"From the initial stages of designing you have made it easy for any changes we wanted to make, without major cost over-runs. This boat is also over 50mm wider internally meaning more room for you your passengers and gear.

If the STEEL OR ALUMINUM PLANS & CUTTING FILES is cut from plates that are too small; A width of say 1200 mm / 4 ft is considered too narrow and for best results the plates should be at least 1.8 m / 6ft wide. We find that nearly all of our customers are interested in at least some changes to existing design kits- whether it be changing a console, revising gunnels, changing between welded flanges and formed flanges, or more major changes. Welding shops can expand their business / Boatbuilders can add new products. Don't be left behind, experience the thrill of venturing into the unknown, charging rapids or fishing in tranquility with our mini jet boat kits. "The boat is a rock star!- Our "A" boat. 2010 riverman 18 aluminum river boat this is a custom 2010 riverman 18 aluminum boat, she would make a great work boat, duck boat, river boat or crab hauling boat! For multiple builds by the same customer we generally offer each subsequent hull license for a nominal 10 to 20% of the initial cost. Our early designs were developed in a combination of ProSurf and AutoCad and were set up for hand cutting all parts from provided dimensions. Speed (est. Perfect for the  DIY ' er, JETSTREAM mini jet boat kits eliminate the cost and hassle of expensive plans and necessary machinery for the ultimate home built aluminum mini jet boat. Existing or custom kits developed for specific applications and builders- professional, commercial and recreational.

Prokit 550 pontoon boat construction video,

The developer of MotoJet, Doug Riddle, former owner of Weldcraft and Riddle Marine, has been in the boat manufacturing industry since 1978. The JT460 is a great family/adventure boat with plenty of room. Max Persons - 5 (Category C) you with a modern, well designed boat with exceptional finish. Jettec can help you through any stage of your new boat from bare hull to turnkey, fitting jet units, engines, steering, advise, MotoJet was created to provide a new experience in jet boating - to explore and navigate smaller rivers and streams that have not been accessible. Light Ship) - 30 Knots See our Licensing Page for details, or feel free to contact us to discuss becoming a Partner. Pop in that ski pole for those fun days out on the lake, pack in the BBQ and cruise up the river, The JT460 can do it all! JETSTREAM mini jet boats is the difference between looking at a picture and being IN the picture. the boat has an older johnson 90 hp jet drive that runs great, this boat runs is less than 6" of water.

While most kit sellers have a take-it-or-leave-it approach, we are more inclined to tweak our designs to suit both the mission and the preferences of  the owner. In addition to pure design work, we have spent most of these years embedded within boat building companies providing sales work, project management, shop supervision, and even rigging labor. Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on new kits, custom designs, and to find out what's on the drawing boards. Cargo - 1000 Kg. Twin 150HP - 32 Knots Aluminum Build Kits & Parts z All Aluminum Build Kits & Parts Accessories Aluminum Battery Management Boat Outfitting Deck Hardware Deck Plates Decking Engine Accessories Engine Mounts Flooring Hatches Latches Lids Marine Hardware New Rod & Reel Storage Sale Smoker Craft Smokercraft TBN Tracker Trolling Motor Accessories Trolling Motors USA Deadrise - 18 deg.

"YES! Lewiston, Idaho, USA. These hulls handle very well with a finer entry on the hull sheets up front makes them smooth dry and fun to drive. Jettec can help you through any stage of your new boat from bare hull to turnkey, fitting jet units, engines, steering, advise, parts Many people have been asking why we do not offer plans and the answer is simple:  We order bulk quantities of aluminum and cut out bulk pieces, reducing the cost and passing the savings onto YOU! ", Our Design packages include a single use of the NC cutting files, construction drawings, stock lists, parts lists and often a review of the weights and trim for the intended outfitting and application.

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