We’ve got Salt Strong Fishing Coach Capt. You can use string but a crab will shred it. You must know where your other floats are in relation to your boat. If you drift on top of a float it can become entangled around your prop when you start moving again. The commercial crabbers will follow the concentrations up and down the lagoon. Learn how to catch fewer catfish (even with cut bait), buy using these four tips. When the sun is up, move to deeper water. What’s the best bait? They in turn are tied together at the top. super fun also!!! Hey Thomas! Some of the smaller crabs might slide through the holes in the cage or even exit through the entrance even while being pulled up. A line is then tied at this point and a float attached to the end of the line. Blue Crab Traps. You simply add bait, toss into the water, and wait. By September the crabs will have grown to a respectable size. If you find some, shake them out of your trap. A WORD OF CAUTION: Do NOT leave your traps or trotline unattended. If you are uncertain about the legal size of a crab, measure it and see our crabbing equipment page to make sure you’re properly prepared. You might have to get in some cold water to accomplish this. Catching blue crabs can be accomplished using many different methods; the most popular is the crab trap, a device dating back to Virginia in the 1920s. Care to share this here in the Cape Coral area? It consists of 6 sides: a top, bottom and four sides which open.All the sides of the crab trap open when the line is released of any tension. ?…seems like lately there are a bunch of little hot spots and then big “dead” areas. At the start of the season you will not catch many. That being said it’s still quite light, and due to it’s vinyl coating it largely prevents any possible corrosion. Pots are a great and inexpensive choice for catching blue crabs. The trap is made of wire coated with vinyl to prevent deteriorating. Seeing all the oyster beds in the area has me wondering about getting them too. Peter Deeks and his closest friends and family showing you how to go out and catch blue crabs without crab traps. P.S. though you were going to show cane poling What a Refresssshing Video Bob Fla. The float will mark the spot where the trap is. I notice most of your videos are in Florida waters. After several hours, you pull up the trap and hopefully have enough large crabs for a meal. The ring is made of stainless steel and, like the netting, is coated with polyethylene to prevent any corrosion. Some popular ones are eels, chicken necks, turkey necks, chicken wings, bunker (Atlantic Menhaden, also knows as pogy, mossbunker and fatback), fish heads, bull lip and still more. Click here to claim your FREE pack of Slam Shady paddletails. Keep up the great work. You can find variations of this trap with multiple doors, I believe there is a three and four door version available. Keep in mind that unlike some other traps, this one won’t break down so transporting it is a bit bulkier.

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