This makes it obvious why Saturn has been long associated with an assortment of blood worshipping cults.

Today is not ‘Satur-day’ it is the Seventh Day, the day on which Yah rested and commanded all to rest as well. Details an Average Budgetary Expenditure of $19,884 Per Person Meriting 'Refugee' Status - Taxpayer Funded Benefits Packages Deemed Necessary by the U.S. Federal Government as a Means of Settling Asylum Seekers Who Become Immediately Eligible to Receive Cash Assistance, Enroll in the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP), Acquire Access to Affordable Housing and Medical and Health Care Funding Provisions, Proof of Permanent Residency Through the Issuance of Green Cards to Afghan Migrants Increased by 379 Percent in 2014, With 99% of Muslims Residing in Afghanistan Openly Endorsing Sharia Law as Legal Precedent According to Recent Findings by the Pew Research Center, An Estimated 7,500 Americans - on Average 20 Per Day - Killed Annually by Unlicensed Drivers With More Than Half That Number Being the Victims of Illegal Immigrants, Enforcement of Long Standing National Immigration Mandate Revised in Lieu of the Obama Administration's Expansive Reinterpretation of Executive Privilege, 18.7 Million Legally Naturalized Immigrants Deemed to Be Exempt From Oath of Allegiance, as Well as the Customary Pledge to Defend the United States From Foreign Agencies Following the Refusal of Congressional Representatives to Repeal the Proposed Changes Made to Preexistent U.S. The machinations of George Soros, 84 - an international business magnate and multibillionaire financial investor born in Budapest, Hungary, demanding that the EU (European Union) acquiesce to the desires of foreign nationals claiming ‘refugee’ status - were also detailed, 11.10.2015 | War | Article and Information Repository - The ‘Cyber-Warfare’ subsection was added, with several articles of reference detailing the emerging threat of technologically-inspired acts of aggression, 11.5.2015 | Societal Collapse | Article and Information Repository - The documentation of additional instances of sexual misconduct involving school faculty and students in the United States as well as an elaborative foray into the bizarre world of fetal corpse trafficking - believed to be an occult practice whose roots can be traced back to the ancient Buddhist practice of Kuman Thong, where the bodies of deceased infants are revered as objects of worship and recognized as talismans of good fortune in various circles devoted to black magic ritual and spiritual invocation, 11.4.2015 | Tyranny | Article and Information Repository - Examples of the liberal establishment’s war on language in the United States are detailed extensively in the ‘Indoctrination’ and ‘Political Correctness’ sub sections, with emphasis being placed on the premise surrounding the concept of racially-motivated microaggression with the most telling aspects of society’s cultural reengineering occurring at the collegiate level, 10.26.2015 | Societal Collapse | Article and Information Repository - Further documentation affirming America’s descent into depravity, the most notable reference recognized as a legislative proposal by Richard Posner - an acting Federal Judge with the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in the United States - that would effectively redefine the prosecutorial tenets of certain elements of the criminal justice system with the justice envisioning the institution of ‘rape licenses’ for the ‘right to rape’ as a means of pacifying sexual sadists whose ’right to commit acts of violence against women supersedes the emotional and physical trauma of their intended victims’, 10.23.2015 | Corruption | Article and Information Repository - Articles of reference detailing the tendencies of individuals within the Obama Administration to blatantly disregard their obligations as elected officials to uphold the law, with the incidence of scandals in the highest levels of government being elaborated on in detail, 10.21.2015 | Tyranny | Article and Information Repository - The impetus toward UN (United Nations) monopolized and controlled internet-based lines of communication is detailed with a high ranking government official in the People’s Republic of China emphasizing the necessity of an international code of conduct - The concept of institutional indoctrination in the arena of higher education and advanced curricula in the United States is also examined, the most notable example of which being inclusive of a compulsory set of guidelines implemented by the University of Tennessee as a means of eliminating gender-based discrimination. The Four Ages of Man on the Earth according to the esoteric traditions: The lost paradise of the Golden Age, the priestly Silver Age, the heroic Bronze Age and the modern industrial Iron Age. (continue to A Timeless Agein Purple Haze). This story has become the basis for secretive mystery schools and warped theologies, sex and blood-based rituals and alchemically-driven sciences and arts. To primordial man, this was the time of the Purple Dawn, the Great Dreamtime of our distant past celebrated in the oral and written traditions of ancient peoples the world over. Saturn is consequently the celestial body that is the less Research suggests that in essence we are trapped in space and time inside a cube by the Saturn matrix control system. The Rubik’s Cube, while seemingly innocuous in nature, can also be attributed to this particular designation, in the sense that the principal theme of this figure exists as a three-dimensional artifice possessing similar features. Nascent Iodine - Promotes detoxification,

cup-bearer to his father. Please note that some of the images added in this entry may be deemed sensitive to some viewers, and while some may question the intent behind its inclusion to the subject of eschatological discourse, the fact remains that the harsh reality of truth, no matter how uncomfortable or disconcerting it may seem to some, must be revealed in order to hasten humanity’s awakening from the throes of spiritual slumber, 9.21.2017 | Eschatology | Article and Information Repository - An exhaustive inventory of extreme weather events was added; each of which, when examined in entirety, fraught with incomprehensible tragedy and devastation, the likes of which can only be described as the fulfillment of Scripture, 8.29.2017 | Eschatology | Article and Information Repository - A lengthy series of updates pertaining to the subject of eschatological discourse were appended, including the addition of the ‘Extreme Weather Events’ subsection positioned below the Luke 21, Verse 25 sectional, 7.7.2017 | Societal Collapse | Article and Information Repository - A new content section entitled, 'Mayhem,' was recently added. They used the Yahweh System to take over the Guardians of the 12 Pillars and the Krystal Cathedral Architecture, blocking communication with Krystic races outside of this system.

Thanks…..just trying to help people wake up. This was used as an alien defense system in the 8th Stargate so nothing could pass through beyond the Metagalactic zones. In the above figure you can see that Mars has been included. Saturn had revealed himself, and in due time so too would his bride the Evening Star, known as Venus, and his Morning Star-child, called by the ancients amongst other names Mars. (14 December, 2013) – In my latest book. and became the divine ancestor of all earthly patriarchs and kings. man, its animal side, not unlike Satan. was prophesied that one day Saturn would lose power when one of his children

Thus the All-Seeing Eye had revealed itself.

ja, how come “Sabbateo” is like what saturday is called i a few languages, an the dictionary, clearly states, sunday first day of the week, neglect Comm 4,,, might as well neglect em all. Political Debate Regarding the Destiny of “DREAMers” (DREAM Acknowledged as an Acronym for Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors) Overshadowed by Sheer Magnitude of Estimated 3.6 Million Youth Admitted Into the United States by Way of the Obama Administration’s Taxpayer Funded DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) Initiative, Illegal Immigrant From Mexico ‘Repeatedly Raped a Seven-Year-Old Girl and Gave Her Genital Herpes’, Pope Francis Urges Countries to Greatly Improve Their Attitude Toward the Welcoming of Migrant Families and Formally Abstain From the Practice of Government-Sanctioned Collective Expulsions, Leaked Documents From German National Security Organizations Indicate a Desire by an Estimated 5.95 Million Migrants in Various Countries Surrounding the Mediterranean to Gain Entry Into the European Continent as Asylum Seekers With 2.93 Million of That Number Believed to Be Emigrating From Turkey Alone, Angela Merkel, the Beleaguered Chancellor of Germany, Insists That the European Union (EU) Must Continue to Admit Additional Migrants Into Its Geographical Periphery, Publicly Condemns the Notion That Terrorist Activity is Associated With the Proliferation of Islamic Orthodoxy, Foreign Nationals in Germany Being Taught How to Elicit Favorable Responses From Women and Achieve Orgasm by a Relationship Expert, UK Housing Crisis: Half of All New Homes Will Go to Migrant Populations, Süleyman Soylu, a Deputy Chairman of Turkey's Justice and Development Party and the Acting Minister of the Interior, Threatening to Send Europe 15,000 Refugees Per Month, Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, During the Course of Several Scheduled Public Speaking Engagements Across the European Continent Made in Advance of a Constitutional Referendum in Turkey, Warned Political Representatives of Impending 'Holy Wars' in the Region, Immigrant Populations in the United States Surge to a Record 60 Million: Recently Published Findings by the Center for Immigration Studies Indicate That Immigrants and Their Extended Families Now Account for One in Every Five People in America, Recent Documents Published by the U.S. Census Bureau Indicate a Marked Degree of Linguistic Disparity in Relation to English as a Primary Spoken Language in a Host of States Throughout the Nation, Burgeoning Influx of Illegal Immigrants Entering the Continental United States Costing American Taxpayers Almost $135 Billion Annually, an Average of $8,075 Per Person, With the State of New York Allocating $25,000 for Each Individual Alone, California ‘Sanctuary State’ Measure Likely to Become Law, Undercover Video Footage Obtained From Laura Loomer, a Political Activist for Pamela Geller's American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), During the Course of an Independent Investigation at a U.S.

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