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Making a Cheap Laser Rangefinder for Arduino. why are you using only one element of the array ? Are you bored?

The targets are simple and just have the wiring exposed on the back. I don't know about you, but my idea of a laser turret comes from countless numbers of sci-fi films and star trek episodes. Tutorial Arduino Mini Laser Turret Control Project in progress by Josh From

they're used to log you in.

Make a laser turret for your cat to enjoy with an Arduino, a couple of servos, and a laser.

This is the first project I've wired from scratch so I just added wires as I went instead of making a schematic before I started.

You can see it demonstrated popping balloons at just after the 8:30 mark in the video below. We use optional third-party analytics cookies to understand how you use so we can build better products. The jank is strong with the wire management.

Project tutorial by iliasam. Arduino and web2py code for remotely controlling a laser turret with a Leap Motion Controller.

To make this project I used 2.4GHz RF transceiver modules that is built in the nRF24L01+ IC. I've named one servo "hori" to control the horizontal movement, and the other "vert". here your only using msg[0] and not msg[1]; 5 years ago It feels like this is a hardware issue rather than a software issue. A0: X Joystick that way it is so easy to understand and less codding... trust this is already small coding i been working on this code since Jan and while my setup has one componenet diff from this one it is still the same, i actually like this guy style of code. Here's a short video showing the various features of the Arduino Laser Turret. The potentiometers used to control the turret are extremely finicky. Hardware Electronics Parts.

Brown or black is the negative, to be connected to GND on the Arduino.

It's a turret from Portal. MISC: The turret records LIDAR readings at 10 degree intervals across a 100 degree range of motion. LASER: The laser is on.

You know - one that goes pew pew, shoots a red beam in lots of different directions, and maybe even throw in a smoke machine? The project is powered by a 15v power adapter I can plug into the wall. You could use the "writeMicroseconds()" function built into the servo library to get a greater range. download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio.

I wonder how to let the turret reach the initial position (x=90 Y=90) when the joystick button is pushed. The 7 segment display works as a timer during manual mode and a counter for both modes. I toyed with the idea to decrease the sensitivity of the controls, so more movement in the hand is less movement on the servo, but I couldn't figure out a way to get that to work. This project can work with with any Arduino and could be easily modified to work with ESP8266 and ESP32 as well.

It moves, has light, has sound, and something that my previous Portal project did not have: Camera tracking.

then attach the laser to the servo arm using a tack or electrical tape. i'm making a radio plane and i only can control two servos, i need 3 servos and a ESC.

Use Git or checkout with SVN using the web URL.

Automatic Scoring for the Executive Par 3 Golf Game, How to Make an Old-school Neon Street Sign. Help! Perhaps it'll come in handy for a homemade LEGO movie? Tested on Arduino Mega ADK with Tinkerkit Output 00 connected to Servo1 (Yaw) Output 01 connected to Servo2 (Tilt) Output 03 connected to Laser pointer You signed in with another tab or window. 6 years ago Building a Moving and Tracking Portal Turret: It's cute, It's polite and it is really deadly. nRF24L01+ are extremely cheap and cost a few dollars for one piece. And then you walk in and see your cat walking on the ceiling... :-P. Hi, great job! The box works to keep the turret stable so the automatic mode can remain accurate when you press the button to save the locations.

3D Design files were created using Solvespace.


Each turret holds a 2W 445nm laser and RGB (Dotstar) LEDs.

Arduino and web2py code for remotely controlling a laser turret with a Leap Motion Controller. If you're using the same laser module as me, the "-" goes to GND, the S goes to pin 12.

laser-turret. This is a servo laser turret controlled by two potentiometers for x and y planes.

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Are you bored? Use Git or checkout with SVN using the web URL. How to Turn Any Website Into an Android App in Seconds, How to Clean Up Your Computer to Its Original State (Without Reinstalling Windows), How to SIM Unlock Your Android Smartphone or Tablet.

Hi, i need to control 4 servos for my project. Or do you just want your pooch to have more fun?

Re: voltages, He is not using the regulator (RAW input) but connecting directly to the Vcc pins.

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About: I like to build random things, some of which are presented here on Instructables.

It works as is but it has a learning curve.

I wish to ask you if it is possible to let the servos to keep the position reached until the joystick is moved again as when it is released, the sevos back in the initial position. Might as well build a laser turret.

Step 1: To make this project I used 2.4GHz RF transceiver modules that is built in the nRF24L01+ IC. Setting files for the Arduino extension are included. Optionally, a smoke machine is needed - the laser is pretty low wattage, so you won't be able to see the beam without smoke even in a dark room.

Is he getting enough exercise while you're away? Modify the sample code above to make pin 12 an output: Then blink the pin on and off each loop using standard digitalWrite() method. When he's not busy as Hardware Reviews Editor, he enjoys LEGO, VR, and boardgames. If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again.

All my recent project attempts are f'ing failures.

The servos and laser are attached using double-sided foam tape that I found, which is less permanent than hot glue.

This gives you a range of about 1000 values. in msg[1] arent this implying that theres 2 elements 0 & 1 ? #include How should I fix this? It has two playing modes. on Introduction. on Introduction. It has two playing modes. Work out the number of degrees of change after each shot as the difference between start and end positions divided by number of shots. List of components you need to buil this awesome project: Arduino UNO (only as programmer) Arduino Pro MINI ---------------2pcs Breadboard 830 Tie-points Breadboard 170 Tie-points Laser module Servo 9g -------2pcs nRF24L01+ module ------ 2pcs Joystick module Cellphone Li-ion battery 3.7V -----2pcs male-to-male cables, male-to-female cables,female-to-female cables cable tie fix wire. The basic idea of the turret is to put the laser module on top of one servo to provide horizontal rotation; then mount that package onto another servo placed at a 90 degree angle to provide vertical movement. Here's the pseudo code I ended up using for the main loop: I also added a separate fire() method to structure the code a little better. I'm going to go ahead and order stuff to make this.

Output 03 connected to Laser pointer. se ficar bem profissional lhe contato, Reply 3 years ago, Imagine an autonomous version of this, working for your cats while you are at work. Setting files for the Arduino extension are included. I'm using UNOs instead of Pro Minis.

The full sample code modified to sweep two servo, activate a laser, and play the annoying sound, can be found here. Work fast with our official CLI.

Are you bored? Learn more, We use analytics cookies to understand how you use our websites so we can make them better, e.g. connect black to ground with male to male jumper wires, and connect red to 5 volts using male to male jumper wires. How to upload sketches on Arduino Pro MINI.

download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio, ATTiny85: current limitation in number of pins, 1 too few for joystick click input. how to control 4 servos with 4 potenciometer with this module? I don't think there's a practical use for this little toy, but it's an awful lot of fun and there are a lot of variables you can tweak to get the desired effect. Invariably someone will fly past a turret and little pew-pew shots will come flying out in a sweeping pattern, always milliseconds too slow so our protagonist doesn't actually get hit. Check out my youtube channel to see how I did it.

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This is a very easy project for anyone who is just getting started with Arduino or anyone who is stuck in their house with a cat during a quarantine.

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