Norwegian nobility. Either randomly generated resources, or lists from established media, or personal homebrew content - just anything I can refluff to save time. This makes them useful pieces of setting background for all kinds of campaigns. ; Four noble clans. You can share this page to your friends and family so that they can also help you to choose right Noble House Names. As a testament to their deceiving and hypocritic nature, the Council can eradicate any House if a witness survives and names them as the attacker.

One of the most notorious Drow alive. Surveys indicate that people are prepared to pay more for a home that has a name. This name generator will give you 10 random names for noble houses. The remaining problem is the same one that afflicted the 1E DMG tables — lack of restraint in their usage. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Noble house name generator . Curse you, Sean, for planting this kernel in my head…. The house is still alive; in fact, the current King of Spain is a member of it.

I picked phoenix as the most badass name because it's my name and its obviously true. They say absolute power corrupts absolutely; some noble families were strikingly powerful. These are noteworthy events in the family’s recent history that happen by circumstance (i.e., the noble doesn’t specifically set out to achieve them, like “Current Ambitions” below).

Their wealth and power came from being feudal lords, commanding over their subjects the whole time. They are largely unknown to people in the western world as their achievements were dwarfed by what came after.

And they eventually became the rulers of several Italian regions. Choosing a great last name for your son or daughter is a big responsibility. He had two seats in this county, Exeter castle, and Dartington.

Ask yourself what was done and how you would make those names sound more alluring. @deimos3428 : Yup – it’s easy to get results that rapidly spin out of control (like 42% of your houses populated by were-nobles).

The Mughal emperors obviously ruled over the Mughal Empire. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

Use this to gauge the success of the noble’s plots, plans, and acquisitions. The house was founded in 1096 by William de Percy, who obviously gave the house his name. Maybe you’re playing a video game or creating a new username for social media and want to sound as badass as possible. The names have been divided into 3 types.

Your email address will not be published. The noble will set about to achieve his goal will all possible haste, using all resources at his disposal. maybe a good distinction between house names or noble names and the names of regular folk is that noble names tend to bear locations, towns or geography (Lancaster, Egmond, Bismarck) or names relating to battle and knighthood (Rothschild, Lionheart) while peasant names will be more likely to be professions (tanner, barker, fisher) Splits were common for noble families and it didn’t mean they were no longer closely associated. Those born into such families are blessed with privilege from cradle to the grave. Names in this generator tend to be the most stereotypical, like 'Blackwood', 'Crowmore' and 'Rothhall', but these names also tend to work best in certain works of fiction Inevitably, some unreasonable percentage of the people walking down the street will have a dark past, or lycanthropy, etc. Wikis. Members of the family served as lords, knights, and even a pope. Even those that were not prepared to pay more said their opinion of the property would improve, with many saying they would be more interested in viewing a named … They live in a Matriarchal society, where a Matron Mother with her daughters and sons rules a House. Would this be helpful Houses of Westeros ? Their estate is thought to be worth close to 800 million pounds, which is well over a billion dollars.

Adolfa: The feminine version of Adolf, meaning ‘noble wolf’ Adolfo: Noble wolf Maybe you’re about to start a new game of D&D and need character names. Dark elves, also known as Drow, are faithful to the treacherous ways of the Spider Queen Lolth.

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The house slowly faded away around the late 16th century. Watch this spot for an update. You can combine two real-life words and “separate” them using an apostrophe.

As previously mentioned, the House of Habsburg were incredibly influential in Austria; they were influential all across Europe. @Sean Holland : Including “tired/resigned” as an Old personality trait is making more and more sense. 3 Cruel to certain nobles This web page shows only a small excerpt of our Nobles research. The family was founded in the mid 14th century and they have the most badass coat of arms I’ve ever seen.

To combat this issue, one really needs to make many, many uninteresting characters in strict defiance of the tables. In England there are literally people who become Lords and ladies simply because they were born into the right family. And sometimes, Drow make names for themselves. Here's a random coat of arms description generator if you'd rather use that. If you’re looking to play a more sinister character or perhaps one that is trying to escape everything his race is, the Drow are a perfect choice.

His House has to keep sacrificing sons as Lolth knows he’s alive.

Matron Mother of House Hael’lrin, the 19th House.

1 Excellent @Benjamin : Be my guest, Benjamin. In the 19th century, they were completely overthrown by the British empire. The House of Neville was mentioned earlier on in this article. Very nice.

Escaped assassination attempts from more than a few Houses. Badass last names are those that sound funny, cool, you know, Badass. Check them all, inspiration can be everywhere. This combination will create a new noble house name while still keeping the overall feel of nobility.

Three popes came from the House of Medici.

Never pick a lame name again!

The Austrian empire was known for it’s aggressive nature, partly because the Babenbergs were always seeking more wealth and titles. These are all relatives—not just immediate family. Drow surnames can vary, though many use their House name, especially the noble ones. The task of thinking up Noble House Names can be quite monotonous, time wasting and boring, but with Noble House Name Generator tool, I hope the task is made easier for you. A strict and transparent House hierarchy is how things work in this majestic, yet highly violent city. The Forgotten Realms Wiki. Secondly, these tables are awesome. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the worldbuilding community. It was founded by the king of France and swiftly added new titles to it’s collection. Killed her Mother and became the new Matron. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

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Get FREE .com with a new hosting account at Bluehost. Example: Dag and Tar, Dag’tar. For generating Noble House Names simply scroll down and click on the

Their Empire was vast, controlling most of what is now India, and much of central Asia. For generating Noble House Names simply scroll down and click on the Get House Names Button to randomly generate 10 Noble House Names. As DM and a Storyteller, I very much enjoy all of the aspects of D&D. @Sean Holland : Thanks for reading. 33,939 Pages.

Specifically, these tables assume a quasi-feudal environment, so they may require some adjustment for your campaign. Their legacy is visible in their buildings and structural engineering. Did you enjoy this guide? Notice the usage of the combinations we mentioned. Many family members still hold titles like Barons or Earls in several European countries.

Instead, add relatives as you need them, up to the number indicated below.

The house’s patriarch (4/6) or matriarch (2/6), who ultimately directs or approves any activity that impacts the family’s status and fortune. 10,000's of names are available, you're bound to find one you like. Not all houses have skeletons, and the chance-in-six that you’ll roll on this table is based on family alignment (Lawful: 1/6, Neutral: 2/6, Chaotic: 4/6), depending on how aristocrats roll in your campaign.

Work on an upcoming fantasy setting has me thinking about nobles. They don’t seem to be in control of European and North-American governments as the conspiracy theories would have you believe. 1: Favoured by the king (d6: 1-2 staunch loyalty; 3-4 the Midas touch; 5-6 shrewd politicking), 2: Achieved overwhelming military victory, 6: Returned after adventuring expedition to (d6: 1-3 local wilderness; 4-5 king’s wilderness; 6 foreign country), 7: Captured (d6: 1-3 outlaws; 4 spies; 5 marauding monster; 6 humanoid rabble), 8: Brokered diplomatic agreement on king’s behalf (d6: 1-3 trade agreement; 4-5 mutual defence pact; 6 truce), 9: Discovered valuable commodity (d6: 1-2 precious metal; 3-5 industrial material; 6 gemstones), 11: Death in the family (d6: 1-2 natural causes; 3-4 battle; 5 accident 6 questionable circumstances), 12: Wilderness within fief is frequented by (d6: 1-2 outlaws; 3-4 wandering monster; 5 refugees; 6 humanoid band), 13: Family member ransomed by (d6: 1-2 foreign enemy; 3-4 outlaws; 5 humanoids; 6 unknown kidnapper), 14: Participated in a duel (d6: 1-2 won; 3-4 lost; 5-6 draw), 16: Adventuring family member(s) presumed lost or dead, 17: Losing money as a result of (d6: 1 stolen heirloom; 2-3 bad business; 4 raiders; 5 rival noble; 6 freak accident), 18: Vassal settlement endangered by (d6: 1 attack; 2-3 plague; 4-5 low food supply; 6 bandits), 20: Snubbed by king for (d6: 1-2 poor military performance; 3-4 late rents; 5-6 causing trouble at court.

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