At Joe's bar, Callie confessed that she'd been avoiding Erica because Addison implied that they might be lesbians. After Arizona realized she didn't want to go, she left Callie in an airport. Callie suffers from glossophobia, the fear of speaking in public. Callie knew that he was lying as she had been in the clinic to look for him, but she just went home and decided not to tell him that she knew he was lying. Seasons Erica joined them, and they started to seduce Mark by acting as if they wanted to do a threesome. [5] Ramirez discusses maintaining relationships with co-stars: .mw-parser-output .templatequote{overflow:hidden;margin:1em 0;padding:0 40px}.mw-parser-output .templatequote .templatequotecite{line-height:1.5em;text-align:left;padding-left:1.6em;margin-top:0}, The weird thing about working in television is that you only see the people that you're in scenes with. Although angry at Arizona, Callie still agrees to work things out. After George's father died, Callie provided physical support as George dealt with his grief through sex, but she was still shocked by George's sudden proposal. He realized the same that he should've called her, so while she was working in the ER and he was standing in the same room, he did call her. Persönliches Callie's mother refused to attend the wedding because she was marrying another woman. Callie later went to the cafeteria where she asked Cristina and Meredith if people ever thought that they were a couple. Die beiden vertragen sich wieder und beschließen, zusammen mit Mark das Baby großzuziehen. So she paged Meredith to a room to show her scans of a human with bone cancer, and explained some more to her about the disease. George left to take care of a patient, but he later told her they could do it if that's what she really wanted. The baby had no heartbeat upon delivery, but Arizona was able to get a heartbeat, and so was Dr. Webber, and both Callie and Sofia survived. [25], While Bailey was working on Meredith, she put Callie in charge of her interns. Sie ist seit Staffel 11 nicht mehr mit Arizona Robbins zusammen. [7] Ramirez described her character as someone who "appears to be a certain way, but has some very complex issues going on behind the scenes. She said not to chase after her anymore, unless he was ready to catch her. Knight). When she took a look at the photo he showed, she recognized him as her patient, saying she'd recognize that goofy ears anywhere. [80] After talking about it with Hahn, they decided to take their relationship slow and explore together at a pace they were comfortable with. Sie mag keine Sandwiches und keinen Salat, aber sie mag Pizza. After Callie's pressure dropped, she was brought back into surgery, during which Dr. Hunt agreed to Cristina's procedure as Callie remained unstable, and they were out of ideas. She had large epidural and subdural hematomas, and severe internal injuries, which caused intensive hemorrhaging. Callie knew what he was about to say, and begged him not to say it as she was exhausted. Each victim, including Robbins, Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey), Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo), and Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) must receive $15 million of compensation, which leads the hospital to a near bankruptcy as the insurances refuse to pay. She once again blamed him for choosing his friends over her. "Not tonight. After their surgeries, Hahn asked Callie and Mark if they wanted to have a drink with her. Arizona shook her head but Lauren was adamant. After Callie and George got a divorce, she started a friends with benefits relationship with Mark Sloan. Callie said that George thought that she cheated on him, but that he didn't know that she slept with Sloan while they were broken up. Obwohl Callie ihre Hände später in der Küche wäscht, war sie enttäuscht, dass George zunächst auf Izzies Seite war. While looking for George in the clinic to have the coffee date, Meredith told her that he was with Izzie. Da Callie zu Izzie gehalten hat, als es um die Geschichte von Izzie und Denny Duquette ging. At the hospital, Cristina worked together with Callie. Neither has been with another woman before, and Torres struggles with her bisexuality, and cheats on her with Sloan. [43], When Mark commented in surgery that Hahn was as mean to herself as she was to others, Callie defended Hahn by making him stop talking. Izzie later came to apologize for the incident in the cafeteria and for having slept with George. When Callie tried to get Mark into an on-call room, he started to talk about Erica Hahn and his fantasies about her. This clearly surprised Izzie. Callie Torres is introduced as an orthopedic surgery resident with a crush on intern George O'Malley (T. R. Knight). They later decided to try again for a second child. Izzie thought they were going to fight, a rumor which quickly spread across the hospital. [68] Callie and Arizona got back together and agreed to raise the baby together. He told her he knew she said she forgave him because she wanted to pretend it never happened, while she actually didn't forgive him. The character was created by series' producer Shonda Rhimes, and is portrayed by Sara Ramirez. Wherever she ended up is a step down from her position as Head of Orthopedic Surgery at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital as all the offers were just for an Attending position. Sogar mit Izzie versteht sie sich dann einigermaßen gut. [67] Arizona spent some time trying to get Callie back unsuccessfully, but when she cornered Callie in an elevator, she found out that Callie was pregnant with Mark's baby. First Allgemeines Later, during the reception, there was a father-daughter dance which Arizona said she forgot to remove from the schedule, but Callie said she would sit it out. He told her he was available all day and night (in particular) to cheer her up. Addison asked to go and have a drink together, but Callie got paged. 239 When George fell ill due to a patient with toxic blood, he admitted that he thought he fell ill because of the anxiety he got from their marriage. Callie later witnessed how Meredith convinced Cristina to walk down the aisle and how Meredith told everyone that the wedding was over. "[13] LGBT website agreed with this view, criticizing the way the scene was edited so as to keep cutting to Sloan's point of view, as though "privileging the male-gaze. Callie also worked together with Izzie in a professional way. Er erwartet die Trennung von Arizona und eine Entschuldigung. When Callie told Mark she tried to keep him away from her, Mark told her he'd torture George to make her feel better. When George came over to them, they greeted him exuberantly, while they only greeted her shortly. Callie Torres He did this by having George act as a proxy when both future brides were convinced to let go off the dress, so George had to carry the dress while the women were being treated for their injuries. She dislikes sandwiches and salad, but she likes pizza. He started laughing and called her Callie O'Malley. 35 days after George's death, Callie walks into Mark's apartment and into the shower she asks him to find out if the chief is going to take up work at Mercy West because that would be bad for her and he tells her he'll try and find out. "[19] Rhimes has mentioned of their relationship in season 6: "I would like to see Callie happily in a long-term relationship. Callie was informed later about George and Izzie's affair leading to George ending the marriage. Georges Freunde sind davon zunächst nicht sehr angetan (vor allem Izzie) und somit gibt es des öfteren Streit zwischen ihm und Callie. Callie stayed with Arizona and helped her whenever she could. In the end, Richard offered her the post of an attending surgeon. When Robbins wins a prestigious grant to help treat children in Malawi, a disgruntled Torres agrees to move there with her, as the position will last for three years; however, her lack of enthusiasm causes Robbins to end their relationship and go without her. Izzie asked her a lot of questions, and Callie confessed she saw more in George than they did. At the end of the day, Callie and Erica went out together. Robbins returns for Torres, apologizing and hoping for forgiveness, but Torres initially rebuffs her, and later reveals that she is pregnant with Sloan's baby. "[24] Discussing the character in terms of her relationship with Hahn, Williams was largely positive, assessing that: "The storyline offered both the drama Grey's is known for and a truthfulness network television has rarely achieved when it comes to lesbian relationships. "And then we either try to marry them or drown ourselves," Cristina added. After this, Callie and Hahn tried again, and she and Hahn started going out. [42], Callie had to work together with Izzie.

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