This would go on to be one of his most famous works of art. As with other works, there is evidence of Whiteley's love for Matisse, ultramarine blue, the Sydney Harbour location and for collected objects. This helped to develop his artwork. Alchemy is the mythical ancient process of turning ordinary compounds into gold. Omissions?

While in London, Whiteley painted works in several different series: bathing, the zoo and the Christies. One way that America influenced him is in the scale of his works. 1987. His work was not always being praised by critics, although its market value continued to climb.

At the end it was ultimately the addiction which won but Whiteley will always be remembered as that artist who the art world lost too soon and was still able to make a mark despite his career being cut short by the tragic overdose. The work experimented with warping and manipulating a straight self-portrait, incorporating his pictorial sense of addiction. Beryl Whiteley, Brett’s mother, founded the Brett Whitely Travelling Art Scholarship after her son’s death. He sometimes took more than his body could handle, and had to be admitted to hospital for alcohol poisoning twice. Between 1972 and 1973, he also worked on a painting called Alchemy. All of Whiteley’s awards and accomplishments are due to his achievements in art. Brett Whiteley made some phenomenal art pieces during the 1970’s. [3] Throughout 1956 to 1959 at the National Art School in East Sydney, Whiteley attended drawing classes. Building bought by Brett and Wendy Whiteley. This couple had one child together, Arkie. After Brett Whiteley died, his artwork became much more valuable. Brett Whiteley Quotes. 1978 was the only year in which all three prizes have been won simultaneously by the same person. His first Archibald award, Self portrait in the studio, in deep bluish tones, shows an image of his studio at Lavender Bay overlooking Sydney Harbour, with his own reflection in a mirror shown at the bottom of the picture; a view of Sydney Harbour on the left establishes the location of the picture. In July 2016, Text Publishing published Whiteley's biography, titled Brett Whiteley: Art, Life and the Other Thing. He is represented in the collections of all the large Australian galleries, and was twice winner of the Archibald, Wynne and Sulman prizes. [20], Whiteley's home and workplace during the last four years of his life at 2 Raper Street in Surry Hills was converted into the Brett Whiteley Studio museum by the Art Gallery of New South Wales.[21]. In 1991, Brett Whiteley was made an Officer of the Order of Australia for his contribution to the arts.

Some of his famous painting from this period include The South Coast After Rain. In 1989, he and Wendy, whom he had always credited as his 'muse', divorced. It was during this time that Brett Whiteley lived in London. In 1967, Brett Whiteley earned the Harkness Fellowship, which was a scholarship which allowed him to live and work in New York. Despite achieving success and celebrity status in his native Australia he also received acclaim worldwide. Another in the series was a more abstracted Woman in the bath II, which owed a debt to his yellow and red abstract paintings of the early sixties. After visiting the United States and Fiji in the mid-1960s, Whiteley returned to Australia and created a series of Expressionist landscapes. Brett Whiteley died on June 15, 1992. Typically, the viewer is led deeper into the picture by means of minute detail. However Marlborough-Gerson, his gallery, refused to show the work, and he was so distraught that he decided to leave New York, and he 'fled' to Fiji. Brett Whiteley House is a heritage-listed arts and crafts studio and residence in Lavender Bay, North Sydney Council, New South Wales, Australia.It was built during 1905 by Henry Green., Art Gallery of New South Wales - Chronobiography of Brett Whiteley, - Biography of Brett Whiteley, The British Museum - Biography of Brett Whiteley, Brett Whiteley - Student Encyclopedia (Ages 11 and up). [4], In June 1991, Whiteley was appointed an Officer of the Order of Australia. Brett Whiteley was born on April 7, 1939 in Sydney, Australia and started drawing from a very early age. Whiteley was best known for his elegant and sensuous depictions of interiors, nudes and of course being the Australian that he way, fantastic harbor scenes. He held many exhibitions, and lived and painted in Australia as well as Italy, England, Fiji and the United States. His best-known works of the 1960s included a series of paintings inspired by the British mass murderer John Christie. One of his paintings, The Night Cafe, was inspired by the styling of Vincent Van Gogh. [4] He also spent time with friends including Mark Knopfler and John Illsley from the band Dire Straits. There was a very strong connection in between Whiteley’s art and his drug addiction; it was almost as if one was always trying to overpower the other. [27], This article is about the artist. One image which uses van Gogh's style in a unique way is The night café (1971–72). It was due to his international acclaim and celebrity status that Whiteley first started indulging in experimental drugs, a habit which led to his eventual demise. The vast painting is drawn in different gold elements of wood panels. It was these abstract works which led to him being recognised as an artist, at a time when many other Australian artists were exhibiting in London, but from 1963 he moved away from abstraction towards figuration.

In 1964, while in London, Whiteley became fascinated by the murderer John Christie, who had committed murders in the area near where Whiteley was staying in Ladbroke Grove. The Tate Gallery purchased his “Red Painting” from that exhibit, making him the youngest artist so honoured by the gallery. He held many exhibitions, and lived and painted in … Brett Whiteley, Australian painter who was admired for the sensuous power of his paintings and his superb draftsmanship.

Whiteley became active in the great peace movements of the 1960s, with the protests against America's involvement in the war in Vietnam. Brett Whiteley was born on April 7, 1939 in Sydney, Australia and started drawing from a very early age. Their only child, daughter Arkie Whiteley, was born in London in 1964. In 1959 he won an art scholarship sponsored by the Italian government and judged by Russell Drysdale. Brett Whiteley was born on April 7, 1939 in Sydney, Australia and started drawing from a very early age. The resulting work was called The American dream, an enormous work that used painting and collage and anything else he could find on the 18 wooden panels. Reading from left to right, it begins with an exploding sun from a portrait of Yukio Mishima that Whiteley had started but never completed. Today his paintings can be found in galleries in Canberra, London, and New York.

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