Rate. Down the bayous of Terrebonne Parish, the deputies have to be ready for surprises at every turn. Sgt. 38:19. Aboveground crypts in Terrebonne Parish are just part of the landscape, because with frequent flooding, you can't bury bodies in the ground. Also, Deputy Marlin Meeks meets with a woman who's distraught because she thinks she's hit a pedestrian on the roadway. Aan armed and dangerous fugitive from another parish tries to make his escape in the swamps of Terrebonne, and the SWAT team, including Det. After hours wading in the snake and alligator infested waters, they think they're on the right trail, but what they don't know, is the dangerous suspect might also be hunting them. After hours of searching, it's getting dark and the boy still can't be located. Cajun Justice is a Reality series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (21 episodes). Deputy Tom Arnold is called down the bayou to investigate a man disturbing his neighbors. S1, Ep8. curse is affecting him. [2], The show focuses on the experiences of the Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana Sheriff's Office. Dudley "DJ" Authement gets a call about a disturbance on a shrimping vessel, he has to call. When one of the shrimper's boats catches fire that same evening, Lt. Daigle must determine whether it's a case of retaliation or if the shrimper is dealing with a curse of his own. He discovers that this ongoing squabble goes much deeper than just a fight over property lines. Sheriff Vernon Bourgeois and his deputies arrest and deal with numerous suspects, criminals and other citizens.

The strangest and eeriest calls on the bayou happen at night, especially when a full moon shines overhead. Could this be the bayou's legendary haunted tale of the "the woman in white"? Catfish is shocked and somewhat disgusted to find out that privy bottles are found at the base of old outhouse holes. Lewis Balentine.

Dudley "DJ" Authement calls in the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, and together they come up with a creative plan to catch two dangerous alligator poachers red-handed in the middle of the swamp. Rate. The distraught woman who called in the complaint believes it's the work of the "Lutin," a mischievous spirit of an un-baptized baby ghost. They had the main suspect in their grasps, but the. With the help of Detective Lt. Terry Daigre, the two officers investigate. And Lt. Peter Guidry and Sgt. Could this be the legendary "Fifolet? Cajun Justice is an American reality television series on A&E. Cajun Justice is available for streaming on the A&E website, both individual episodes and full seasons.

The rich culture of Southern Louisiana is steeped with Cajun folklore and superstition. Also, Deputy Melissa Quintal must navigate an eerie cemetery in the dead of night to find a runaway child, In Southern Louisiana, the mosquito problem is so rampant and the annoying pests can get so big, the locals will often say the mosquito is the "state bird." Jacob "Funkie Nuts" Fonseca must break up an explosive battle between a volatile Cajun and his nephew over his crab traps. And Deputy Melissa "Catfish" Quintal patrols one of the most isolated and creepy roads in Terrebonne Parish when she comes across three men digging into the bayou soil. Rate. Although their methods are unusual, they provide ample entertainment for the audience.

on the bayou, head deep into the swamps in the middle of the night to investigate a hair-raising sighting of the legendary Rougarou, the local name for a "shape-shifting swamp monster." Terrebonne Parish nuisance alligator hunter Jacob Lirette has only a few precious tools he needs to catch and transport alligators - his fishing pole, his guns, and his truck.

Jacqueline Scott is a certified mediator for Cajun Court and not a Louisiana State Court Judge, but will attempt to settle your disputes in her capacity as a mediator on Cajun Court.

And Deputy Paul "Highlights" Thibodeaux tries to solve the theft of a local resident's goat. Could he have possibly pulled off an unbelievable swamp escape? Larpenter declined the offer. Lt. Terry Daigre and Deputy Paul "Highlights" Thibodeaux, is dispatched to find and apprehend him. The boaters have been lost in the swamps for over six hours, so it's a race against the clock in what is quickly becoming a life or death situation. The Louisiana Auditor's Office reviewed former Sheriff Vernon Bourgeois’ spending in relation to 'Cajun Justice' in January 2013. Corporal Storm Fitch is called down the bayou to sort out a strange case of a stolen lawn mower, and Deputy Paul "Highlights" Thibodeaux reveals a very personal secret that has helped shape the person he is today. Terrebonne Parish is the second largest parish in the state of Louisiana, which means there's a lot of area to cover for the sheriff's office. The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story, Please read the following before uploading. 8. 5. The entire department is on high alert to catch these ruthless thieves, and extra night patrols are set up to monitor the creepy graveyards. neighbors. |, Sheriff Vernon Bourgeois' time as sheriff is finally coming to an end, but he won't be satisfied retiring until he catches the leader of a very elusive copper theft ring. 3. Terrebonne Parish is home to the second biggest Mardi Gras in the state, which means the deputies are working around. However, this passion is also alive and well in a Cajun's temper and it can cause fiery run-ins with the Terrebonne Parish Sheriff's Office.

When Lt. Peter Guidry is dispatched to a property full of man-made booby traps, including trip wires and bear traps, he gets an.

4. to handle the threat. Also, Deputy Melissa "Catfish" Quintal tries to get to the bottom of a fight between two shrimpers, but both are tight-lipped and won't confess to the scuffle that left one of the fishermen with a nearly severed finger.

Could a murderer. In Terrebonne Parish, shrimping season is about to get underway as fisherman are getting their trawl boats ready and stretching out their nets. Ken Reichling, creator/executive producer, attempted to keep the show within the parish, and A&E agreed to increase the payment from $1,500 an episode to $10,000 an episode. Lt. Terry Daigre and Deputy Paul "Highlights" Thibodeaux, is dispatched to find and. bayou, and when Sgt. The series first aired on June 7, 2012. These tombs are vulnerable to vandalism and theft. Deputy Paul "Highlights" Thibodeaux is dispatched to a routine alarm call at a warehouse only to find out that an expensive sound system has been snatched from a high-profile Mardi Gras float.

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