Description: Prints all entities of given type to console (server console, not ingame) and to server log file 'ShooterGame.log' after a while (some minutes) if logging to file is enabled in server configs. Mind the quotation marks necessary for commands with space between words.

Includes examples, argument explanation and an easy-to-use command builder. Including all those belonging to the different members of the tribe. 200). If the item does not support stacking, items after the first will be dumped into your inventory. Standard value is 0.Compatible with gaming consoles: Unknown, Description: Changes the color of various parts of the body. TheIsland, How high above the player they should be spawned, The name (not ID) of the player you wish to rename, The new name you wish to set for the player, The name (not ID) of the tribe you wish to rename, The new name you wish to set for the tribe, The password to enter spectator mode, set in GameUserSettings.ini under 'SpectatorPassword', The ID of the creature you wish to spawn (see our, The Steam ID of the player you wish to send the message to, The name of the player you wish to send the message to, 'true' to show your admin icon, 'false' to hide it from chat messages, The age you wish to set the creature's age to, The percentage of facial hair you wish to have, given as a decimal, e.g. This command opens the admin management interface, which has a lot of useful admin tools. This command forcefully saves the map (on both servers and singleplayer). Description: Clears the cryo-sickness status of the tame you are looking at and wakes it up. Target: TargetAdded: 226.4

Cheat: Yes Description: Destroys all creatures of the specified type, both wild and tamed.Compatible with gaming consoles: YesExample: Cheat: Yes Note: it will, This command will teleport your character to the specified coordinates. This console command destroys the right arm and node of the Forest Titan that you are looking at. Description: Changes ownership of all dinos of the tribe the player is currently looking at to the tribe of player.Compatible with gaming consoles: Yes. Description: Enable cheat commands that affect the current player, mounted dinosaurs and the game worldCompatible with gaming consoles: YesExample: Description: Clears the specified player's inventory, equipped items, and/or slot items.Compatible with gaming consoles: Unknown. These can be implemented by mod authors. This cheat command will kill all players in the tribe with the specified tribe ID. Type of weather. Target: Self These commands cannot be used in the remote console. The ID of the stat you wish to level up for the player/dino under your crosshair. Target: - To teleport yourself to the other player, use the TeleportToPlayer command. Description: Sends a chat message to all currently connected players.Compatible with gaming consoles: Partial - Some players will see the message as if it was from a random player. Description: Changes the imprinted player of the target dino to the provided player name/id.Example: Description: Transfers all dinos that are imprinted on the oldPlayerId to the newPlayerId. This command will give experience points to the player, or dino, that is behind your crosshair. A number - the amount of fuel to add to the Mek you are looking at or riding. Target: SelfAdded: 0.0 (UE1) Note that this is a toggle command, run it again while looking at/riding the same dino to disable it. Color codes the labels in the "stat unit" command output. Target: SelfAdded: 191.0 The Gasbag that this command has an effect on is the one you are looking at (i.e. Target: SelfAdded: 0.0 (UE1)

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This command will spawn in the dino/creature with a random level. Chibi-Pets are a type of Item in ARK: Winter Wonderland 4 and subsequent Events. Cheat: Yes If floating damage numbers are enabled when you run this command, it will disable them (and vice versa).

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