When we asked him via email why the story was pulled, he wrote: “We reported a fact about her departure from an EMT job that lacked perspective. The seven claims made in one viral meme are a mix of true, false and inconclusive, based on our research.

What does the Society of Professional Journalists’ Code of Ethics say about this practice of digging up dirt on dead victims? The news media have a long history of attempting to dig up dirt on victims of police violence. However, the individual format of such news stories doesn’t allow any web-based news organization’s largely online audience to consider breadth, and as such, Ashley’s story was not enough to keep Martinez’s story from igniting the frustrations of thousands across social media.

The meme, which has over 69,000 likes, was reposted on Facebook by Conservative Hangout, where it has more than 3,500 shares, and Peggy Hubbard, who has 23,000 shares, among others. She died in the hallway of her apartment, the report states. According to the affidavit Louisville Metro Police Detective Joshua Jaynes wrote for the search warrant, Glover used Taylor's apartment as his home address.

© 2016 www.independentsentinel.com. They might have been shared with the judge who issued the ‘no-knock warrant.’. Taylor, who has no drug offenses on her record, shared her apartment with her younger sister, Juniyah Palmer. Taylor yelled again "at the top of her lungs," asking who it was, Walker said in the recording. We were told Breonna Taylor was asleep in her bed when she was ‘murdered.’ That’s not true. The state licensure agency said Taylor's EMT license was never suspended, and there is no disciplinary action in her file. The city wouldn’t comment on the reason, citing privacy policies. Our ruling: INCONCLUSIVE. But in a different recorded phone call from the jail on March 13, Demarius Bowman, who was arrested with Glover, told his sister that another woman, Alicia “Kesha” Jones, 24, had been given the group’s money. Video: Kentucky grand jury indicts 1 officer in Breonna Taylor case, not for her death. Let’s call upon WAVE and other local newsrooms to do what journalism does best: examine systemic failures, demand accountability, and “give voice to the voiceless.” It’s the least that our city can do for Breonna Taylor, a young woman who worked on the pandemic frontlines for Louisville. Video: Breonna Taylor's mom says, 'the system as a whole has failed her'. That is not the case. According to, Sam Aguiar, an attorney for Taylor’s estate, Glover and Taylor had dated two years earlier and maintained a "passive" relationship.

That raised concerns and questions about its relevance. She has been handling (expletive) for me and … it ain’t just me.". Indeed.

We'll assess the truth told in each claim. https://t.co/P26vXT5x2z, — Hannah Drake (@HannahDrake628) May 15, 2020. Daniel Cameron answers questions on the Breonna Taylor decision. Her boyfriend greeted the officers in a firing stance and shot first, hitting Officer Mattingly in the hip. Already reeling from the murder of Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia, many across the nation are outraged by the death of Taylor, who was not a criminal suspect and had no criminal history. And when 12-year-old Tamir Rice was killed by the Cleveland police, the local news made sure to let everyone know that the lawyer representing his family had previously defended Rice’s mother in court. Even worse, this type of dirt-digging gives fodder to knee-jerk defenders of unchecked lethal force by police officers and detracts from calls for a full accounting into why a young, Black woman’s life was suddenly and violently taken from her. "She had the eight grand I gave her the other day, and she picked up another six," Glover said. “We dumped everything on her.”. But in interviews with several of Taylor's neighbors, The New York Times found only one who reported hearing police announce themselves and he only heard them say it once, the newspaper reported. Court records show that Louisville police obtained a warrant with a no-knock provision for Taylor's apartment approved by Jefferson Circuit Judge Mary Shaw, though police and prosecutors have said that the officers knocked and announced themselves before breaking down the door. How many times did we hear it was a no-knock warrant? "We're literally standing outside," Glover said in the interview. Finally, the SPJ Code of Ethics also urges journalists to “minimize harm.” Specifically, the Code of Ethics says journalists ought to “recognize that legal access to information differs from an ethical justification to publish or broadcast.”. A meme posted June 25 on Brandon Tatum's @TheOfficerTatum Instagram account was widely shared across social media after the Kentucky Attorney General's Office on Wednesday announced it would bring charges against one of three officers involved in Taylor's death — but not for charges directly related to her killing.

All Rights Reserved. The Courier Journal reviewed the undated report on Taylor compiled by the LMPD's new Place-Based Investigations unit, which targets violent crime at specific locations, as part of its investigation of Glover. Taylor's name, birth date and Social Security number are listed on the warrant, alongside the names of the narcotics investigation's main targets, Jamarcus Glover and Adrian Walker. “Love you,” he said, at the end of the call. Here's what an investigative summary says", "911 call from Breonna Taylor shooting released: 'Somebody kicked in the door and shot my girlfriend", "Personnel records give timeline of Breonna Taylor’s career as an EMT", Your California Privacy Rights/Privacy Policy, Office of Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer, July 31, ". We do not save any of your information. Walker’s bullet hit Officer Mattingly in the hip. To be fair, we should point out that it was not WAVE’s only story on Taylor. Glover made a call from jail about 12 hours after he was arrested March 13 at 2424 Elliott Ave. — the same day Taylor was shot and killed by police executing a search warrant at her apartment signed by Jefferson Circuit Judge Mary Shaw. Our ruling: FALSE. Jones was holding $3,413 in cash when she was arrested earlier following the search at a suspected drug house on Elliott Avenue, according to police records. There are multiple links between Taylor and Jamarcus Glover of Louisville, the main target in a drug probe that prompted police to request the search warrant for Taylor’s apartment. Walker said he initially thought it might’ve been Taylor's former boyfriend, but that there was no response when Taylor twice called out, “Who is it?”, Then, Walker said he grabbed his Glock handgun (it was registered to Walker) saying he was, "Scared to death. We had a lot of discussions among members of our news team and with people in the community. Breonna Taylor was allegedly working two jobs as an EMT. Thank you for supporting our journalism. Pull those @wave3news.

later denounced by their own public editor, “no angel” reporting has become such a journalistic cliché, Society of Professional Journalists’ Code of Ethics. The jail recordings the Courier Journal reviewed show that on March 13, Glover, while trying to round up cash to make bail on a new set of trafficking charges, called a girlfriend and told her Taylor had his money.

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