Enter the building.36. 44. I’ve tried different orders putting crimson on left with no success. Famous Pirate Ship Names, Alice Trapped Beyond Wonderland is the latest game by MediaCity Games, the sequel of Alice Trapped in Wonderland. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Also, tap on the 1 near the candle to have it added to your journal. Go back and head inside to the furnace and solve the sliding blocks puzzle. Enter the first cell and tap on the White Rabbit’s clock to see it stopped at 9:55. Been able to go a little past of current walkthrough. Go to Tower of Time. Alice Trapped Beyond Wonderland is the latest game by MediaCity Games, the sequel of Alice Trapped in Wonderland.It turns out you were very close to rescuing your friends in Wonderland, but the Red Queen anticipated your plans and sent them away so you couldn’t find them. Use cork key to unlock the opening mechanism. You have entered an incorrect email address! Go back and exit winter. Go to the cave on your right. $19. Which Of The Following Is Required On Power Driven Vessels Over 9m In Length, 5 out of 5 stars (34) 34 reviews $ 14.00. 23.

Tap on the cage and enter code.

Go back and to the throne. 2131 NW 79TH AVE Go back all the way to the three sets of colored steps and take the left path to the waterfall. Then take the golden key from the pigeon. Take the 38. 13. MediaCity Games There’s a grinder on the window sill. Turn the crank to switch seasons back. Open it to drain some vine (what a waste! Solve the puzzle by connecting pipes in the right order (see the picture below). Go back and left to the train station. Leave the store and proceed to the market. From shop Fayenique. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Sorry!

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, When you are in the castle you are in a dark room and you have to arrange the bricks to come out of the wall I need to see a close up pic the game is called Alice beyond wonderland can you help me please. Gregory Cole Jr, 4x4 Trucks For Sale Craigslist, 18. To the right of the wagon is a building. Now you can switch seasons.

Then tap the crank to make the bucket go down and then back up. Go left and use Jailer’s keys to unlock first locked room on the left. Enter to the red door, Water Mill, Spring Palace and Vine Yard (Zone 3). We’ll come back to this room later. Head through the other door. Take the telescope from inside. Head down the middle path to see two doors. Go back to the house with the fireplace and pour the water on the fire. Cost To Stretch Canvas Michaels, Tap on the stairs to the entrance. Go back to the house.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Go back to the Sun’s Fortress. Go back to the camping site and use ladle to mix resins. Go straight forward to Vine Yard. Alice Trapped Beyond Wonderland By: MediaCity Games. Secret Agent Barbie Steam, 15. Exit Tower of Time location. Take the 41.

The door on the right will be opened. Go through the yellow door for spring. We all don’t like to be frustrated and stuck in the middle of game excitement. Lizzie And Tommy Wedding Peaky Blinders, Go into the side room and use the pry bar to open the oven. Go in.

Only you have the skills to help them in that dangerous place. Lawrence O'donnell Salary, Go back to the well. In first cell I thought.

Go into the winter cave on your left, pick up a knife. Place the shield on the statue to unlock the door on the right. Exit this location.

Exit this location. This novel is broadly in the style of the original, amusing and thought provoking but with a contemporary twist. There’s nothing we can do here right now, so we’ll come back to it. Go through. Solve the puzzle by turning numbers and have an equation that is 11. Head over the bridge to the campfire and take the grappling hook. 3 Layer Handmade Face mask,alice in wonderland, cat, rabbit, pink flamingo,tea cup,free shipping, reusable, washable, with filter pocket Ohminimalstore. To unlock the chest use the following colors (window colors top to bottom): Go to Spring Palace, to the mask room on your left and unlock the chest by moving masks in the right position (see picture below or watch video part 2 at 17:44).

So we’ll come back to it.

Discover & solve the amazing secrets inside the extraordinary Wonderland, Explore this incredible and shocking world while solving the most emblematic puzzles and reveal all the exciting secrets in the best point and click adventure game available for mobile devices. Climb up and pick up a tong by the right lion. Tap on and read the scroll with a clue for lock’s code. 0 0 vote. 50. Take a summer stone from the chest. Talking Mynah Bird For Sale, Go in and tap on the scroll, read it with a clue for the next puzzle. Verification passed. Go back all the way and climb up the vines to the hill. How To Become A Cop In Gta 5 Story Mode,

Use torch to lit the fire and melt the snow inside.

You can go back and take the path to the castle, but we can’t get in yet. Use keys to unlock second locked room, in the font of you. I’ve put it together correctly but the right side of the fountain won’t turn on, HELP SOMEBODY. Enter the cave.50. Then use the tongs to remove the mold. Go back and through the right door this time. Go in the red door.

Alice Beyond Wonderland walkthrough guide is a way to go through the game smoothly and more enjoyable. The story begins in London’s little apartment. 16. Go right to the room with a music box. Looking for the rest of walkthrough. Tap on the newspaper stack to see a 5 next to it and add it to your journal. It was South, North, North, South, North. Tap on the 2 to add another clue to your journal. Turn the crank to switch seasons. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Adventure and Puzzle Games on iPhone and iPad.

Best Free Simulation Games Pc, Go back through the pink door and head down the left path. ‎Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about Alice Trapped in Wonderland. Samsara Game: Chapter 8 Walkthrough Guide and Solutions, Gone Home: iOS Walkthrough Guide, Tips and Tricks, ‘A Monster’s Expedition’ Review: See the Forest for the Trees. Go back and right to Spring Palace. Father Of The Bride 2 Google Drive, Put coins in the jar and take plate with bird seeds. Take the coins. Head back to the roof.

Go back and straight.

Take shears on the right and go back. I am playing the game of Alice beyond wonderland game and I need to see a piece of the level were you go through the castle and it shows you the bricks that come out of the wall and need to see pic of the part were the masks are on the wall. United StatesCookies help us deliver our services. Put seed on the bird’s feeder on the right of the cage. Take the 48. By clicking on the cubes and turning them around, put them in the right positions (watch video part 1 below at 20:53).

Alice Beyond Wonderland Mask Puzzle Solution The Crimson face, nose and hair to the left The sad face to the left in front of clean face Mo mask of the same materials togheter ... PC-MAC How to open the reed queen castle gate in the no multitouch version of Alice Trapped in Wonderland. Take shield mold out from the furnace by using tong. Alice Trapped Beyond Wonderland Notify of {} [+] {} [+] This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Place the lever in the slit and push it down. 19.

The clue isn’t helpful, though, because the lion heads are all the same. Primal Force Reviews, Take it back as a rusted key. Take it. The key goes in the lock. Go back to the spring land and head to the castle. This is part 2 of my walkthrough for the iOS and Android game Alice Trapped in Wonderland by MediaCity Games. 46. The water will bring up a cork key that will be used to unlock the Spring Palace entrance’s mechanism. It will let water run on the right side of the fountain. 28. Go back and use a shovel to dig out a gold shard in front of water place at the left of Sun’s fortress entrance ( watch video Part 2 at 7:37). Place the 11 piece in the center of the lock. Go to Tower of time’s throne and place a autumn stone on the scepter. Tap on the left, to the camping site. See the moss-covered rock with a slit in it? Turn the crank to switch seasons. Enter to the yellow door,  Sun Fortress and Camping site (Zone 4). This is the order: Upper Middle, Lower Right, Upper Right, Lower Left, Lower Middle, Upper Left. Exit Sun’s Fortress. There’s a board nailed down that we’ll come back to later. Go inside and right. Take the rusted key back. Take the ladder up and take the Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Go left to the spring palace and right to the statue with the shield bottom. Discover and solve the extraordinary mysteries from the magical kingdoms beyond the incredible Wonderland, Find where the evil red queen banished your friends, gather clues about their whereabouts, and solve multiple puzzles … Walkthrough: 1.

Enter the brown door, Wonderland express, Train Station (Zone 2) and Tower of Time (Zone 6). The Boy Who Talked To Badgers, Use the shears to cut through the leaves and then take the wagon key. Click on the number “1” to make a note of it. Exit Sun’s Fortress location. Then take the boat to the castle.You can also watch my video walkthrough for this section here:45.

Installs. Take the 32. Use the following order to adjust the temperature by turning the red valves on the left and the right: Enter the yellow door.

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