Enter your ZIP code below to search for ATV dealers near you. My dad and I want to get ATV’s by next year (mid to late 2019) for trail riding. In all reality...you can't go wrong with either, they are basically equivalent for all intents and purposes. The hand holds also serve as grip bars for 5-gallon buckets. A 6×6, though, floats across with ease. The Sportsman is powered by a ProStar 567cc, four-stroke, DOHC, single-cylinder engine rated at 44 horsepower. We just picked up 2 Can Am 450 Base Models. Now Can-Am commits to that same sales space with the all-new 2019 Can-Am Outlander MAX 6×6 DPS 450.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Polaris has had the Sportsman 6×6 570 Big Boss on the market for a couple of years now and it has proven to be a useful and handy machine. I probably would have kept it to this day if I had sprung for power steering. They feel more like a PowerWheels with fit & finish than an $8,000 machine. Rocks, fallen trees, tall weeds/grass and water/streams are the main terrains we’ll encounter. The main purpose would be trail riding with a little bit of very light mudding.

I know Polaris sell different wheel kits and I was looking at getting the ‘Dagger & Amplify’ or the ‘Attack & Sixr’ wheel set instead. The 2019 Can-Am Outlander MAX 6×6 450 comes in a slightly different shade of green and rolls on slick aluminum wheels, a nice touch.

Stock tires suck, stock clutching is a little too geared for work for my tastes. ok I just did the alignment tonight and I had .5'' toe in per side which is quite a lot on a quad that you expect to go straight in a trail. Cheaper to do it yourself! Press J to jump to the feed. A place to discuss ATVs, ATV news, and ATV riding. The build quality really comes up short. Once you put some proper meat on it it was a bear to steer. The 2019 Can-Am Outlander MAX 6×6 DPS 450 and Polaris Sportsman 6×6 570 Big Boss are designed to handle anything you can throw at them. This is 75% of the problem. Can-Am revised the wheels on the 2019 models for a wider stance and better handling. Is something wrong with this Can Am 450? A small gripe, but you do notice it when you ride.

Is it even the tires or some other difference in the machines. It was reliable my short time with it (26 hours 120ish miles). Fairly comfortable (way more than the old hondas I was use to). Copyright © 2020 ATV. I've called 4 different polaris dealers and have been pricing cfmoto as well (turns out not near as cheap as they claim).

My 450HO has a comfy seat and won't start after 39 hours. Can-Am has had a couple of bigger 6×6 Outlanders for a while, but the 450 is closer to the Sportsman than any other. The absolute worst stock wheels I've ever owned, so cheap.

I would go to a dealer drive both, see what they each come with and how they perform. I might just add a power steering kit to it if I really want it.

My dad and I want to get ATV’s by next year (mid to late 2019) for trail riding. We just picked up 2 Can Am 450 Base Models. Under one banner with mud, sand, mountains, and snow for all! JavaScript is disabled. I am going to say it's the springs too. A couple friends we ride with have Can-Am Defenders and they've spent more time in the shop than they have ridden them, I've also got friends with can't seem to keep their Rangers running right. All 6 units are 2018’s....any ideas?

Wider track and lower center of gravity because of smaller tires help stability, When it comes to handling polaris ATVs are just better. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

We use cookies to improve your experience on this website and so that ads you see online can be tailored to your online browsing interests. Like a lot. This is a cool feature for those times when the terrain gets really uneven. There is also a rear passenger area with foot wells and hand holds. Let’s help you decide by the numbers. At our ranch we have 4 Polaris Sportsman 450’s base models. We both want to get the same model. Can-Am Forum features the most comprehensive collection of Can-Am ATV information! Well, for some reason the can am manual recommends aligning the wheels while just off the ground, but that fakes toe in. Which one would you recommend? I assume you have a dealer for each close by, so see what you can get the best deal on, and check the warranties and cost of extended warranties if you're so interested.

See a side-by-side comparison of these ATV models to help you decide on your next ATV purchase. Plenty of speed/power coming from a honda.

Couple possible contributing factors come to mind: "Barn find" 05 Bombardier 400 MAX XT - stock. They really are closer than you’d think. Long story short, sportsman gets the job done. One is a Max and the other a 1-Up. Renegade, Outlander & MX, DS450 and more! Go check them out today and see which one fits you best.

I bet the Polaris has a stiffer front suspension also. It was okay. Reddit ATV United! That said, I don't like the 450.

Id figure a 400 will work harder keeping up @ 40 mph vs a 570 I was undecided between honda, can am, polaris but I decided to go with can am again They made a world of difference and even bumped it to a 25" tire instead of the factory 24". it’s very comfy, plenty of power and no issues to date. I think Can-Am is making some extremely clever power-sports products these days. "squirrelly" can mean a lot of different things in my opinion. In the Big Boss, it is a great motor with enough power for most tasks. Check Out This Insane Homemade ATV + Video, Exploring South Dakota’s Black Hills in a Yamaha Wolverine + Video, How To Replace a U-Joint on Your ATV or UTV + Video.

It is available at your local Can-Am dealership and has an MSRP of $9,999. It rides/handles so much better now. Those are trail and mud focused. What advantage is it, really? At our ranch we have 4 Polaris Sportsman 450’s base models. It is fed through electronic fuel injection and runs out through a CVT transmission.

Love can am's. What are your opinions/thoughts on both? The front shocks are WAY too soft and have too little damping. I got a set of 4 shocks/springs from a 1000 model, like new condition from Ebay for $200. Its a single cylinder, and yeah its still a rotax engine but eh just doesn't feel/sound like a can am. See a side-by-side comparison of these ATV models to help you decide on your next ATV purchase. The Polaris Sportsman 6×6 570 Big Boss comes in any color you want as long as it its green. As you would expect, the motor is a 427cc Rotax single-cylinder. I shouldn't have had to "fix" a brand new machine... but whatever. Can Am Outlander 450 vs Polaris Sportsman 450 H.O. Since he’s paying for it, he wants to stay fairly cheap, so ideally base models. It's awesome. Your best bet is to get some GOOD fully adjustable front shocks. There are cargo bed extenders for securing your stuff better, as well. The mass and weight is spread out over a greater area, and having an extra set of moving wheels will let you go through terrain you would otherwise find harder to pass. Which one do you want? My 450 came with super soft springs. Suspension comes from two sets of rear A-arms and gas shocks with 9.5 inches of travel. If you’re looking for a hard-working machine with versatility and ease of use, and need something that can dig in when traction is at a premium, you’d be doing well to check into one of these machines. That probably explains the dancing on gravel and unstability. Since he’s paying … EPS.

Conditions would be dry for the most part. 2019 Can-Am Outlander 450 vs. 2019 Yamaha Kodiak 450. Use it for everything from plowing snow to trail riding etc. I use to be a honda guy, but I've fallen in love with my outlander. Experience with other Rotax engines has taught me that there is no shortage of power from the 450 motor, as long as you know what you’re getting when you ride it. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Once you figure that out, you have your answer. The Sportsman has a dumping cargo box that takes Lock-N-Ride accessories and will hold 600 pounds of stuff. It feels pretty familiar to have Can-Am and Polaris square off in a direct comparison of machines these days.

It is also fed via electronic fuel injection and runs through an automatic CVT transmission. On some land I use for testing, there is a deep sand section with loose, silty sand. I wouldn’t rule that out as being the culprit in the squirley suspension. If you plan to do heavy mudding and submerge it constantly, you'll probably consider new bearings, changing fluids more often etc.

Have you checked for equal tire pressure on all four corners? Can-Am Outlander 450 ATV. It has a quick-release sway bar, too.

Two different dealers here as well. Being a MAX model, the Outlander has a rear passenger seat with foot wells and a nice backrest. Where with the Polaris its so smooth and confidence inspiring. In both machines, you get full six-wheel drive, too.

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