He asked what I meant, and I explained, and he said “Yes you do! I took the Aspie Quiz and scored 181 of 200. Highly upsetting to be proven “abnormal”, yet incredibly liberating simultaneously. They were done a couple of weeks apart about two years ago. I’m very lucky to have a loving, wonderful husband, but thing are getting worse as I get old and I can feel myself withdrawing, scared of what the heck I’m going to say or do wrong next, professionally or personally. There are good things to be said about that (we’re all very good at being independent and looking after ourselves) and bad (we probably don’t know how to be any other way). It’s definitely not for everyone, but it makes me feel better than either of the other two options did. Your analysis, especially of the gender-related aspects–feels right on to me. are neurodiverse. I scored a 142/200 in the Aspie and 67/200 in the neurotypical. This test hit all of the traits that I kind of think make me different, but which the other “asperger’s tests” kind of don’t reference. I’m especially in love with this sentence from the abstract: “The idea that neurodiversity was at the extreme end of a normal distribution was not supported, rather it was found that neurodiversity had its own normal distribution overlapping typical traits.”. You are very likely an Aspie. Thanks for sharing. Thinking on your Feet: A Trio of Cognitive Tests – Thinking on your Feet consists of three short tests. I cringe even writing that because I think the test is generally one of the most accurate online tests for identifying aspie traits. wow it certainly explains alot. Is there a way you’d prefer me to reference you (first name, blog handle)? Lol. I have a DX of Bipolar, Anxiety, Borderline Personality Disorder, ADHD, PTSD, OCD. I haven’t taken it yet but when I do, I’ll make a new post to include all of the changes. I was diagnosed with Asperger’s as a young child, so that was surprising. Anyway, I just wanted to say. Thanks for helping me through this journey. Taking the The Systemising Quotient (SQ) – Systemizing refers to the drive to understand, construct, predict and/or control the rules of a system. Yay, another christian Aspie here, hi Bridge Builder Funny thing is, my mom has at least some Aspie traits and is also not always happy with her role as pastor’s wife (she’s pretty unconventional in some points). Click the link below to view a detailed analysis of your assessment Having to work a few night shifts to work a project outside of normal business hours has left me not wanting to do anything…just kind of “duuuuuhhhhhh…”. Taking the Friendship Questionnaire (FQ) – The Friendship Questionnaire (FQ) was developed in 2003 as part of Simon Baron-Cohen’s ongoing quest to prove his “extreme male brain” theory of Asperger’s. I have thought for a long time that maybe I had OCD or social anxiety disorder, or something of the like. Informative. Your neurotypical (non-autistic) score: 66 of 200 Your neurodiverse (Aspie) score: 109 of 200 yeah, there was a bunch of questions I couldn’t answer at all because often I can’t decide how I feel about a situation, or I don’t know if I show a certain behaviour. This would have explained a lot of things growing up! . I feel like I have so much more blogging to do on this topic… when I have time and energy…, Yes, thanks for sharing this Cynthia, it does give a great visualisation of different areas. Instructions: This is a screening measure to help you determine whether you might have an autism spectrum disorder (including what used to be called Asperger’s disorder). The DSM-5 has decided that sensory issues are ‘repetitive behaviours’ rather than communication (really they are neither). Please Note: This is not a definitive diagnosis of Asperger's symptoms and professional opinion should always be given prior importance before arriving at a conclusion, Note: Lower score denotes lesser chances of being diagnosed with Asperger's. But I just hate social occasions, they are, to me, pointless and stupid. I always score very high on the online face reading tests, but they don’t take real life into consideration. It get’s difficult when your hair colour matches your skin tone. Psychopharmacologic intervention for adults with autism spectrum disorder: A systematic literature review. 116/200 Aspie, 88/200 NT. I must be feeling tentative. Anyway, all that to say this test was needed today to remind me I do belong even if I “seem high functioning”…I don’t know if I am making sense?:). This section also helps to fine tune your score accuracy. that was a curious little/long quiz. Apologies for my LONG comment (another trait of mine, longwindedness! I had a psychiatrist describe me as part of the “broader autistic phenotype” actually. The test clearly correlates well with diagnosed Asperger’s, especially as it’s been refined to ensure it does this, it’s just a great pity that it couldn’t be refined further to drop the obfuscation of autistic sensory traits behind questions about hunting style. It was primarily designed to identify adults who often “escape diagnosis” due to a “subclinical” level or presentation of ASD. Therefore this Aspergers quiz is now replaced with the Autism Test for Toddlers. Not only do many stims correlate with specific emotions, these traits are mixed-up with things like unusual facial expressions. I wasn’t aware that there was a third possible outcome. Like mistaking sounds for voices a lot. But there are some things in this group that seems to be related to other things, and really should be moved, but I need more traits on this. In short, there are a lot of reasons why you could be scoring so evenly split on the two. Communication: 6,5 & 6,5. You don’t need to register if you prefer not to. I like “of course” as answer–sounds like she knew it all along and isn’t going to be horrified if you get diagnosed, etc.

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