Super 17 states that he is twice as strong as Android 17 was, and earlier on Dr. Myuu notes that Super 17 is twice as strong as Android 17 in the English dub. After defeating him and the other villains they must return to King Yemma who thanks them for their assistance. If Super 17 is pinned down, Android 18 is able to escape from him, revering him to base form. Drastic speed decrease. This leaves out the street's worth of humans, including Krillin, who Hell Fighter 17 does indirectly cause the original Android 17 to kill before the merger. However, upon having Android 18 integrated into him, Super 17 is shown to be able to overwhelm both Goku and Vegeta, to the extent that Gohan has to take on his own Super Saiyan 4 form to aid in the battle. He initially seems to be loyal to both his creators Dr. Gero and Dr. Myuu, though it is later revealed by Dr. Myuu that he is programmed (through Hell Fighter 17) to be loyal only to Dr. Myuu and under Myuu's orders, 17 once again kills his creator Dr. Gero as Android 17 had years earlier. Male Future Warrior wearing Super 17's Clothes in Xenoverse, Super 17 stares emotionless at his opponents, Super 17 pulling back his hair for the first time, Super 17 pulling his hair back for the second time, Super 17 removes one of his hands to fire the Hell's Storm, Super 17 colored blue by Gohan's Kamehameha, Super 17 charging a Full Power Energy Wave, Super 17 about to fire the Full Power Energy Wave at Dr. Gero, Super 17 Pulling his hair back for the third time, "I'll never understand these Earthlings with their emotions. However, due to Android 17's bond with his twin sister Android 18, she is able to awaken aspects of Android 17's personality within Super 17, such as his desire not to be controlled which he proved by overcoming his programming and killing Dr. Myuu, though he remains determined to kill Goku and is willing to even oppose his sister, though in the end Android 17's personality aids his sister and Goku in defeating Super 17 by forcing his transformed self to sub-consciously expose his weak point allowing Goku to kill Super 17. The real Android 17 then asks his twin sister Android 18 to join, but ends up killing Krillin when the latter tries to contradict Hell Fighter 17's voice in Android 17's head. Super 17 states that he is twice as strong as Android 17 was, and earlier on Dr. Myuu notes that Super 17 is twice as strong as Android 17 in the English dub. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Super 17 is a tall android, sporting an athletic build with prominent facial features, giving the fusion a more mature appearance. While using this power up his eyes glow red, and he gains a purple and black aura. After Super 17 and his team are defeated, Tekka's Team collects the Dragon Ball. Main article: Dragon Ball Xenoverse 1,300,000,000,000 ... Dragon Ball Power Levels Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. View Mobile Site ", after defeating Kid Buu and Baby Hirudegarn while searching for the Dragon Balls, Tekka's Team use Ziku's Dragon Radar to locate the next Dragon Ball in Area 3F near the Future Capsule Corporation where they are confronted by Super 17 who prevents them from acquiring the Four-Star Dragon Ball. In Dragon Ball Heroes, the Electric Hell Ball is still his special attack after absorbing Android 16. Stronger than Super Saiyans during Android Saga, equal to Super Namek Piccolo, Easily defeats Android 18, Myuu believed he could defeat Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta. He then fends off Android 18's attack with relative ease. Having absorbed Perfect Cell, Super 17 gains Cell's armor on his shoulders, chest, and legs, as well as black cheek markings but shown red on the Dragon Ball Heroes Card. The energy wave that killed Dr. Gero also injured Pan and damaged the Dragon Radar in Giru. He starts his fight against Super 17 as a Super Saiyan, but as this proves ineffective, he transforms into a Super Saiyan 4. Forms and Power Ups Multipliers/Non-Canon, When Baby mentions conquering the universe Dark Super 17 states he has no interest in conquest and only seeks to prove he is the Ultimate Android. Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Universe Mission!! Although he is a main antagonist of a saga, the only characters Super 17 ever killed were Dr. Gero and Dr. Myuu, the two evil scientists who created him. I'll start with this pathetic louse before he gets a chance to embarrass himself again." His appearance remains roughly the same, but he gains large amounts of muscle mass that grant him a "perfect physical body" and cause his clothing to rip apart. His vest is replaced by a strap across his chest. In Dragon Ball Xenoverse, Dark Super 17 joins fellow GT villains Dark Great Ape Baby and Dark Omega Shenron to defeat Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta and the Future Warrior, Super 17 reveals he has no interest in Baby's goal of conquering the universe nor Omega's desire to destroy it, as his only concern is to prove he is the Ultimate Android. Super Saiyan 4 Goku grabs Super 17 from behind and puts him in a hold. Masked Android (仮面の人造人間, Masked Android) is a state taken on by Super 17 when he is given a Time Breaker mask while part of Fu's group. He also gets a gold plate covering his pants on his right leg plus a thicker, larger black brace on his right hand (which appears to be slightly longer than the left arm). Rule 6. Characters who cannot die of natural causes, Characters with on-screen deaths who remain deceased, Dragon Ball Z: Scouter Battle Taikan Kamehameha - Ora to Omee to Scouter, Dragon Ball Z: Battle Taikan Kamehameha - Omee to Fusion,, Super 17 vs. Goten, Trunks, and Uub (Majuub), The way that Super 17 is defeated mirrors how Goku defeats. Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Big Bang Mission!!! Super 17 is the shortest-lived villain to ever have a saga named after him; he is only in the series for five episodes. Assuredly more powerful than 17 and 18, Android 16 is canonically superior to Android 13, and is apparently near the same power level of Imperfect Cell, who he manages to defeat. As they resume the fight and Android 18 continues to distract 17 by shooting energy blasts, Goku notices that while Super 17 is in his absorption pose, he creates a shield around him to prevent Android 18's energy blasts from reaching him, and laughing hysterically all the while. I've removed the options to Submit Links for now. — "Piccolo's Best Bet". His special attack is still the Electric Hell Ball. Given that Android 17 and 18 existed to be absorbed by Cell, why would Dr Gero make it more difficult for Cell to find them by making them not have power levels? Super 17 after having Android 18 integrated into him via Towa's magic. The super android then battles Vegeta, Gohan, Goten, Trunks, and Majuub and defeats all of them with barely any problems, shrugging off even their strongest attacks, including Vegeta's Final Shine Attack. Blog Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. A short time later, 17 reaches his Hell Fighter counterpart, interrupting the latter's fight with Vegeta, at the same time as the Dragon Team. In the GT Saga Part 1, the conflict with Super 17 is altered by Demigra's Wormhole, empowering Hell Fighter 17 with Villainous Mode. Super 17 (Android absorbed)[2] (超17号:人造人間吸収, Chō 17-gō (jinzōningen kyūshū), lit. In the Universe Creation Saga, Krillin states that Super 17 is equal in power to Android 17 (from Dragon Ball Super). Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. However, Super 17 absorbs all of the energy attacks that Goku unleashes on him, and by the time Goku realizes this, Super 17 has absorbed enough energy to grow much stronger and overwhelm the Saiyan. Android 17 (True Power) and Hell Fighter 17 Edit. Super 17 has Android 17's personality and attitude though Hell Fighter 17 is the one in control of the fusion most of the time, resulting in Super 17's evil tendencies. He saves Vegeta from one of Super 17's energy beams and immediately engages Super 17. He also wears brown overalls and small brown vest with bronze trimming.

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