Brett Cullen was born on August 26, 1956 in Houston, Texas, USA as Peter Brett Cullen. The NBC drama has already been renewed for an eighth season. The milestone episode, 'Roy Cain,' will air in April 2020. Cullen was the lead actor as Ned Logan in the short-lived Legacy, which lasted for just one season (1998–99).

Film Bridge Launches International Sales On New York Crime Series ‘Big Dogs’ – Toronto, 25 April 2020 Peter Brett Cullen

He is known ... Born: August 26, 1956 Photos. Ilya Koslov (Brett Cullen), Rostova's childhood friend who helped her escape all her various pursuers after she killed the real Raymond Reddington. Deadline

But in Friday's episode, "Orion Relocation Services," we'll find out the truth about Ilya Koslov... or at least as close to the truth as we get on The Blacklist. |

Favorite movie of the year according to IMDb? This time around, the target is one with no name, just a face and an actor behind the role in Brett Cullen. ​The Blacklist Recap: Katarina Strikes Back Against Red—and Dembe, 17 February 2020 TVGuide - Breaking News At the end of The Blacklist's last episode, Katarina Rostova (Laila Robins) captured the real(?) As you can see below, Red (James Spader) is trying to calm down the panicked man, but Ilya believes he's under surveillance. Camera Department | This clip starts where the previous episode left off, when a mysterious associate of Rostova's told Koslov that they were going to have a look at his memories. Actor | Producer.

The Blacklist Bosses Break Down the Shocking Reveals of the Season 6 Finale. Show full articles without "Continue Reading" button for {0} hours. (Maybe he should avoid that pill bottle?)

We were told that Red (James Spader) was Ilya Koslov, who took the real Raymond Reddington's identity and appearance through extensive plastic surgery, but that's not actually true. It depends who you ask, but he certainly looks like he's fearing for his life in TV Insider's exclusive photos of April 17's "Gordon Kemp.". We're getting another mythology-deepening flashback episode.

For now, we call him the Stranger — that seems to be the name that most of the fandom has handed this character. ... Jon Bokenkamp: Yeah, the stranger (Brett Cullen) is somebody who I … As we approach The Blacklist season 7, we are also getting a new, fascinating mystery to try and work through and unravel.

The Blacklist airs Fridays at 8/7c on NBC. And the promo for the episode teases that Ilya is worried about Katarina — even though Red assures him she's dead. He is known ... Graduate of Madison High School in Houston, Texas. Keep up with your favorite shows... delivered to your inbox!

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