No question the best site out there for online Texas Food Handler certification. It was very user-friendly and the process of getting TABC certified was way faster than the others. I have referred several people to your site, and when I need to be TABC certified again in the future I will definitely use your services again. Our online Texas Food Handlers certification course is fast, simple and made for people like you – The hardworking chefs, cooks, servers, food runners, store clerks, managers, and owners of the food service industry to earn their Texas Food Handlers Card. This includes topics like How Food Becomes Unsafe (Foodborne Illness), Good Personal Hygiene, Controlling Time and Temperature/Requirements, Preventing Cross Contamination, and Cleaning and Sanitizing. Period. Literally saving people. Your online TABC certification online course was convenient and easy! Fastest online Texas Food Handler course I’ve ever taken, and a steal for only $9.99. AP English Unit 6. As a chef, it’s imperative that I ensure my team is well-trained in food safety. As a professional food handler, you play a vital role in protecting your community from potentially deadly foodborne illness. Dallas, TX 75204. No question the best site out there for online Texas Food Handler certification. Yes, Certified On The Fly’s online Texas Food Handler course is licensed and accredited by the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS). Our online Texas Food Handler’s course is seriously fast. When I turned 16 a few months later, I pestered my way into my first serving position at an awesome 1950′s-style diner called Monument Cafe which has since been featured on the Food Network show Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. 2626 Cole Ave One word sums up your online TABC certification course: Simple! If you need your TABC certification online, you might also need your Texas Food Handler certification online. TABC On The Fly DSHS and Texas Food Handler programs like Certified On The Fly firmly believe that with proper training, service industry workers are better able to identify and avoid dangerous practices in regards to food preparation and service. It was super easy and convenient. The customer service was incredible! Thank you for the convenient, user-friendly online TABC certification course! Practicing safe food handling procedures protects you, your coworkers, and your customers from potentially deadly illnesses. Dallas, TX 75204. Informative, fast, inexpensive, and user-friendly. My best friend did not. You’ll learn everything you need to know about safe food handling procedures in Texas and how to stay compliant with the law. © 2020 Certified On The Fly. Needless to say, these early job decisions turned into a career. My career in the service industry started because I needed to save some money for gas and insurance before getting my driver’s license. Your online TABC certification course was fantastic and I feel very confident in sending my servers to take their certification through TABC On The Fly. I learned so much! You can definitely tell this was created by like minded individuals. Thank you SO MUCH for this TABC model. 20 terms. I just finished your online TABC certification course, and it was great! AP English Literary Terms Vocab. Certified On The Fly Your TABC certification online course was so informative and excellent! That was the most painless online TABC certification course I have ever completed. Nicole_Taliercio. I loved your online TABC certification class! We have to be at work in 1 hour from the time of this email and must have our Texas Food Handler’s card before the shift. Thanks guys! 2626 Cole Ave We recommend TABC On The Fly to all our staff as the best way to get or renew their TABC certification. You work a million hours, get little sleep and not enough days off, and quite frankly have better ways to spend your time. Great presentation and website! I have recommended so many people and you can’t beat the price. The experience I gained from standing in front of and speaking to large groups of business executives, attorneys, doctors, celebrities, and professional athletes was unlike anything I could have experienced elsewhere and further solidified my belief that this is truly an awesome industry to be a part of. They aimed to create the most intuitive, user-friendly online Texas Food Handler course on the market. All Rights Reserved. Certified On The Fly is the new way to get your online Texas Food Handler certification. Certified On The Fly I will surely recommend your TABC certification course to my colleagues.

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