The Sacramento Kings are nearing a deal to hire Alvin Gentry as lead assistant, according to Marc Stein. I think the writing is on the wall. Any thoughts …. By Fans, For Fans. Checkmate. The Kings sharpshooter has continued to stir the pot, recently liking several Philadelphia 76ers posts, while reportedly refusing to answer Luke Walton's phone calls as well. Second, I would like to know how the Kings can afford, what I would assume, the pricy salary of Gentry as lead assistant. The one with the most power is the Alpha Dog. Gentry, 63, led the Pelicans to a 48-34 regular season and a sixth seed in the Western Conference before a 4-0 series victory over Portland in the first round of the playoffs. The third-year coach will receive a raise on his 2018-19 salary, a guaranteed deal for 2019-20 and a 2020-21 salary will be based on performance, according to a report by ESPN. "Since day one, they have treated me like family and have provided us with the necessary resources to compete at the highest level. We’re stuck with Luke, with Gentry as lead assistant for the next couple years. I am really at wits end at how he keeps on getting gigs.

Gentry will receive a raise on his 2018-19 salary, a guaranteed contract for 2019-20 and a 2020-21 contract that will be performance-based, league sources told ESPN. The second point is why? Gentry took the job in New Orleans prior to the 2015-16 season and his first two years were filled with a vast number of injuries to his top players, leading to back-to-back losing seasons. I would really dislike it if this was “lighting a fire” under Walton. Gentry has spent a good part of his career as a HC. ), I’m going to say that he will NOT be the HC next year… and that Monte has a better plan than that. For the Pelicans, Gentry's extension offers some organizational stability surrounding superstar Anthony Davis and All-NBA defensive guard Jrue Holiday. Great photo Greg.

Just check out his sterling record of consistent losing with the Clips, Suns, Detroit, and most recently the Pels.

I just don’t think hiring Gentry specifically means much. This is fine, whatever. Does this mean Walton is safe for the entire duration of his contract? We’ll watch for an official announcement tonight or tomorrow. Gentry, 63, is coming off his best season in New Orleans after leading the Pelicans to a 48-34 record and advancing to the Western Conference semifinals as a No. Gentry will take over for the remainder of the season. That’s interesting.

But who wants to pay two coaches? One of those two feelings will emerge at some point down the road. (still workshopping this), it’s opposite day so downvotes are actually upvotes FYI. There is very little negative to this hire, assumptions be damned.

Gentry will get a 3 year extension.

I guess I never totally understood that. One would hope the fact that Gentry took the job is an indication that this isn’t a similar ploy to replace Walton midseason. The Kings are closing in on the hiring of former Pelicans coach Alvin Gentry to join Luke Walton's staff in Sacramento as associate head coach, league sources say, — Marc Stein (@TheSteinLine) October 6, 2020. He was a brilliant offensive mind who promoted team cohesion and got the most out of his players.

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