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The credit can be used within six months when shopping at Louis shops or on mail orders. A screen will pop up where you can create a Docusign account.

The hardest part of getting your new phone, tablet, wearable (and more!) In case of replacement or repair, the warranty period does not start again. If you aren’t finished with the book, you can rent it again or buy the textbook. Returned devices will ship within 5 business days.

If a repair or exchange is not possible for economic or other reasons, you will be refunded the purchase price. E-Mail: kundenservice@louis.deTelephone number : +49 40 734 193 60. Internet and picture messaging settings need to be updated to work on the T-Mobile network. Thanks for your patience, as it may take longer than usual to connect with us.

Where Louis exchanges goods or refunds the purchase price within the scope of the warranty, it is agreed at this stage that the ownership of the goods to be exchanged/credited will pass from you to Louis or vice versa, either by Louis receiving the goods returned by you or by you receiving the refunded purchase price from Louis. Along with lots of information about your personal Louis customer account, you can view your current points status, available credit to use on your next purchase and your transactions. How long does it take to receive the LouisCard I have requested?

1 LouisCard point basically has a value of 1 cent (EUR 0.01).

Press down arrow to move through the drop down

If you are not a T-Mobile customer and need help activating your phone or tablet. On the top of the screen review the consent to electronic records check the box and click. For all purchases made after 1 March 2019: When you use the LouisCard when shopping, the free three-year warranty automatically applies to all products from the Louis range bought in this purchase. Estimated value may differ from appraised value.

The three-year warranty begins on the date of the receipt and ends after three years.

At the end of those 18 months, you can choose to: Follow the steps below to turn the phone in and close your lease agreement. As a precautionary health measure for our support specialists in light of COVID-19, we're operating with a limited team. Use the device's user guide to determine which T-Mobile SIM card you need to purchase, see. With the LouisCard GOLD, you will then earn 4 points for each full euro you spend and, in addition, the flat-rate shipping charge for all deliveries within Germany is only €2.50. When you return a leased phone, it must be in good working condition. When you combine an EIP with, JUMP! You’ll still be able to find your highlights and notes.

We will send the card that you have requested at a Louis shop, the online shop or elsewhere within 3 working days.

The Premium Gold card will automatically be sent to you as soon as the relevant collection period has ended.

Already with us?

e-Signatures let you authorize an EIP and JOD transactions without having to visit a store. For rental content, you can view certain rentals when (1) online and logged into that Google product or (2) offline by downloading and viewing from a previously authorized device.

When making purchases, show your LouisCard at the checkout or quote your customer number for mail orders.

Since this is a lease and you aren't buying the phone, the monthly payments are reduced. A single Windows 10 license can only be used on one device at a time. On Demand (JOD) is an 18-month lease agreement that lets you change your leased device once every 30 days.

Dress up your device with awesomely original and Louis cases & covers.

The ability exists to add your sighting to help others hunting.

Click the book you want to rent. If you lose your LouisCard we can send you a replacement free of charge. If you cancel wireless service, remaining balances on the device becomes due. To go Gold, you need to collect 3,500 or more discount points within a collection period of six months. With EPUB documents, you can also use bookmarks, highlights, and notes on all your devices. Contact the manufacturer with any questions or problems regarding the device functionality, operation, or performance.

Pay the remaining monthly lease installments plus the full Purchase Option Price (POP) as stated on your lease agreement and keep the phone. JOD is not available online, you'll need to.

This is optional. If $0 or no number displays, there is no trade-in value. The decision on the existence of economic or other reasons making repair or replacement impossible is entirely at the discretion of Louis. For lower monthly payments you can make a bigger down payment by calling Team of Experts or at a retail store. How can I find out what my current point balance is? Retail licenses, the type you bought at the Microsoft Store, can be transferred to another PC if needed. * Only batteries, e-scooter and shoes/boots are excluded. Trade-ins are also accepted by mail. On top of which, you'll enjoy special discounts and other benefits. You'll also receive regular emails with great value discount vouchers for future purchases in the Louis Online Shop or any Louis store.

Most plans qualify for this program.

If you've already purchased your device using JOD, log in to your My T-Mobile account to. You may accept the assessed value of the device or request to have your device returned to you.

If you have Magenta or Magenta UNL 55+ and make 12 consecutive on-time payments, you will automatically qualify for Smartphone equality- the benefits can't be taken away. We check your points balance every six months. LouisCards sent outside Germany will take a little longer due to longer mailing times.

At Louis and also more than 50 LouisCard partners.

Accessories purchases that total over $69 are eligible for a 12-month EIP. All prices incl.

On your device, open Google Play Books. 1,836 LouisCard points are therefore worth EUR 18.36.

Remember upgrades made through Care or Retail will be charged $20 for assistance in the upgrade process, so upgrade online​ whenever possible! When you upload PDF and EPUB documents to Google Play Books, you can read them on any device with Play Books. Contact our Personalized Concierge Service. Keep the phone and pay the Purchase Option Price (POP) found on your lease agreement. Does not have activated anti-theft features, such as, Turn in the phone at a retail location in good working condition and pay the full amount of the remaining monthly lease installments. 1

The warrantor is Detlev Louis Motorradvertriebs-GmbH, Rungedamm 35 in 21035 Hamburg, Germany. I have lost my LouisCard.

The LouisCard comes with a three-year warranty to rectify defects that occur despite proper use.

Locator to find what nearby McDonalds have McRib so that you may drive there to eat one. Equipment value may change after evaluation. Any statutory warranty claims remain unaffected. Your down payment is due immediately and won't be reflected on your T-Mobile bill. Choose your nicotine strengths, flavors, and pack sizes.

Please send your current address and (if you have it) your customer number to: Your customer and card number will not change with your new card. Should you wish to preserve your shopping bag and access it from all your devices, please use the ‘save in my account’ functionality available within the shopping bag section.

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