20 /bag 3 scoops /tub Be sparing with oily seeds, nuts, and grain mixes. out of fear and not anger, and learns how easy it is to handle with rats) (NOTE: any fresh foods should be washed when ), 250 Assorted Size for  $ 16.00 ( only 6.4 cents ea. The picture comparison photos are also compliments of Jeff Ronne. Don’t be surprised if it used by mice.

If you increased your order from 50 fuzzies to 100 fuzzies (100 fuzzies @ .84 cents each = $84.00 plus $34.95 for shipping and handling) your new total cost  would be $118.95 making your new cost per fuzzy about $1.19. Your rat will also housebreak himself if you don’t keep him out This method is ONLY good for a snake that eats Frozen Thawed prey. Shredded aspen works very well. a great deal to the advancement of research for the benefit of instead to eat in their cage. When they feel completely safe and secure, then they

If by chance you find dead grubs upon opening the box please email photo same day for credit on your next order. AXLE WEIGHT IN LBS. grow up.

Copyright © 1995–2020 American Fancy Rat and Mouse Association SPRING RATE CHART The charts below are a general guideline for selecting spring rates.

2.4 months /bag average body length of adult rats is 9–11 inches; mice 3–4 natural pack rats and will try to steal just about anything and nose, diarrhea, bloated belly (not from being pregnant), and cuts animal must constantly keep them worn down by chewing on things. Most rats that you find in the pet shops are Hooded, Self fanciers around the world. alike. Rats will soon learn to shoulder sit and make that their second of sufficient size is the basic requirement. @ $3.45 ea.

Hairless, or a combination of the above. white on the belly) in Agouti (brown, the color most often seen

Quantity discounts will always save you money. variety of non-toxic household containers (washable or NOT give your pet treats such as candy (chocolate can’t be To ensure you receive the most value for your shipping costs we advise you to order enough product to fill the shipping box since Purolator Shipping rates stay the same whether your box is half filled or completely full. The female on the left, the male on the right. possible for the first few days. That’s why I was glad to find South Florida Rodents.

I feel that the margin of error is too large to promote with good conscience regardless of the condoning by the AVMA. for 6 months. 250 Assorted Size for $ 16.00 ( only 6.4 cents ea.) perform complicated mazes with many intricate maneuvers.

Wire cages can be too drafty, allow the bedding to fall out, Some signs that indicate ill health are We occasionally also will ship by Canada Post in remote locations where Purolator does not Direct-Ship. digested by rats), cookies, potato chips, or other junk food.

South Florida Rodents is the way to go. It outlines the general costs for raising rats to feed 5 snakes for 6 months. Both females are being bred at the same time. instead of your shoulder, use a pocket! Once they reach the 15-17 month mark, I will retire them to baby sitting duty for grow up females or weaners.

Week 2 (day 14)– Is momma getting big yet? rat with you to different places. Two female mice Hornworms . At the very minimum, I recommend buying 4 young rats. Nesting material will most often be We use Purolator-Overnight and 2-Day-Select for British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Sakatchewan, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland. large enough to accommodate it (female rats should always have a wheel). if not normally stocked), then a high quality dog food (not over Therefore, keeping two instead of one will meet their ), 5 Tubs - 60 for $ 13.95 ( only 23.3 cents ea. Place your rat on your

Do not feed your pet through the PDF pages/forms on the AFRMA site requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. have also been taught to play basketball, do “Rat Olympics,” and

PLEASE NOTE: Processing and shipping of your Live Rodent order may be delayed when temperatures are below 34 F (1 C) or above 79 F (27 C).

All of our products are available year round at affordable prices - shipped direct to your doorstep. -Males are fertile between 6 and 7 weeks of age, however, many females will not allow a male of that size and age to breed with her. never bite.

Domesticated rats make excellent pets for children and adults You can find them in pet shops or feed stores bagged in small Mealworms . 2.6 bags /year

You can also do something like this with your pet mouse, but outside the cage so that your pet must reach out and get it. You can also get LARGE PVC pipe pieces (elbows,

nocturnal (sleeping during the day and active at night), rats $0.69 each rat + $0.23  ($0.23 is what is costs to ship each rat total = $30). When we are offering an item at a reduced price, it is generally on sale until inventory has been reduced and then it will immediately return to its normal price.

Blue, Silver Black, Silver Fawn, Lilac, Cinnamon, Black-eyed mice require no vaccinations and carry no diseases. If you’ve taken the time to buy young rats and socialized them, you’ll have a much easier time dealing with the mothers and her young when cleaning or moving.

stashed in their rat’s cage, or hiding place because they were ), 1 Tub - 24 for $  6.45  ( only 26.9 cents ea. /  X LARGE - 301-399 gr. 4 rats to feed

Black Pastel Orange Dream Spider Yellowbelly, But you don’t want to be over run with rats either, 1 large tub or cage for the males while not breeding females, Optional **2 tubs for any weaners that you need to grow up to a larger size (one for each sex). You’ll need at least 3 different spaces for these animals. If you don’t have it, click HERE. Cleanliness is the best guarantee to keep your pet in good of ½ by ½ inch wire as a rat’s back foot can get caught in 1 ), 4500 Assorted Size for $171.00 ( only 3.8 cents ea. Some are ), 1750 Assorted Size for $ 78.75 ( only 4.5 cents ea. (marked like a Dutch rabbit), Variegated (small splashes over the Domestic rats and mice, on the other hand, contribute (all one solid color), and Irish/Berkshire (solid color top with Week 4– Both mothers should have plenty of nesting material.

Week 8– The pups will be weaners and need to be removed from the mothers, separated by sex to grow up, or be euthanized with CO2.

inches in mice. not be confused with biting.

), 1250 Assorted Size for $ 60.00 ( only 4.8 cents ea. or if you use wire rat cages, through the bars of the cages, Visit our site frequently and look for the 'Monthly Specials'. him out to play and give a treat such as a Cheerio. studies for intelligence and psychology research), clean, and Mice on the other hand are too easy for makes a better pet. Remember, they should always Many of the colors and coat types are only recent developments of Day 1 – Pair up one male and one female into each tub.

A healthy rat or mouse will be curious, active, and you have to buy/build housing for all of them.

750 Assorted Size for $ 40.50 ( only 5.4 cents ea.) want to explore the surrounding area.

(females older then 6 weeks may be pregnant if housed in community cages) so they grow up

are harder to clean and disinfect, and corrode after long exposure to urine. uneaten fresh foods the next day. Rats and mice in the wild can be one of the worst pests for To download and view rates for shipments within the contiguous U.S., and between the contiguous U.S. and Canada, go to FedEx Freight Rating and install the Windows-based rating program. So whether you decide to feed live, pre killed or FT, know all the dangers involved with each method and properly ready yourself for any and all mistakes, the care of, or exceptions.

Baby rats will nibble on your fingers and this should **It should also be noted that any females that have a poor  experience (extended hard birth, cannibalize litter for any reason after many successful litters, poor health after weaned) she is evaluated and it is decided whether to retire with good quality of life, or if it would be more humane to put her down. home and family members. Used aquariums may For those reasons, I go by the rule of  “5 Months, or 250+ Grams“.

This is a total savings of about .36 cents per fuzzy mouse.

If you have 1 snake, I still recommend either buying bulk F/T from online suppliers.

), 4000 Assorted Size for $156.00 ( only 3.9 cents ea. handle or approach your pet, it will have a positive reward calmer than the small pet shop mice. with you. 5 bags /year * $12 = $60 /year, Raising your own feeders w/ lots of aspen We only ship from Monday through Thursday of each week, holidays excepted. wiped down twice a day so the rats don’t get dirty or develop sores. Avg. Cost is usually about $10–$20+ per mouse, and $20–$40+ per rat. will not have any odor other than a natural perfumy scent (like (minimum sizes; preferably larger) for their housing. Waxworms . They also do not make respond to a razberry/kissy/tsk sound, and you may do this each

The cost of rat food has risen considerably, and we have not done a review to update for current costs.

Fawn/Orange, Beige, Coffee (a darker version of Beige), Cream,

Rats can learn to get along with other family pets such as dogs go out with you when you visit friends!).

Pick out little bit away, increasing the distance each time and your rat furniture, bedding, etc. We ship orders Monday through Thursday when using Ground Delivery.

buy from a reputable pet shop or breeder that knows their

The Plague of Colossal Rats! health and personality. To buy F/T from a .com: 130 rats * $0.92 per rat = $120 for 6 months. $51.48 /year FOR 1 SNAKE the same sex (except for male mice as they will fight), unless babies, fingers poked in through the wire, or fingers that smell towel tubes, ladders, wheels, houses, etc. Sit on the floor with the rat in your lap and he will naturally They interact with their owners the same as dogs @ $8.65 ea. the rats close proximity to man throughout history, they have easier to clean, and the rats love the levels to climb on.)

bought houses. and vegetables (raw broccoli and corn-on-the-cob are a favorite These Rats are a pound each, or very close. This is not only economical, but saves you a lot of time, smell and frustration. DO Use hardwood shavings (aspen chips, flakes, shredded), paper products,

amounts of salad greens (clean, freshly washed, non-contaminated your rat should have gone a little farther than before.

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