Shedding & Bathing While they may not shed as much as their Border Collie parent, they are still a double-coated breed and will shed regularly, and blow their coat twice a year. American breeders developed a canine that was larger than the English version. We’d recommend feeding your pup some whole foods like Sweet Potatoes in addition to dry kibbles, just to make sure that they will have additional vitamins and antioxidants. Pitbulls were used as mascots for the American military for their loyalty and bravery. This mix will almost always be up for a game of fetch. If you, however, are able to find them at a rescue, you can find them for a much lower cost! They inherit this reputation from years of unscrupulous owners training them to dogfight while neglecting and outright abusing them. The mix of the two parent breeds together all but alleviates almost all of the health issues that both parent breeds bring to the table. They need a job to do, so it’s always recommended that you have a big yard if you plan to adopt them, and plenty of room to let them run around. As a personal suggestion, I’d ask you to adopt a dog rather than buy one.

Best dog I’ve ever had. Border Pit puppies generally start from US$700, though are uncommon.

For this, he was put in charg… (that was 8 weeks old-before that he never seen one or had one on).

He is very sociable but needs refined as he likes to jump on people. Before purchasing your pet, consider getting its hip score for each hip. And, if they inherit the coat from Border Collie, you’ll have a pup with a short length coat. They are now 12 weeks and are fully house trained. Now, I am sure as I mentioned Pit Bull, most of you would shy away from even considering this breed. A high-nutrient and high-protein diet with fatty acids like omega 3s are also recommended. Are you searching for a Border Collie Pitbull mix? Apart from that, keep them engrossed with puzzle-games for some mental stimulation. Find out all the details about the Border Collie Pitbull mix, including breed health, temperament, and more. They are highly trainable and can do almost equally as well as their Purebred Border Collie parent when it comes to agility and basic obedience training. House Dog and Preferred Climate Is Warm Weather You can even teach him fun dog tricks and he’ll easily learn them thanks to the intelligent brain of the furry lad. Hip dysplasia, where the hip socket is abnormally formed and can lead to lameness and painful arthritis, is a problem for both breeds. Going over the dog once or twice a week is all that should be required, although they’ll need to be groomed more frequently during shedding season. Training Will Be Challenging and Ongoing It requires at least one hour of exercise each day, along with plenty of mental stimulation. If the mix breed dog takes after their Pit Bull parent, expect a medium length, dense, and harsh coat. They are extremely healthy and usually will be a low-cost dog for most owners. Does Not Like Being Alone

I am reading all I can on this breed but am really loving these dogs!!! All You Need to Know about the PitBull Border Collie Mix, Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free Natural, Merrick Grain Free Real Texas Beef & Sweet Potato, Natural Balance L.I.D. Since Pitbull Terriers aren’t an AKC registered breed, you won’t have papers from their Pitbull Parent. Required fields are marked *. I found it to be spot on! Border collie pitbull mix history.

Petey, the dog from The Little Rascals comedy shorts of the 1920s and 30s, and Nipper, the RCA dog, were both American Pitbull Terriers. Then, I think the Pitbull Border Collie Mix is just the right fit for you. Any dog whether purebred or hybrid is prone to health concerns. You can expect their hair to be anywhere between short to medium.

Border Pits will respond well to being trained with fruits and veggies like Pineapple chunks or cooked Zucchini in order to keep them motivated. While this type of Border Collie and Pitbull mix can be trained as a watchdog, it may not be reliable. Always look for a breeder that’s been breeding Border Pits for at least a couple of generations. Pitbull Border Collie is a very active, alert and energetic dog who loves their walk time. Purely by accident I ended up with 3 collie pit mix pups– both parents are registered dogs — I can’t emphasize enough how smart these dogs are. Getting this hybrid breed means you’ll get a doggy that looks more like a Border Collie with semi-erect ears and a lean, muscular body. But first, let’s find out what it means to be a mixed breed, because there’s some serious debate about this practice. However, there are some health concerns to be aware of, since puppies are at risk for genetic health conditions from either parent. Usually, it’s medium in length and takes after its Border Collie parent with a double coat that’s dense and weather-resistant. The border pit is a very popular mix between the border collie and pitbull. Trying to locate a specific mixed breed at a rescue center or shelter may be a challenge. If you cannot do that, you should have a larger yard.

The Border Collie has an average lifespan of 12 to 15 years, the Pitbull from 12 to 16 years. Pointer/Border Collie Mix. Hard-working and keenly intelligent, the Border Collie requires plenty of physical and mental activity to avoid becoming destructive. Problems may also arise due to the mix’s herding tendencies from its Border Collie parent. The Border Collie Pitbull mix does not make a natural watchdog. Even on our non-running days, once she realizes we’re not going out, she is fine and has never been destructive. We always recommend proper introductions to a multi-pet household before you adopt. Love Your Dog is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. If you are struggling to find a Border Collie Pitbull mix, we always recommend checking local shelters and rescues. Borderbulls will likely need a bribe though, so you’ll want to leverage treats to keep their attention. Make no mistake, combining two athletic, energetic dogs like the Border Collie and the Pitbull means providing vigorous exercise every day. It is best if it has a large yard to roam in throughout the day. Much of this has to do with their history as a fighter and the fact that their owners often hone violent tendencies in these dogs. Strong and stocky, yet agile and graceful, the Pitbull exudes confidence in their stance.

So I know it is a difficult thing to talk about. So, let’s see what you’ll get with a Pit Collie or a Border Pit as many like to call it. You’ll also need to have plenty of time to train them. The Border Collie Pitbull mix is an extremely social dog! They need space to run and long play sessions that engage them. This mixed breed combines the extremely smart Border Collie with the confident American Pitbull Terrier, also known as the American Staffordshire Terrier. This is simply because you can train the behavior you want from a very early age. The Border Collie Pitbull mix can come in a wide variety of colors. The Pitbull genes do not acclimate to cold weather well, and the short muzzle it might inherit from its Pitbull parent makes it more susceptible to heatstroke during the summer. Though not much is known about the background of the mix, the histories of its bloodlines are long and well-documented.

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