Whichever you choose, extra copies of both Garnett and P/V will soon be available at our 2nd floor Readers’ Services desk, and our reading schedule is broken down for both translations. Dr. Herzenstube testifies that the mental abnormality of the defendant is obvious, because when he entered the courtroom he kept his eyes in front of him instead of looking to the left at the ladies, of whom he was a great admirer. — самым спокойным образом, как бы вовсе и не искал слова, подтвердил доктор, But perhaps you will find something, if not in the vocabulary then in the patterns of speech or the way the phrases are constructed. no, there are many of them, and they are all small, you put them in the mouth and cr-r-rack…!” — Ну да, гулять, и я то же говорю. Change ), This is a text widget. I am going to have another go at these and am really confused by all the different English versions. The most impressive translation of Dostoevsky into English I've come across is Jesse Coulson's "Crime and Punishment." Но к нему другой с умом не пришел, а он и свой пустил… Как это, куда он его пустил? .— О, д-да, и я то же говорю, “Be pre-pared for any-thing,” the doctor pronounced, emphasizing each syllable, and, lowering his eyes, he himself prepared to step across the threshold to the carriage. “Yes, for a walk, that’s what I am saying. Send Message. . And I lifted my finger and said to him, ‘Boy, Gott der Vater.’ He laughed and said, ‘Gott der Vater’… ‘Gott der Sohn.’ He laughed again and lisped ‘Gott der Sohn.’ ‘Gott der heilige Geist.’ Then he laughed and said as best he could, ‘Gott der heilige Geist.’ I went away, and two days after I happened to be passing, and he shouted to me of himself, ‘Uncle, Gott der Vater, Gott der Sohn,’ and he had only forgotten ‘Gott der heilige Geist.’ But I reminded him of it and I felt very sorry for him again. “Nuts?” The captain rushed out after the doctor and, bending low, almost writhing before him, stopped him to get his final word. can it be. Dmitri (Mitya) is on trial for murder. Он еще засмеялся и лепетал: «Gott der Sohn. A certain note of sensitivity and emotion was suddenly heard in the honest old man’s voice. . The Brothers Karamazov is divided into 12 books, one of which is entitled “Nadryvy.” Garnett translates the word as “Lacerations.” P&V use “Strains.” Again, both are possible so far as the dictionary is concerned. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com. — Ну да, орехи, и я то же говорю, His face looked almost angry and disgusted, as though he were afraid of getting dirty. And I felt pity for the boy then, and I asked myself: why shouldn’t I buy him a pound of. . The Russian is after the English. Below is a short vignette from Book 12, Chapter 3 of The Brothers Karamazov. I’m sticking with them. — О да, я сам был тогда еще молодой человек… Мне… ну да, мне было тогда сорок пять лет, а я только что сюда приехал. “Doctor . A pound of what children are very fond of, what is it, what is it?” The doctor began waving his hands again. “Oh, no, no. Though her translations of Turgenev and Chekhov are generally considered virtuosic, her versions of Dostoevsky, Gogol, and Tolstoy have drawn criticism for Victorian elision.

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