For Okta Verify, choose Okta Verify with Push. Under Networking & security, choose Multi-factor authentication. Choose Factor Enrollment, and then choose Add Rule. For more granular access control, I can configure SAML group-specific authorization rules. Choose Settings, and then choose Downloads. Because Client VPN trusts the IdP, this is accepted as proof that the user is authenticated and the session can be established. Be sure that this user is part of the Admin group within your AD. To set up MFA for end users connecting to a Client VPN endpoint using Duo: Create and configure an AWS Managed Microsoft AD. Go into the newly created AWS Client VPN App Sign On tab and select Edit.

Note: These AD users are the same end users who will connect to the Client VPN service.

This is also called a SAML assertion and includes details about the user like their email and group membership. Download and Install the AWS VPN Client tool available for macOS, Windows, or any open VPN-based Clients (For example: Tunnel Blick, Viscosity, Open VPN, etc.). 2. Any traffic going to destinations outside of the VPC IP range bypasses the VPN. OpenVPN Access Server is a full featured SSL VPN software solution that integrates OpenVPN server capabilities, enterprise management capabilities, simplified OpenVPN Connect UI, and OpenVPN Client software packages that accommodate Windows, MAC, and … Once you enter the user’s credentials, you are prompted to enter the MFA code from the Duo mobile application. Push either the users Okta password or a randomly generated password to the app. 2. You must provide credentials for a user that is a member of the group permitted to access your EC2 instance.
How can I use Okta with my AWS Managed Microsoft AD directory to provide multi-factor authentication (MFA) for end users connecting to an AWS Client VPN endpoint? AWS Client VPN is a separate app and it requires a unique identity provider definition in AWS. Once successfully authenticated, they can connect to the EC2 instance. From the top navigation bar in Okta, choose Directory, and then choose Directory Integrations. As mentioned in pre-requisites, I am using Okta as the example IdP in this walk through. 1.

4. 2. It should be in. In this scenario, I am only allowing users that belong to the “Engineering“ group to connect to the EC2 instance. 3.

For Actions, choose Prompt for factor. 5. You may already be using Okta, or another SAML IdP, to authenticate access to AWS Management Console. If that user hasn’t authenticated before, they are redirected to the IdP in their default browser. Log in to the AWS Management Console. In the Okta administrator console, in the Applications tab select Add Application; Search for and select AWS ClientVPN and press Add next to the App. Then, install the following services using PowerShell (in Admin mode): Next, create AD users and AD groups. Then, verify that both Okta Radius Server Agents and AD Agent Installer are installed and are in the Running state. Then, download the Okta Radius Server Agents and AD Agent Installer on your instance. At that point, the group membership information can be used to authorize access to specific resources. Looks like you have Javascript turned off! Note: You can also connect to the Client VPN endpoint using any other standard OpenVPN-based client tool.

Desktop (Windows or macOS) running the latest AWS Client VPN software. Edit the outbound rule for the security group of AD to allow UDP 1812 (or the Radius service port) for the destination IP (private IP) of your Radius Server.

Okta Cloud Connect enables users to log in to AWS services by leveraging their existing Active Directory or LDAP credentials. This profile can be added to the AWS Client VPN software running on your desktop. 3. Launch another EC2 Windows instance. You can give them access to other AWS services, on-premises networks, and even the internet. For detailed steps of setting up a Client VPN endpoint with other authentication options, you can also refer to the previous blog post. Log in to your Okta account using your Okta homepage URL and credentials: 1. Protect and enable employees, contractors, partners, Deep, pre-built integrations to securely connect to everything. To learn more about how to architect Client VPN connectivity see this blog post. Log in to the Okta homepage using the following credentials: 3. Here is what’s required to run thorough the setup: To integrate Client VPN with SAML, you must establish trust between the service and your IdP. Tom is a Specialist Solutions Engineer focusing on Networking.

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