As part of her campaign to be re-elected as Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo pledged to carve out more space on the streets of her adopted city for pedestrians and cyclists. Hidalgo served in three cabinets under the Jospin Government : In the 2001 municipal elections, she led the list of the Socialist Party (PS) in the 15th arrondissement of Paris, which won 26.5% of votes in the first round then was at the second round behind the list gathered around Édouard Balladur and Mayor René Galy-Dejean. As mayor, Hidalgo has pushed to reduce car use in the capital and boost biking.

In the second round, his list took the lead with 57.9% of the votes cast, winning in the 1st and 5th districts, two bastions traditionally anchored on the right. Since June 2004, she has been married to the politician Jean-Marc Germain, whom she met when they both worked in the cabinet of Martine Aubry, then Minister of Labor. The idea is to allow motorists to park their cars underground; underground spaces are five times more numerous than those above ground.”, Rachida Dati, Mayor of Paris’ 7th arrondissement, said removing the parking places would lead to “paralysis.” Philippe Goujon, mayor of the 15th arrondissement added: “Paris is the center of a metropolis of 10 million and the economic heart of this region: we cannot make it a city where we will only ride e-scooters or bicycles.”. Her parents are now back in Spain[3] while her elder sister, Marie, manages a company in Los Angeles. Antoine Hidalgo, le père de la maire de Paris, est décédé. Hidalgo has also pledged to improve sanitation in the city plagued by rats, bed bugs and dirty streets. Paris being also a department, she also became president of the departmental council of Paris, and one of ten women (out of 101) presidents of county councils. In 1991, she was appointed director of the National Institute of Labour. In 2005, Hidalgo took a stand in the debate on cults in France, becoming the president of a committee of vigilance against the cults at the Council of Paris. You may opt-out by. Hidalgo has been Mayor of Paris since 2014, the first woman to hold the office. (When also including commercial underground and multi-storey car parks there are 621,600 parking spaces in Paris. I was Press Gazette's Transport Journalist of the Year, 2018. (Photo by STEPHANE DE SAKUTIN / AFP), Hidalgo wants to carry out what she calls an “ecological transformation of the city,” aiming to clean the city’s air and improve the “daily life of Parisians.”. She was elected First Vice President of the Métropole du Grand Paris on 22 January 2016, ex officio to her mayoral position. A member of the Socialist Party since 1994, she was First Deputy Mayor of Paris under Bertrand Delanoë, having held the title of Paris City Councillor from the 15th arrondissement since the 2001 municipal elections.

Hidalgo, 61, became in 2014 the first-ever woman to head the French capital's city hall that had once been the political springboard for late president Jacques Chirac. Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, Fairfax families sue over changes to Thomas Jefferson High’s admissions, DoorDash just opened its first physical location as the pandemic fuels a ghost kitchen boom. She was especially opposed to the Church of Scientology and New Acropolis, and participated in a demonstration in front of the Church of Scientology's premises. In the municipal elections of March 9 and 16, 2008, the assembly list (PS-PCF-PRG-MRC) that she conducts in the 15th arrondissement of Paris came first in the first round with 35.9% of the vote (28 313 votes) against a strongly divided right, 33.9% to Philippe Goujon's UMP list and 10.1% to Gérard d'Aboville's list (various right). She is the first woman to hold the office. The only candidate of her party after the withdrawal of Jean-Marie Le Guen, Anne Hidalgo was appointed May 22, 2013 to lead the municipal campaign, with 98.3% of the votes of 2,715 Paris socialists. In 2017, an article from Capital stated that Anne Hidalgo was paid by the Ministry of Labor from 2001 to 2003 for €100,000, while being Bertrand Delanoë's first assistant. Re-elected as regional councilor, she joined the culture commission and became president of Île-de-France Europe, which represents the region in Brussels. However, her grandparents returned to Spain some time later. In the 15th arrondissement, her list was beaten by Philippe Goujon (UMP), which got 63.4% of the vote in the second round.

Anne Hidalgo est en Espagne mardi et mercredi pour les obsèques, confirme à Paris Match un conseiller de la maire de Paris. After graduating from university, Hidalgo had a career as a labour inspector before becoming an advisor to former Labour minister Martine Aubry, the architect of France's 35-hour working week. Cond Anne Hidalgo, la première adjointe de Bertrand Delanoë, a obtenu l'adoubement du maire actuel et surtout, son principal rival, Jean-Marie Le Guen, s'est retiré de la course Anne Hidalgo va porter plainte contre Capital, qui l'accuse d'emploi fictif Par, publié le 25/10/2017 à 18:39 Anne Hidalgo, le 29 mars 2016, lors d'une cérémonie à l'Hôtel de. La maire de Paris est en deuil. On 1 July 2011, Hidalgo retired from her position as labour inspector. There was a record low voter turnout in the second round of the municipal elections (64%) which were postponed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. In the second round, his list obtained 47.35% of the votes against 52.65% obtained by Philippe Goujon, whose list merged with that of Gérard d'Aboville. Show full articles without "Continue Reading" button for {0} hours.

In 2002, she acted as mayor of Paris during the convalescence of Bertrand Delanoë after he was stabbed during an attempted assassination. Ana María "Anne" Hidalgo Aleu is a French–Spanish politician serving as Mayor of Paris since 2014. [11][12] A map of cults in Paris, created by the Mairie de Paris at that time and promoted by Anne Hidalgo, was controversial[13] and Hidalgo filed a complaint against an unknown person for circulating a leaflet on the Internet signed by a "committee to support Anne Hidalgo", which requested denunciation of "non-compliant behaviours. She also failed to remove the 13th constituency of Paris from the right in June 2007, obtaining in the first round of legislative elections 28.2% of the vote, then 43.3% of the votes in the second round against 56.7% for the former minister Jean-François Lamour (UMP). Close to François Hollande, she thus obtained her first elective mandate. [1] Her paternal grandfather was a Spanish Socialist who became a refugee in France after the end of the Spanish Civil War along with his wife and his four children. On October 10, 2013, she was re-elected as the head of the PS list in the 15th arrondissement. In June 2002, she was a candidate in the parliamentary elections for the 12th arrondissement of Paris, winning 29.6% of votes in the first round, but Balladur was elected with 54.2% of the vote. Elected Borough Councilor in the 15th arrondissement, she also joined the Paris Council, where the left is now the majority. Two years later the family moved to Lyon in southeast France -- Ana became Anne and French citizenship came when she was 14. [15][16] She also worked further to reduce car usage, with an increase in the price of parking meters, a ban on free parking on certain days, and the conversion of certain sections of a highway along the River Seine into a riverside park. All Rights Reserved, This is a BETA experience. But there have been victories too: in 2017 Paris was crowned the host of the 2024 Summer Olympics, which Hidalgo should now preside over.

On 26 December, she signed with Christophe Girard, Deputy Mayor of Paris responsible for Culture, a view published in the newspaper Le Monde defending her position on behalf of cultural diversity which would be threatened by the "global licence. Cyclists ride along the Seine river in Paris. [8], Hidalgo is included in Time magazine 's 100 Most Influential People of 2020.[9]. For the first time, a candidate thus accesses the mayor of Paris without being in the majority in her district. She told electors she would remove the great majority of the on-street car parking spaces in Paris. [18], She has also proposed a ban on diesel motors in Paris streets,[19] and has promised to have a 24/7 service for the Paris Métro. In her latest campaign, she has proposed transforming 60,000 roadside parking spaces into cycling lanes. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. On 21 December 2005, in the debates on DADVSI, she took a public stand against the amendments of the Socialist Group introducing the "global licence" to download online material. Based on the “segmented city” ideas suggested by Carlos Moreno, a “smart city” professor at the University of Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne, the “city of fifteen minutes” includes making key thoroughfares in Paris inaccessible to motor vehicles; turning currently traffic-choked intersections into pedestrian plazas; creating “children streets” next to schools; and removing amenities for motorists. As part of the internal campaign for the nomination of the Socialist candidate in 2006, she publicly supported Dominique Strauss-Kahn, while remaining close to Lionel Jospin and Bertrand Delanoë. Hidalgo became a French citizen at the age of fourteen;[1] she is also a Spanish citizen. On January 29, Hidalgo revealed at an election hustings (the first round of voting took place in March) that the space required to make Paris more people friendly would come at the expense of motoring. Hidalgo's father, Antoine Hidalgo, was raised by his maternal grandparents. I'm also an historian – my most recent books include "Roads Were Not Built for Cars" and "Bike Boom", both published by Island Press, Washington, D.C. © 2020 Forbes Media LLC.

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