For example, instead of “Learn How Professional Chefs Cook Squash”, try “Cook Squash Like The Pros.”. Overall they are having publishers and advertisers from all over the world, and if you want to participate they mainly require a majority of their local based traffics. Hans

, Thanks for clearing about the usage Generic keywords.

Thanks for the comment, David.

Post Penguin/Panda, I have had internal pages drop like a stone because the -- internal -- links to them were over-optimised.So in my opinion, the answer is, sadly, yes.


No doubt, this one is another well-known marketplace in this Affiliate Marketing Industry. :)

. Why? So you'll have an article about SEO and in the first paragraph is a sly link to the homepage with the anchor text "SEO" - it's misleading because the link serves no purpose beyond SEO - your homepage isn't a page dedicated to the be-all-and-end-all of the topic of SEO, so don't do it.

Love that example of link spam from Matt Cutts.

Very insightful post,  It's true the C-suite will probably continue to request ranking reports, and the like -- this is where it becomes important for SEO to educate. If the landing is a dud, every time you present another opportunity to leave the page, your user may not trust that you are not wasting their valuable time. And here with the help of their tracking platforms, you will be able to see all the insights like the number of sales, clicks along which items you have sold. I really think it's time to stop nitpicking Google's algorithm.

A short list of things people might be doing instead of clicking: Writing “click here” not only ignores those other modes of navigation, but implies that other modes are not supported. From experience from reading all these SEO articles, I find linking very long tail keywords work too.

That might not be a bad choice in some contexts, but here it fails to answer the fundamental question of where the link leads. I'd hope that Google doesn't penalize my internal links for accurately describing the destination page.

Phew... That'll do for now. I like the idea of linking to the about me page. while building links to make a natural link profile. Monitor your SEO performance and get insights to increase organic traffic. 2 in a row Cyrus, you've smashed it here.It always amused/puzzled me that, in the wake of Penguin, people were proclaiming that we should use more "natural" anchor texts, of which "click here" was often included. Of course, it's a spammy hack, so there's a pretty good chance Google will update or add an algorithm to catch that type of stuff in the future.


Somehow if you are looking to promote digital products, i would like to suggest this amazing affiliate network JVZoo.

URL links don't always include the full address: Although they don't pass few relevancy signals, URL links do offer marginally more value than generic anchors, so are offered here as a measure of last resort. If you’ve listened to much of my training, when it comes to showing you how to find affiliate products to promote quite often I personally refer to the Clickbank Marketplace. Another plus point is that Peerfly is having weekly payment feature and there you will be getting paid every week. Here the thing is that rather than promoting physical and digital products, you will earning commission here simply by the actions form your leads. It really doesn’t matter in which industry you are here you can promote almost everything that you can find on Amazon.

edited 2013-02-12T07:10:20-08:00, steviephil

So why aren't SEOs rushing to build more nofollow links? Righ,t when the traffic you send to an offer takes action like the subscription or the filling the form and submitting and with that you will be earning good amount of commission. Like if you have already created an affiliate account with them, here you will have to apply again when you will be promoting any certain brand or product. Well said, Salik. Great examples about using a variety of anchors or phases with generic keyword links.

Tips And Advice For Mobile Marketing Beginners.

Snippet, I feel your frustration. That’s right.

the Video”, “Read More”, “Company Name” etc can help great to protect a website

Leave SEO to content creators who understand how to create value for their visitors. When this link is taken out of the sentence’s context (for example, in lists of links read by screen readers), it doesn’t provide sufficient information to guide the reader. Brilliant! We try to err on the side of being generous (while removing links), but I still ban several accounts each day.The best way to alert us that something is amiss is to give a thumbs down to a comment.

Thanks for the insights! 1 According to my research, here is the list of the best & cheapest alternatives to GoPro action cameras in 2021: ; 2 What is the best alternative to GoPro? but also never been through a site which being penalized for not using generic keywords. Some, especially the non-seeing, who visit your website, may have no idea where "here" is. concept of anchor text. And they have some great offers from many big companies. In the example below, the call to action is clearly labeled.

Can't imagine to see the title of the post again in read more link. Thanks

agree that by using too much generic links you are wasting your link building

I think that's a mistake, though.

Here the only drawback of JVZoo is that some of their products are not having good quality and it may really create bad impact if you promote bad quality products on your website. Only those websites will not be penalized by search engine which are fulfilling people's need and people click on them naturally.

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