It also depends do you like sunrise or sunset in your bedroom window!! The direction which your house faces influences the energies, both positive and negative, which enter your home, according to the ancient Indian architectural system, Vastu Shastra. From a landscape architect’s position, you want to minimize building footprint to leave more land to plant. What is the Best Facing Direction in NYC? Phil Horigan, NYC Real Estate Veteran Our patio faced the east and south, giving us morning sun and light during the day. And finally… yes we looked for all of this when we bought and found a great property and only had to add the porch. This is why when an apartment faces south for example you will almost always see it highlighted in the advertising for the property (i.e. If you place it in the south-west direction then make sure you place it two feet above the topmost slab. As long as the windows were big and the view decent, you should get good light throughout the day. ), but in the winter the sun will be more in the southern sky, so I would think you would look for more of an open southern exposure. did you buy your house much like a camper who seeks out the best place to pitch a tent? Are there "all inclusive" Hotels in Palms Springs area. Note that you can get ANY exposure you want from the thousands of apartments on frēlē, the free and honest real estate marketplace. my backyard is in the east, so grass is thick and that is real cool when trying to impress at a BBQ. I also have my barn facing Southwest so the critters don’t get blasted with the North winds in winter. A wrap around porch on the south and west and trees on the north . The Answer May Surprise You (Tip #39), What is the Best Way to Find Cheap Apartment Rentals in NYC? This is why a south facing direction is often considered the best direction to face and is generally the most coveted exposure. It is shut on the west and north in the winter. When you face south in an apartment in NYC you generally get direct sun for most of the day. There is no single ideal direction for all houses everywhere. Sometimes it's too hot to sit out in the late afternoon, so we like the shade on the patio. Or, click for more rental tips. *Others prefer the opposite, having the house face west so the backyard is facing east and benefits from the shade on a hot summer afternoon. You would like your patio facing south next season. What is the right size for an excercise ball? more. I prefer Easterly facing homes because I practically live on my deck all night long in the summer, want the shade by late afternoon. There is no single ideal direction for all houses everywhere. Every once in a while, someone will ask me what is the best direction for a house to be oriented. It depends! hot? Is Palm Springs the best city to stay at in the area? @charliecompany34 Where can I find villas, homes and condos to rent in the Palm Springs area? Ironically, depending on how bright and how open your views are, your shades may be down most of the time in a south facing apartment. My current NYC apartment faces west, and it is a first for me. For more NYC rental tips, please go to This is why a south facing direction is often considered the best direction to face and is generally the most coveted exposure. (North, South, West, East?) What is the best facing direction? (Tip #38), What is a Junior 4 Apartment Layout in NYC? What is the best way to arrive in Palm Springs? 13 years old and agree to the From an architectural standpoint, you want to maximize views and minimize noise, dust, or other potential pollution. In the temperate northern hemisphere, the side with the most glass area should face south, for the greatest solar heat gain in winter. So for morning sun ( which is my favorite -) you'd want to be facing East but for sunsets you'll want to face the Mountains (especially the area between the Indian Canyons and where the Tram is ) . When that happens, it doesn’t really matter which direction you are facing!). Fire Your NYC Rental Agent If They Don’t Do This (Tip #40), Can I Sign a Two Year Lease in NYC? Oh, I see, you are asking about a winter stay and you would need all the sun you could get. In the winter we get little sun exposure on the north side of our house unless you are pretty far into the yard so as not to be shaded by the building. From a structural/geotech engineer’s position, you want to put the house on soil that doesn’t shrink/swell. The kitchen is in the South/West corner, and gets too hot in the summer. California-based designer Kelly Hinchman loves working with Western light in her clients’ homes, but is quick to warn, “The afternoon sun will flood the room with golden overtones… This is cool, since you don’t get direct sunlight in the family room. The problem was that in trying to figure out the best direction to point the antenna I realized that there had to be an easy way to get the optimal direction for the antenna to face. Having worked in NYC real estate for 14 years, people often ask me what is the best kind of exposure to have: facing north, south, east, or west. If the front door has a poor direction, it may violate the Feng Shui taboo. Of course once the sun drops below the mountains get out the sweaters and jeans! Can you guys tell me if it's at all possible to get my own apartment or studio? SOUTH FACING DIRECTION: A NYC apartment with Southern Exposure, NORTH FACING DIRECTION: A NYC apartment with Northern Exposure, EAST FACING DIRECTION: A NYC apartment with Eastern Exposure, WEST FACING DIRECTION: A NYC apartment with Western Exposure. I live up North in a cold climate. Members who are knowledgeable about this destination and volunteer their time to answer travelers' questions. In fact, there are pros and cons to each of the four exposures as explained below. My house (well flat) faces towards the Thames and has views over parliament, Big Ben and St Pauls which makes is worth more than if it was pointing the other way. What is the best facing direction for your apartment? ta.queueForLoad : function(f, g){document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', f);})(function(){ta.trackEventOnPage('postLinkInline', 'impression', 'postLinks-25465290', '');}, 'log_autolink_impression');Palm Springs. Ideally, the overhead water tank should be placed in the west or south-west direction of the house. We always look for a house with the backyard facing south. Generally speaking, facing “south” is considered the best facing direction and some would even argue it deserves a premium. The day would not be the same if they could not have their breakfast with the sun beaming in.

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