With Adam and I both growing up in Minnesota and now our children it’s so special and such a blessing we are able to help. I am excited to have this as well as my main blog because it's a good way to check in with me. :), Picking up some freezer meals for the week:). The moment I gave my life to Jesus Christ 2. Every kid is so different too so you just have to find what works best for your child and make sure to stick with it. December is insanely busy for us…not like I’m 9 months pregnant or anything lol. “These kids ask him all kinds of things, and sometimes it’s really goofy stuff. It's busy for us even in the offseason...but that's just how life goes. I was up every half hour throwing up, no joke! Last week Asher had chicken nuggets and a side of the baby bakers. I was not ready to take on both yet lol! We flew out at 11am Saturday and returned Sunday night after the game and were home by about 10pm. My parents are also coming along so it will be nice to have the help. This year has been incredible not only for Adam but for the whole Vikings team. I just felt they deserved to win this game. I wish you and your family a great 2018:). Another great feature I love is the delivery service. We had Thursday afternoon with them at their home in Roanoke and all day Friday. Hopefully warmer weather is on the horizon in the next few months! Asher just loves my dad and vice versa so I know they had a great time and they are both alive and doing well (besides my dad being tired from chasing little man);)  Even though I knew I'd miss Asher (I miss him even when I'm gone a couple hours lol) it really was nice to have a little away time! MAKE it a great week everyone and gooooo Vikes! Adam came to say goodnight around 9:30 and by that time I was not feeling good at all. After every football season we try and do a little vacation to get away, relax, and get our minds off of everything. We thought if we don’t go now we will just keep having excuses. I don't think he could have done any better. Exploring their social account, the couple seems to be happy with the relationship as they are regularly spotted spending their free time together. I truly have loved the meals I received, and they have all been very tasty, easy to make (especially with a little one running around), and overall healthy. Adam, on the other hand, grew up tossing a football around his backyard in Detroit Lakes. One valuable member of their team is Choice Bank. He mostly sat still the whole time and was clapping, eating, and watching everyone. I know I didn't have food poising because I had shared stuff with my friends throughout the day. I'm feeling much better today and pretty much back to myself. The commitment stems from Thielen’s relationship with sports … Our friends Zach & Mckenzie and Josh & Brook met us in Jamaica. Zach played here with the Vikings for his first few years in the NFL so we became close with them! Or, you can just stop by their store and buy meals from their retail freezer case and pick from many different options– in 3 serving or 6 serving size. With nap schedules thrown off and just having them in a new environment... but Asher did so great this trip and luckily he is such a go with the flow type of kid! I don't get to see my brother and SIL too much so it was great to be with them. A big hit in our family is making fish tacos. “These street football teams have zero resources,” Amy said. He loves the rides at Nickelodeon Universe in the MOA, so thats where we took him! Additionally, she was born to Jim and Brenda Graboski. Which we don't think about in our house because as Adam says, "Gotta take one game at a time." To support programs that help Minnesota youth achieve their full potential in life, please visit www.thielenfoundation.org/donate/ . It’s been a busy last few weeks and we are so ready to leave the snow for a bit and get a little R&R…I mean I’ll still be tired from night feedings but at least I’ll be getting some sun! - These were a big hit at our house. Overall it was such a fun experience to partner with Schwan's and I loved getting to try some different meals. I'm really hoping for a Win Sunday in Philly, I know its going to be a tough one but I really think this is the Vikings year to be in the BOWL. I hope everyone is staying warm and safe. And we are not going to stop donating just because we can't do fundraisers to bring in money. The Thielen Foundation will celebrate its second anniversary this fall. No curtains on the window or anything they could potentially harm themselves with. The details about Caitlin's personal life, relationship, net worth, salary and professional life are discussed below. After the Bears game at home on Dec 31st the boys were lucky enough to have a bye week for the first round of the playoffs! He loved it and over the last few weeks he just keeps saying, “I’m a big boy now, I’m not a baby like Hudson!” We are so proud we made it through this tough potty training phase but once they finally get it you feel so proud of them…and yourself for helping them get through this big milestone!!! We also hosted our first Thielen Foundation event at Top Golf. Below are a few of the meals I just picked up this week! FIVE families is a lot, especially when I'm doing all the work ordering/ finding gifts and trying to wrap them... all while watching my little man (nap times came in clutch).

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