The men’s Space Trusstic has a different design than the women’s (shown below). I ran 3 pairs of the 25s, and returned the 26 because of the redesigned toe box: too tight on the inside giving a discomfortable lateral pressure to the big toe area. The heel area of the upper is a strength of the upper because of the fit of it along with the stability it produces. If the 27 has a similar shape then this shoe is probably again not for me. Well done! I did find, in adding more miles post-review, that the upper conformed slightly better over time, it was a shoe that could do with a more elastic-type material. have remained the mission, yet the technologies continually evolved. The outsole in combination with the mid foot Trusstic provides great rear, almost inherent stability with very solid decoupling for transitions and plenty of front flexibility. Runners who liked the 25s and 26s will be pleased to find all the same technological aspects to make this a solid stability trainer. $160. Thanks for the review!Any comparison to the new Nike Miler? I will keep the Kayano in my rotation for recovery runs, hilly and slower take it easy runs and for when I have a new niggling injury (especially at the feet such as Plantar) where i have always reached for ASICS as a stable supportive option) and yes as a sometime daily trainer for those days when I am tired and wantt additional protection and support. I found there is much more of a contrast between the lateral side and medial side than in the polished but heavier Kayano. Michael: Truthfully, my first impression of the Kayano 27 was, “this doesn’t look nearly as bulky as I expected!” with a second impression of “this looks just like the Cumulus!” Indeed, in a (relatively handsome) grey, blue, and orange package, the K27 does have more than a passing resemblance to the Cumulus 22 colorway ASICS sent us to review.

The ASICS Kayano is a support shoe, and it excels at preventing excess pronation.

The cushioning felt unbalanced, the rebound didn’t match my stride and my first and only 5 mile run was not enjoyable. Is this the kind of shoe I should be running in if I land with my feet turned out? Overall the Miler leans more neutral than Kayano and has a softer less dynamic ride. ASICS GlideRide is a fun, kinetic, propulsive shoe with a very strong midfoot rocker. While runners who want a more traditional platform and stability mechanism may prefer the Kayano, I think a lot of runners will like the added zip of the Forza. Looks like you could fit a mob chieftain to in them and skip the concrete overshoes. Please let us know mileage, paces, race distances, and current. ASICS has a myriad of cushioning options baked in to the midsole here, matching the novel FlyteFoam Propel closest to the foot with “regular” FlyteFoam below. I tried the Hurricane 22. Weight: 11.1 oz (314 g) for men and 8.8oz (249 g) for women We purchased a pair of Asics Gel Kayano 27 from runningwarehouse using our own money.

On these and other websites owned by RSG Media BV we use cookies and other similar techniques. Sam: The midsole features FlyteFoam Propel nearest the foot to provide some bounce with FlyteFoam (white) below. The Trusstic element, as Sam detailed above, is visible in the midfoot but not particularly noticeable while running. An overall snugness was felt throughout the shoe but especially in the midfoot and toebox.

The front Gel unit is a bit bigger than quarter sized and is located as shown below below under the first met head. Hoka ONE ONE Rocket X Multi Tester Review: The Most Traditional Riding & Stable Super Shoe, Skechers Performance GORun Razor Elite Hyper Multi Tester Review: Very Light, Plated, Race Strength. I did experience some tightness in my midfoot toebox.

Is it perfect? Sam: In recent editions a rails based support shoe I didn’t care for them as while they may help stabilize the knee for those who need that, I found the rails to be in the way of transitions making it a far more awkward and lumbering shoe than the heavier Kayano which just flows along. But the real takeaway at first glance is the platform of the shoe - while some elements of the Kayano are conserved from past versions (the wavy, exposed gel element, and the rear plastic “exo-skeleton”, for example), ASICS has distinctly cleaned up the forefoot of the shoe, with a more refined upper and a considerably more nimble platform.

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