This exploit also works with Terra and Aqua, you can use a Fire Dash command to quickly get behind the rock. It's reliant on skill. It's recommended that you go for the shotlocks first, followed by the most expensive commands. It also seems as though No Heart takes more damage from it because it's a light attack. Even with Terra and his garbage dodge. It's recommended that you use the shotlock method, because it's the easiest, and it does a lot of damage. If it's the red one it's fire, blue it's ice, and yellow it's thunder. This will make it much easier to win. You'll need more than 70 points for the 3 star rating. Where are all the Xehanort reports located? Make sure you have all useful abilities before going into this fight. So because of all that it is highly recommended to unlock the ending under the proud difficulty setting. You earn more medals faster if you just ignore it. If you notice that a charge is taking longer than usual, that means he's going to turn invisible. The final leg of the journey is your Critical playthough.If you're skipping cutscenes, each character can be done in about 3-4 hours, with the whole game from start to the end of the secret episode taking about 12-14 hours.You've already fought the bosses, explored the worlds, and bested the hardest bosses in the game, so this should be pretty easy. Doing so will have a random chance for Pete to show up. You might not even need it as Terra, because he can dash two times in a row.If you're attempting this exploit as a lower level (much lower than level 99), this process could take quite a bit longer than the length the level 99 Ventus is in the video. Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep - Commercial, Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep - Opening Cutscene HD, The Legend Of Heroes: Trails In The Sky SC, (PSP), Meiji Toukyou Renka: Twilight Kiss, (PSP), Naruto Shippuden: Narutimate Accel 3, (PSP), Kurohyou 2: Ryu Ga Gotoku Ashura Hen, (PSP), Ventus' Story - Get out from Land of Departure for the first time, Chest in Ventus' Story - Deep Space - Launch Deck, Chest in Ventus' Story - The Keyblade Graveyard - Seat of War, Chest in Aqua's Story - Radiant Garden - Merlin's House, Clear Aqua's Story - The Mysterious Tower, Terra's Story - Clear Sinister Sentinel in the Mirage Arena, Ventus' Story - Get out from Land of Departure for the second time (event based). At the first split, take a left, then you'll have to take a hard right, and go up the ramp and fall into the hole. To beat him, keep using the 3 D-Link abilities to fill the finisher bar and use the finisher. You'll be getting medals for playing at the very least.Arena: Racing - After you're done with the command boards, jump on over to Rumble Racing. When you hit its belly, the gas gauge will refill. That way you'll be dodging in a hexagon pattern and avoid most of the rushes.

Sometimes it doesn't show up until you've killed everything else. You need to use each one at least once. However, an entry unlocks for each of the secret bosses after you beat them. Below are the reports and how to get them, separated by character. Simply dodge them and attack. It's a fairly straight forward and quick fight.Once you defeat the wall of darkness, you move on to the real boss. To see the specifics of what will level you up, pause the game and go to "Reports", then choose "Game Records", and then "Arena Missions".Once you've reached rank 25, simply complete the Villains' Vendetta battle, and this trophy will pop. Head over to  Light's Will if you need some help defeating him. Which is needed for the, This trophy requires you to complete everything in the "Reports" section from the pause menu while playing as Ventus. During the second fight the boss will eventually D-Link with Ventus after his hp reaches 1. It's recommended to have the Rhythm Mixer command style (see  D.J.

They have a certain percent chance of spawning, so if you don't immediately encounter them after leaving and coming back, just try again a few more times until they spawn again.Creating every ice cream flavour will get you the Sweet Stack keyblade that turns every hit into a critical hit.

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