Water poured in through the portholes as the Britannic headed toward Kea. But only five sets had been fitted by the time Britannic was requisitioned, the rest were made up of the same type of davits fitted to Titanic . The plan to build these three ships was realised by naval archit… The ropes used to access the lifeboats at the port side are still visible on the boat deck of the sunken White Star liner. The engines are stopped and the lifeboats are made ready to be lowered. Finding herself onstage as a result of pure chance after her name was drawn out of a hat, the ...read more, French physician Jean-François Pilatre de Rozier and François Laurent, the marquis d’ Arlandes, make the first untethered hot-air balloon flight, flying 5.5 miles over Paris in about 25 minutes. First, Captain Bartlett decided to try to run the Britannic aground on the nearby island of Kea. Britannic began to slowly sink by the bow. The propellers are breaking the surface by now. But in April, 1912, work on the construction of yard No. Shortly after their escape funnel No.3 collapses. More info about the deaths of those passengers: The Captain ordered during the sinking not to launch any lifeboats near the stern because they had the engines on and were trying to beach Britannic to safety on another close-by island, but panicked crew members launched them anyway against the Captain's rules, which resulted in 30 passengers in the lifeboats being sliced by the giant revolving port propeller. The cause of the explosion remains unknown, but many believe that the Britannic hit a mine. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. In 1907, J. Bruce Ismay, director general of the White Star Line, and Lord Pirrie, chairman of the Harland & Wolff shipyard in Belfast had decided to build a trio of ocean liners of unmatched size to compete with the Cunard Line's Lusitania and Mauretanianot in terms of speed but in terms of luxury and safety. Similar scenes took place aboard the BRITANNIC, as her list continued to increase. Advancing flooding into Boiler Room 5. Still incomplete, and over twenty-one months since she was launched, Britannic’s fate was sealed; she was requisitioned to be a hospital ship by the Admiralty, and her interiors were hurriedly altered to accommodate the large quantity of beds, medical equipment and medical staff that would soon be filling her empty rooms. By December 12th, 1915, Britannic had sailed to Liverpool, accompanied by heavily armed escorts. In Britannic’s case, not only is a four-bladed propeller visible in period photos, but this propeller is also visible today on the wreck. BRITANNIC's sinking rate increases again and water is soon reported forward on D-Deck. Britannic’s bow was actually on the sea floor while the stern was still afloat, so shallow is the ocean where she sank! She was discovered by the renowned underwater explorer Jacques Coustea on the 3rd December, 1975, largely intact, and lying on her side. More than 1,000 others were rescued. Finally, in early 1914, Britannic was launched, on the 26th February, and the White Star Line announced that she would begin her regular run to New York from Southampton via Cherbourg and Queenstown in the spring of 1915. But fate stepped-in again, as it does quite often with the Olympic-class liners, and due to new campaigns in the north of the Balkans, Mudros again became a focal point for injured troops, and soon the town’s hospitals were overrun. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Eleven days later, on 20th January, 1916, Britannic sailed to Naples to take on coal and water, but whilst there, she was instructed to take casualties from other smaller hospital ships. However, the blast had already managed to flood six whole compartments—even more extensive damage than that which had sunk the Titanic. In fact, most of the 30 people who died were in the prematurely launched lifeboats. Sign up now to learn about This Day in History straight from your inbox. In the wake of the Titanic disaster on April 14, 1912, the White Star Line made several modifications in the construction of its already-planned sister ship. The final moments of the BRITANNIC (artwork by Michael Cook). First, the name was changed from Gigantic to Britannic (probably because it seemed more humble) and the design of the hull was altered to make it less vulnerable to icebergs. Titanic First Class Passenger – SPEDDEN, Mrs Margaretta Corning, Second Officer Charles Herbert Lightoller of the Titanic, Titanic Memorials: John Phillips, Godalming. 08:12 The BRITANNIC is thrown instantly off-course by three points (33.75 degrees), while her bow rises noticeably and then falls back down. The nearly 50,000-ton luxury vessel, the largest in the world, was launched in 1914, but was requisitioned soon afterward by the British government to serve as a hospital ship during World War I. Just over two months since being released, Britannic was again requisitioned, along with Aquitania. Britannic lies in nearly 400 feet of water, relatively shallow when you think of how far Titanic sank, which was about two-and-a-half miles. Green:Firemens tunnel/Purple: Watertight bulkheads (digital elaboration by Michail Michailakis). That seemed strange to Violet Jessop when compared with the calmness aboard. On November 21, the Britannic was on its way to pick up more wounded soldiers near the Gulf of Athens, when at 8:12 a.m., a violent explosion rocked the ship. As an extra precaution, there were two more red crosses high up the ship on the side of the promenade deck which could be illuminated at night. White Star had intended to name of the last of the trio of Olympic-class liners would be in keeping with the other two, so to follow Olympic and Titanic , White Star settled on the name Gigantic, creating a natural set of awe-inspiring names. She was back in Southampton, which must have begun to feel like the ship’s home port by this time, on Monday, 6th November, 1916. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. The fact that Britannic was only carrying about a third of her usual quota of passengers kept the death rate very low indeed, and apart from thirty fatalities caused when the two lifeboats were crushed by the propellers, everybody else aboard the stricken liner managed to escape in a lifeboat. READ MORE: The Titanic: Before and After Photos, Britannic, sister ship to the Titanic, sinks in Aegean Sea, https://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/britannic-sinks-in-aegean-sea. All Rights Reserved. She was returned to Harland and Wolff’s yard at Belfast to continue the work needed to finish her off, ready for her regular transatlantic service. 433 came to a dramatic halt: the sinking of Titanic caused the builders, Harland and Wolff, together with the owners, White Star Line, to stop all work whilst a new and much safer design was considered. His work led ...read more, On the evening of November 21, 1934, a young and gangly would-be dancer took to the stage of Harlem’s Apollo Theater to participate in a harrowing tradition known as Amateur Night. A mere nine days later, she was again ready for her familiar sortie to the Mediterranean, although this time, she would take with her nearly 500 extra medical staff, accompanied by tons of medical equipment for use in Egypt, Malta and India. The American inventor announces his invention of the phonograph, a way to record and play back sound. Captain Bartlett ordered the closure of the watertight doors and sent out a distress signal. The movie, which opened in theaters across the United States on December 3, 1976, was a huge box-office hit and received 10 Academy Award nominations, ...read more. Dyke, Chief Engineer Fleming and Bartlett simply walk into the sea near the forward gantry davits. 09:04 The water is now 119m/390ft deep and BRITANNIC's bow hits the bottom whilst the stern is still above the surface. So, on Tuesday, November 21st, 1916, Britannic left the familiar port of Naples, bound again for Mudros. Work began on the third and final Olympic-class liner, Britannic, on the 30th November, 1911, on the same slipway that Olympic had vacated on the 20th October, 1910, just over one year earlier.

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