However, it is revealed that it was a trick and Azula planned to kidnap them as traitors.

wait why did azula go crazy again?? But then create another character that completely diminishes the point they just made. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the TheLastAirbender community. I give my permission to pass my contact information to the alleged infringing party. Since I already covered the LOK ship meme , I figured it was only fair to follow it up with a Last Airbender version too .Hope you enjoy reading! None of you knew why. like...did the power get to her head or something?? Have fun and enjoy this content :). Azula is a little one-dimensional. when he got that burn, so how old is Azula at that point? It is our aim to be a inclusive and wholesome place for all. Not every character needs to have development.

She was just so far gone it’s like they didn’t even win against her since she broke herself, Literally just watched this scene. That's why Azula becomes such a single-minded, power-hungry huntress. I think the whole appearance thing isn’t proper grounds to base it off of. Ozai somewhat fills that role but he's very distant from the plot. The very first episode Azula was introduced. But Aang has turned himself into a justified military target when he sank the Fire Nation fleet. Azula (Avatar: The Last Airbender) She is a terrible sister to Zuko, tried to destroy Aang, Katara and Sokka and fooled everyone (principally the fire nation) 3. Azula be the type of chick who can spew flames out her , Don't understand this meme at all must be some weaboo shit, The scene of her losing her shit while she was chained up is scary but really cool, Whoever did this doesn’t have a soul. In the comic after the show ended zuko needed her help to find his mom and she was in a jacket and stuff. Until we get to know him, and see his motivations, and realize that he felt pressured into this, but that he wasn't really a bad guy. I didn't read the comics, but azula seemed pretty -----y as a brat, too. He's meant to be a person who genuinely believes that what he's doing is right but slowly realizes how he's on the wrong side of everything. I don't hate the avatar, I grew up with it too. As Azula got older and more powerful, she was more carved into what Ozai wanted her to be. actually this looks like theyre all ghosts, maybe super far future. Jun 30, 2018 - Explore Jamie Diaz's board "Meme Costume" on Pinterest. share. Of course we knew since we see her hallucinating, but Zuko never has. Keep in mind, Zuko was 13(I think?)

At the same time, Zuko’s plotline is also explored.

In about 2 years we see her again when Zuko fights his father and she's wearing make up (Which seems to be her mother's so there's some creep factor if Ozai insisted on that) and in military attire, reveling in her brother's suffering. Feel free to have respectful debates over theories. Zuko is the product of their mother. Dude these avatar memes today and fucking amazing, I start rewatching avatar and now all these damn avatar features? Like, they work so hard to create a story showing that she wasn't all bad. Ok but I mean until we got that video about why azula was slipping all of you just thought it was cuz that bitch crazy.

In fact, static characters form a vital role in fiction. I really liked the entire idea of Zaheer and his group, and how their story was told. dammit luke, i know i only have u for the weekends but gosh darn. You can even see an incoming boomerang attack, courtesy of an off-screen Sokka. Consistently one of the most overwhelmingly popular characters alongside aang and zuko, but he doesn't change. She's the product of her father. Fucking reddit therapists tryna act like they know how characters are flawed and why. Losing her friends, her fathers support and then mirage ursa shows up for the final blow to her pysche, Even as a child who couldn't spell his own last name I always thought he was so fucking stupid that he couldn't explain why she was slipping, I find it interesting to see where the internet is in the series based on the memes, Ya know one thing I hoped for was some kinda redemption ark for azula honestly I think all she may have needed was someone that cared about her and take the time for her cuz any of us would be fucked if our own mother called us a monster. I guess it just feels like they worked so hard to show us that Zuko wasn't crazy, just misguided. In fact, the first moment in which we see the true Azula is when she starts falling apart. I guess I like villians where I can clearly see where they're coming from and understand their reasoning, even if they go about things the wrong way and never find redemption (like Zuko).

Then Azula's motivation cannot be that she's power hungry. The Day of Black Sun. When we see her in flashbacks, she's a spoiled brat with a bit of an edge, but she's also about 8 or 9 and not evil. See this is a good/funny avatar meme. This post actually puts a lot of stuff into perspective for me. dammit luke, i know i only have u for the weekends but gosh darn. And we see that clearly in the final episode. I love the plot, the characters, and the development over the series.

Like this is the third feature in a row and I guarantee I'll see one or ten atleast two posts down. HD wallpapers and background images Please free to participate in this 8-week writing and art challenge. I love Folds, and this version of this song is perfect for Azula. Monday October 9th, 2017 is the start of the #AzulaShipChallenge!. This is an actual screenshot. Maybe I just find Azula's motives too unidentifiable to personally relate to.

Their hairstyle, the top knot, which is a symbol of nobility in Japan. Azula is a special character. I think it would have gone alot smoother. You all cant even agree on whether you hate or like new fans. FJ was developed by a multicultural team of various beliefs, sexual orientations and gender identities.

Here is a picture of Sokka to lighten your day. Im getting tired of this avatar shit on my rascist app, I'ma go ahead and say it. Feeling poetic today? Describe the issue in detail. That's not exactly right. And as with Zuko, we get an incomplete picture. We all know Azula to be a maniacal bitch, and that some wacky hair is far from giving a good hint that her entire fighting stature and mindset was off. She's a character foil to Zuko; she's what Zuko could have become had he been much closer with his father.

She has difficulty connecting with her close friend group, as well. If that's Iroh and Lu Ten, with Zuko being the baby, there's no way Azula was even born, let alone remember it. Tons of awesome Azula wallpapers to download for free. There are no happy memories with sis or dad. Not another meme about zuko becoming a good person/Iroh is good daddy reddit meme explaining the obvious point of the scene like it’s some deep davinci code secret they just unearthed. Azula never had that childlike innocence that Zuko had, and she lost the ability to empathize with other people. share. I don't think the point of Zuko was simply "bad guys aren't as bad as they may seem". I must capture the avatar to regain my honor! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

By using iFunny you agree to our Privacy policy. Sure Azula is fucking nuts but hey shes still hot, Who else when to high school with these bitches? Everyone knows once some hair escapes the ponytail, their mind is in complete disarray, They showed her insanity pretty well. If that's Iroh and Lu Ten, with Zuko being the baby, there's no way Azula was even born, let alone remember it.

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