\f>헰��������:�i endobj Comparisons for Barient, Barlow, Lewmar, Andersen, Messner winches Roulement à rouleaux inox Barient de couleur grise.

<< Support de cliquets Barlow 25 ST . 3 - Halyard-1969: Barient No. POSEIDON: guindeau manuel, enrouleur de aussières, passerelles et Alt-ô rat. >> [�!�S��ϡ��v���A��~+�3gC FF QG����2��*���&�*(��Gރ�3�����]�=fl�$������F���>:���91+��iD�\���I� �W��M�L�uD�:Q�&a�(P���u!Ycʦ~)�ΝB�4W5�4�ԁ^ݘzتN�`�}۲8���lH'@1IC0k�8�8�1dyI�I:�8ZE�bb��=���M� ���"""�]$%%Q 77��ӧ8x5999'O�������. /Width 1936 (#G*��V��{�~81�,�⎑�;r���QG��l6�#�q T���v���`2�ܚg�L���ua���v!��U2&H���j�\�O��#-�^jjŨ���\ �L�{�]�����`��M�tF�MMR����]%�ԖB����m��!r�"�ib@��‡D�j\A(�R�Tϓ��`y�ƻ�%��) u��HU0Re��(G��F�)����L���‡4�݊+�f Additionally, our intimate knowledge of Barient and Barlow products ensures delivery of the correct spare parts at minimum fuss. /Height 68 /ImageMask true << Contents 1. many parts for these Winches. /Length 1658

Models #15 & #16 1-speed Self Holding Winch 2. Equipement et accessoires pour bateaux plaisance et nautisme. Jeu de mâchoires pour winch Barlow ou Barient 19 ST, 23 ST 1 vitesse (de 1980 à 85) et 25 ST 2 vitesses. )���S_�d`q��4����И�?�:v��њ�u�F�#�9q��)���D�S�!q!7�S��ɲKn�����M�O ����}����c>B��9uՁ��'�=_������z�S�21%n�.��T�_�;����R�u�d /Width 336

$199.00. /Filter [/FlateDecode] �D¶�Q' :U�%Zm� ��w��H���[|O�����;!��"��7�m��Ǐ5U�6����T�2�}*���_�H��Xj���V�4�j�^�k�!\?

7 0 obj >> /Length 231332 >> Barient/Barlow Winches: Barient/Barlow Winches Rig-Rite no longer stocks any parts for Barient or Barlow Winches. �(%�F( �P%U� ��`��C�*�B'�=�*���U�8cT��"@ǫk���v��t�> ���т�8�G��b�}*VĮ�]���u�s䭖7�If��B�q���\Z�^���05�D�2�D��O{��2�JƑ��hb.�b$��B��ߝ����B^Q�Rɉ��p9�M���yL. Winch Service Manuals - Barient, Barlow, and Lewmar. Collerette pour winch standard Barlow (Barient) 15 à 16.

/Filter[/CCITTFaxDecode] endstream We have purchased a large quantity of the original Barient and Barlow tooling and all the technical data covering the entire period of their existence. Dynamic sail loads can easily increase the loads dramatically. stream Collerette pour winch Barlow standard 23. Ci-après ne figurent que quelques exemples! Winch size. Mar 10, 2014 38 Catalina 30 GYB, Sasafrass River, MD May 6, 2014 #1 Found a good deal on some Barlow #19 self tailing winches. /Subtype/Image �����˚��7nܸz��+W�\\�|�ҥKX�P��ŋ�����o��oϟ?O��������Z[[y kll,//ojj���ikk��T^\\Lm��:y)ܻw�&��������� %)�w�w�X������644���Paee%���������-�����'&&������������A:�n!z�� iWW�A1�NMM����Ï?�W�����1@��(��|;�c�|�����8�@w�����HKK;v�XEE��۷��� ���)�n�'j�겫F�̿�f��T C�k�mӔ����k�4-;RG���Є��ԛ�È�"�e?X��c��ɘ�k�5Ri1F�Vm��4T���>���W�Y.D��%��3��f�(!֝��]&�m��7��`9Yew�.���d�AO���B �s��3nvx�;M�U�p�����0b%N� �����H,67����,L���u�� �� 6#��n�#�K��h���uq���{�M�x��V��+�k! Rig-Rite, Inc. Thread starter ChangsinLattitudes; Start date May 6, 2014; Forums. The website also contains more winch service information and advice on dismantling when the original Barlow/Barient dismantling tools are not available. /ColorSpace/DeviceRGB

remaining tooling has been acquired by The Australian Yacht Winch Company, who still offer X��X�n�F}�WP�&-R���@��h��" v$��Z$cK6�����YHEv�>4��Y�Os�a0fgs3=fé)&y6����۫���Ӡ��P�f(�Mr�f�����mn^5�?�|18�)7�Y\�KW��g��,7�C�^�����ž'in�Ino���7�5I:����Nґ-qdΗ�� �E��v��e��� >�ZW �I�\�"R�y�OF��� X���OTI����}2�h2cf23&D:��I%4�$�(a�E"����Aeq!D��J���Yx`A��j`����Jâ��5}���C7M�����C��u�֭�[uλ׃ϟ?�*���XXX U��������}��t���BjLl���������������(��`='UEQňw>|��t:�jۻw�$��ᅬ���?###�����Ý�������������O��O�����Տ?������k� *�)J���S�?��?��?��˾���� Both Barient and Barlow ��������ˣG� Their Barient/Barlow Parts Page is on-line @ Got a C-30 w/a 150% genny, currently have non self tailing lewmar's.

Roulement à rouleaux inox Barient de couleur verte. /Length 338 $100.00. N'hésitez pas à nous contacter; en nous fournissant le maximum de renseignements sur votre winch, nous trouverons votre pièce défectueuse. Plus d'infos. &�� 3A - Halyard-1971: Barient No. $345.00. Barlow 16 Single Speed Winch. Il y a 1 produit dans votre panier. Sachet 4 cliquets et 8 ressorts pour winchs Barlow ou Barient. stream Both Barient and Barlow have been out of business for decades. Il existe des centaines de références pour les pièces détachées Barient et Barlow. ChangsinLattitudes. Catalina Owner Forums. Barlow No 16 Stainless Steel Sailboat Winch Wl Line Ring. /DecodeParms[<>] /Type/XObject The AUSTRALIAN YACHT WINCH COMPANY can help.

Barient/Barlow Winches MASTCLIMBER, PATIN D'AMURE, et TOURMENTIN ATN, SECURITE et EQUIPEMENT INDIVIDUEL (OLAS, longe, éclairage), NOS EQUIPEMENTS ET ASTUCES POUR LE VOYAGE, PANNEAUX SOLAIRES ACTIVESOL, régulateurs Victron et accessoires, Panneaux solaires ACTIVESOL face avant Blanche, Set of jaws Barlow or Barient 19 to 25 ST, Self-tailing jaws Barlow or Barient winch 27 ST.

/BitsPerComponent 8 Rig-Rite no longer stocks any parts for Barient or Barlow Winches. stream www.arco-winches.com/barient.html. $400.00 . İ&Y|,��`��¾k�Ma���n���f-���v���{'g'�ߗ����̛ ��:I'�H�

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