by Sumire Uesaka, who also voices the Disciplinary Committee President. Akuru and Yoshiko argue over Dog's name. reptyle101 1 year ago #1. this f***ing ending, my god let's be honest though, this is the most fitting and most deserved finale for this series. Meanwhile, Akuru’s feelings are a lot more complicated. We recently reviewed this article, and it is up to date as of October 6, 2020.

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When they’re old enough, Yoshie’s got a plan though. Unfortunately, no matter how many times he attempts to knock some sense into her, the girl bounces right back to her usual shenanigans, even dragging in some other eccentrics along for the ride.

Yahari Ore no Seishun Rabukome wa Machigatteiru, Itai no wa Iya nano de Bougyoryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu, Nana Maru San Batsu – All the Right Answers. Aside from Akuru, she will also befriend the level headed Sayaka Sumino and a delinquent guy named Ryuichi Kurosaki, who mistakes her for a gang leader.

Which is why her crush and childhood friend, Akuru Akutsu (or "Akkun" as everyone calls him), isn't the only one unwilling to put up with her fallacies. Especially when Akutsu rarely received a beating himself. Diomedéa is producing the anime adaptation, which has the alternative title "Clueless Girl."

However, there is only one person who understands her and keeps her dumbness and insanity under control.

To know or even guess whether the anime will get a second season or not, we will have to consider different important factors, one of which being the commercial value and figures of the franchise.

Or when Public Morales Chairwomen (FYI her name has not been revealed even in the latest manga episode. She hangs out with her studious classmate and neighbor Akuru Akutsu, who is frequently annoyed by her antics and does not hesitate to physically scold Yoshiko. When Yoshiko plays dolls with the playground kids, she turns it into a crazy romance drama. At least it ended on one last Hadouken, Thanks for the correction. A bit awkward to see the manga ending after the adaptation had just finished, but that's just how this story concludes. AHO-GIRL ch 130 *spoilers* (END?)

Aho-Girl (Japanese: アホガール, Hepburn: Aho Gāru, lit. 10 minutes ago | 0 view. He usually wears his school uniform and always has a serious expression. Sayaka has a sleepover at Yoshiko's. Sort by. Covers chapters published in, Chapters 72-85. To watch this anime series and understand it well, one has to look at it by keeping their sense of logic aside, and watch it with an open mind as people looking for logic might find it hard to engage. Yoshiko and Akane spend the night playing games instead of working on their festival project. Kanye West releases video of new Christian academy: 'Jesus loves everyone', Broncos safety Justin Simmons set to bless 31 families this holiday season, Dolphins rookie QB Tua Tagovailoa gets win in first NFL start, 2020 Dove Awards promotes unity, diversity after last year's backlash: 'Lift every voice and sing', Christian coaches John Harbaugh of Ravens, Mike Tomlin of Steelers set to make NFL history.

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