Contact Us . Load cash in the machines. Does operating your own ATM machine sound a little overwhelming? Special Package: Total package plan starting @ $5,000  includes total setup, install and processing. Keep in mind that even on days when foot traffic is at a slower pace, your ATM machine will attract more customers into your business. Forms. business that is seeking to expand on their existing routes. Copyright (c) 2018. Process : Atms Locator will provide you the ATM of your choice, new or used readay to make you money.

Negotiate an agreement to provide an ATM. The three main parties in every ATM business are the ATM owner, the venue owner and the ATM processor. Cash for finding Locations. We support you with a total "turn key" operation. If you opt for us to provide the cash vaulting services, you have even less responsibility and can use your cash for other business expenses. With Emerald ATM's hotel placement package, hotel guests, employees and vendors can enjoy the added convenience of cash transactions without leaving the premises. Your leads are now added to our ACFN Application, for easy access on your smart phone. Would you like more CASH business and less credit card business? Just like a Real Estate property an ATM Route can be purchased. Business owners receive a percentage of machine surcharges. Customers who withdraw money from a machine inside a business are 30 to 50 percent more likely to make a purchase in that business. Express ATM. a) must generate at least 500 ATM transactions per month Some businesses elect not to receive part of the surcharge revenue. When you talk to us about placement, we will discuss your cash vaulting options. Which make and model? In general, placement services work like this:

You would still share in a portion of the surcharge revenue, but we would be responsible for filling the ATM with cash and handling repairs. ATM Placements is an ATM placement company. Free Leads Service . We also provide a free full-service ATM placement program for qualified locations. accessed remotely from any smart phone or pc with no restrictions locally or nationally. New or used? We do not buy leads or location leads. Our free analysis will help determine your business needs and find ways to cost-effectively provide ATM access at your retail location.

However, if you do not own the business or the property where the ATM will be located, you will need to contact the owner yourself before you contact us. Then, we continue to service the ATM based on the Retail ATM package that best suits your needs. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Good ATM Placement is the difference between a Machine that produces revenue and one that does not. Free ATM Placement Program Our free ATM Placement Program is best suited for high traffic locations looking for that “No Cost – Turnkey” free ATM solution. All rights reserved. Through Columbus Data Services (CDS), all of our ATM placements come with real-time monitoring capabilities. That is where, LLC can help. Quick Flip Consultation: CONTACT US TODAY: 954-740-7277. Your ATM locations will have to be in place for a minimum of 2-3 months to show true transaction performance or income from ATM. These guys take care of their customers like I do mine and that’s a BIG DEAL to me. Free Leads Service . ATM Business Start-up Kit. Every time a customer withdraws cash, you collect the transaction fee which is known as a “, A personal account manager to deal with the details, Optional installation services (if required). You can also generate reports of daily, monthly, and yearly transactions for your machines and check to see if your machines are low on cash or have run into any errors. Very professional company and they take care of their customers! However, you use your own cash to vault the machine. We have performed Professional ATM services, for locations such as: the Mandarin Oriental, Hyatt Regency to the Biltmore Hotel: we also service gas stations and, convenient stores in "rough areas", office buildings, and shopping malls such as Bal Harbour Shops: so basically BIG, or small we have the ability to services machines and provide outsourced services to merchants nationwide. Free Leads Service With any purchase of an ATM from Convenience ATMs Inc you are provided with a FREE lead service for your next ATM placement. Brochures. With years of experience, you can rest assured that Express ATM understands and implements every detail that is required to maintain a reliable and profitable high volume ATM machine. All business interests are our primary concern. Education and Government Institutions have various requirements when determining the best ATM solution.

To get started in the ATM business, you will need approximately $5,000 to purchase an ATM machine and load it with cash. You would have to establish location(s) by purchasing our complete plan package for $4500. ATMs daily transaction activity and balances from your smart phone.... You receive 100% of the surcharge amount that you set on each transaction, All new machines come with warranty on parts (extended warranty and, service plans available) You load the cash in the ATM and the money withdrawn is.

Through our program, you can choose either full or partial ATM placement. Locate good retail locations such as gas stations, convenience stores, bars, malls, and nightclubs. Do you have questions? Contact us today to request repair services. No matter which one you choose, they are both 100 percent free of charge, and we try to make them as hassle-free as possible.

With our turnkey ATM placement package, you'll have access to real time online reports, state of the art ATM machines and 24 hour support. Making Money with ATMs. It comes fully loaded with cash. It's that easy, we place your machine in a convenience store, supermarket, or other busy locations and all negotiated profits from transactions will be deposited in your. We have worked with dozens of businesses and industries, ranging from shopping malls and amusement parks to universities and convention centers. Contact Us . Free ATM Placement . A qualified ATM Location (Unlimited Qualified Leads), Training on loading, maintaining and operating ATM, Processing of your ATM with real-time access. The rule of thumb to calculate what your locations are worth now is to multiply the. Great service! We have expanded our professional locator service reach to over 80, Major Cities in 50 states with Miami being our base and prime area.

Good ATM Placement is the difference between a Machine that produces revenue and one that does not. So your location is now worth, $14,000 on the market to the right buyer. Own Your Independent ATM Operator Service Office, Make between $110,000 - $150,000 Annually (Year 1 & 2), Provide ATM Services not limited to: ATM Placements, ATM Installations, ATM Repairs, ATM Processing, ATM Programming, ATM New Client Setup, ATM Locator Services for existing clients, Cash Vaulting & more, Rceive up to 70% Payout on COMPANY referred services and up to  90% Payout on self-prospected services, Monthly Residual payouts one account setups plus upfront, COMPANY provides training on all services to be provided by INDEPENDENT OFFICE, We been the ATM & Banking Business for over 10 years working the Tri-County areas in, South Florda where our home office is located. Again, no matter which option you choose, you never pay for the machine itself. They are everywhere. replenished directly into your banking account the next business day. School and Government ATM Placement Packages: College University ATM Placement in Los Angeles, CA, Monthly Profit disbursements (if applicable). Forms and Brochures . Will be a lifelong customer!

We offer free machine placement and management at your business with no additional costs for you. Free Leads Service . The most common goal is to provide onsite cash while alleviating the expense, management and liability of operating an ATM. If its not used your money stays in the machine., LLC offers ATM processing, ATM sales and ATM placement services for merchants in need of an ATM machine. Having access to cash leads to impulse buys, additional point of sale purchases and reduced credit card processing fees.

Please note that the ATM operator and site locations must be based in the United States. We prefer to deal directly with business owners and a few placement companies. Earning potential can be up to thousands of dollars every month. Home » ATM Programs » Free ATM Placement Service ; Free ATM Placement Program. We have direct relationships with the CEO's of some ATM manufacturers that have placement services of their own.

Others do not want to handle large amounts of money. For more information about starting up your own ATM business, fill out the form below or call us at 952-887-5303. An ATM Machine Location Placement Locator will find businesses of many types that would like to have an ATM machine placed in its location for a fee. If you are a new ATM Operator seeking to get started in the ATM Business we offer a market analysis service where we do a detail research in your areas of interest to decide the feasibility of your business model and to help you make an educated decision on whether this is a good business more or not. Lieberman Companies will assign an account manager to share knowledge on finding an appropriate site, correspond with site on your behalf to estimate the potential success, and help with the location commission structure. and re-sold almost instantly for up to 10X the original cost of investment. The ATM business is easy to manage and operate, and you’re all but guaranteed a profit from your customers…that is, those that can find your machines. Some of the most popular places for machines are gas stations, restaurants, convenience stores, grocery stores, bars, night clubs, hotels, and shopping malls. We Are Invested In Your Success Your business should generate 300-500 transactions or more each month for a placement service to consider your business as a viable location. By doing so we gather data on locations that are in your area to see if there are sufficient locations  available to place your atm prior to getting started. Almost anyone can find a great location. Definitely our go to guys! We will walk you through the process of placing an ATM into your business, help you make a decision about the right machine for your location, and make the entire process as easy as possible for you. Then, we continue to service the ATM based on the placement package that best suits your needs. If your business would be able to do over 300 transactions per month and preferably 500 per month or more, an ATM placement company would like to talk with you. Lower credit and debit card fees by promoting the use of cash.

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