How to add the workshop from bendy?? Uploaded by: anonymous; 1 year ago; IronGolen Techne Online page; 16 Login to favorite; 150. There will be a lot of ink in doors and walls sometimes ink bendy can you thorugh walls and add beast bendy and brute Boris and add evil alice angil and add ink machine and add ink bendy transforming into beast beast bendy and ink bendy’s one hands turns big and his other hand turns big and put them in his face and turns into beast bendy he doesn’t sit down until you build a chear he doesn’t hit you until your in survival mode and add beast bendy will walk and run with his arms when he see you in survival mode he will roar and hits you and he can go through trees and walls and ink bendy will hit you and add ink bendy has small spikes and beast bendy has big spikes and when mobs and players are dead or players hide ink bendy will stop chaseing you and the ink bendy music will stop and add long sticky ink on ink bendy’s neck and keep the old ink bendy music and add ink bendy fighting norman plsss add those and update it plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss, Pls bendy the demon pls add beast bendy and brute Boris, Pls add beast bendy and brute Boris plsssdsddssdz, Bendy the demon pls make a wither storm addon, Come on bendy the demon pls make a wither storm addon and trailer please, Pls Create wither storm addon, Can you create a herobrine addon add tnt add fire added lighting add traps add herobrine can build anything add pigbrine add cowbrine add evil chicken add villager brine added notch added herobrine stallkers adden cave sounds no slowmotien only original sounds add shoot wither skull add herobrine can teleport add herobrine can you any weapon add wither skeleton. So epic! Download isn’t working for me. ITS ANIMATIONS ARE NICE, I Wish BendyTheDemon18 Makes More Addons!! Inside the ink-pumping station, Beast Bendy starts the next battle stage by following after Henry for immediate attack instead of charging aimlessly. Can you I really like it but i have some problems, sammy has a really bugged ai and he grabs doors and puts them in the floor for no reason and can break a entire map, also i cant place projectors or radios on tables normally, otherwise, good addon. Can you plz make an addon that adds many different weapons with custom animations like the animations for weapons in this addon? It’s very very crashy Henry will die in a single hit when getting run over by him. Guys his gonna update this add-on. Some text from Minecraft Wiki used under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License 3.0. Iron Golems will become aggressive against anything that attacks them or a Villager , except for the player who built them, and will only become unaggressive if they defeat the player or mob that attacked them, or if all players leave the game.

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